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DeWalt Tools - DeWalt Power Tools

DeWalt Power Tools

Dewalt tools are one of the most favoured makes in the building industry. It all began back in the 1920's when Dewalt invented its first radial arm saw that set their reputation for building engineering quality, robust and durable tools, with a reliability second to none. They have now been operating for over 85 years and boast an extensive range of powertools and tool accessories, all designed for the toughest of environments, to meet the demanding requirements of the typical tradesman. Acceptance of these high performance Dewalt tools by professionals across the world has made them the number one selling brand in America and the fastest growing brand in the rest of the world for the last five years.

Dewalt have a very clear message when it comes to the environment, employing advanced manufacturing techniques as well as meticulous health and safety management through a program of continued process improvements in order to achieve this. They expect their staff to demonstrate the desire to always consider issues of waste generation and to keep facilities running at the highest standard as well as re-using and recycling materials wherever possible. Dewalt power tools are one of the most popular brands of all of the power tool manufacturers. Their tools are manufactured by the same firm that makes Black & Decker tools, but they are more of a top end brand and have been recognised for producing high quality machinery at an affordable price, for both the tradesman and private individual. Their range of tools is vast, with everything from your basic entry level drill, to top of the range machines for woodworking or civil engineering projects.

Forward thinking design meant that Dewalt were one of the first manufacturers to incorporate the same battery fitting mechanism on all of their cordless tools. Nowadays the vast majority of their battery products, of the same voltage rating, have interchangeable batteries and chargers, minimising both the amount of equipment necessary to purchase, as well as limiting the carry weight of tools required for any specific job. Most of their battery chargers will also charge any voltage of battery from the 9.6 volt right up to the 18 volt. The range of tools from Dewalt and the outstanding reputation they have for quality, reliability and robustness has made them a must-have for most tradesmen in the building and carpentry industries. At Power Tools Direct we are able to secure some of the best prices around due to the high volumes that we sell and the corresponding access we have to all the latest deals and offers that a high volume supplier is able to negotiate. So please take a look at the offers we have and feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or burning concerns on a particular item; we will be more than happy to help.