Forgefix - Leading Supplier of Fixings and Fasteners in the UK

Forgefix stands as a distinguished supplier in the fixings and fasteners industry, rooted in the UK since 1991. With a specialisation in timber screws, drywall screws, metal and PVCu screws, and a range of other building materials, the brand has established itself as a leader in this sector.

Forgefix Fixings and Fasteners

Forgefix fixings and fasteners include timber and metal drywall screws, metal screws, and PVCu screws, reflecting high quality and reliability. Plasterboard and aerated block fixings are perfect for lightweight wall materials, while concrete and masonry screws, bolts, and anchors offer robust solutions for heavier, more demanding applications. Hammer and Expansion plugs provide quick and easy installations. The diverse applications of these products, ranging from simple home repairs to complex construction projects, highlight their versatility and user-friendliness.

Forgefix Screws

UK tradesmen as well as DIY enthusiasts can confidently depend on Forgefix screws for their diverse construction needs, from timber and roofing to decking and general tasks, assuring quality and reliability in every turn. The brand offers an extensive range of screws designed for various applications.

Techfast Screws

Forgefix TechFast Screws are ideal for securing cladding and sheet steel to light section steel purlins in the 1.2mm to 3.6mm range. These screws stand out with their self-drilling hex head and a unique rubber washer, ensuring a robust weatherproof seal. Their durability is enhanced with zinc plating and an Elementech coating, offering exceptional corrosion resistance tested up to 1,000 hours of salt spray.

Techfast Roofing Screws

Designed primarily for timber-to-steel connections and light section purlins, the Forgefix TechFast Roofing Screws are notable for their Torx compatibility, countersunk head which allows a smooth, flush surface. These screws simplify installation with their self-drilling point, complemented by wings to avert timber jacking. Zinc plating and an Elementech anti-corrosion coating safeguard these screws, ideal for steel thicknesses from 1.5mm to 4mm.

Techfast Roofing and Cladding Screws

Forgefix TechFast Roofing and Cladding Screws are designed for fixing cladding and sheet steel to heavy section steel purlins of between 6.0mm and 12.5mm. The screws feature a hex head, are self-drilling and come with a rubber washer that expands under pressure to form a permanent weather seal. They are zinc plated and boast an Elementech coating for superior corrosion resistance.

Timber Screws

Forgefix timber screws are ideal for woodworking projects, ensuring strong and durable joints. The Timber Exterior Screws are specifically for outdoor use, resisting weather elements. For versatility in joining timber to metal, the Timber/Metal Drywall Screws are perfect. Metal and PVCU screws cater to those who work with metal and plastic materials, offering a secure fit. Lastly, the screw cover caps and washers not only provide a neat finish but also enhance the screw's holding power.

ForgeFast Timber Fixing Screw features a Hexagonal/Torx compatible design, ideal for use in both soft and hardwood. Their unique hexagonal head with a deep Torx compatible insert minimises cam-out, ensures higher torque, and guarantees a more secure drive. The ultra-sharp tip ensures immediate engagement from the first turn. Equipped with a patented self-drilling thread, these screws eliminate the need for pre-drilling and significantly lower the chance of wood splitting, even near edges. The hardened case and core of the screws provide outstanding strength.

Decking Screws

Forgefast Decking Screws are High-performance, professional decking screws designed for softwood and hardwood. Feature a Torx insert for less cam-out, higher torque, and a secure fit. The sharp tip and patented self-drilling thread eliminate pre-drilling and reduce splitting risk. They boast a hardened structure for strength, superior countersinking, and double the corrosion resistance of standard screws. These screws offer high pull-out value, resist loosening in flexible substrates, and flex up to 35° to minimise shearing.

Spectre Advanced Timber Fixing Screws are a top choice for decking construction, offering a unique blend of efficiency and durability. Their design includes a reamer to prevent jacking, a quick start Type 17 slash point, and synthetic lubrication for smoother driving. The screws also feature under head ribs and a surface-hardened structure, making them robust for exterior timber, fencing, and landscaping applications. Reliable and long-lasting solution for various outdoor timber projects.

The Contractors Fixing Band is perfect for decking and outdoor timber projects, offering durability and a strong, weather-resistant design for various building needs.

Forgefast Torx Screws

Forgefast Torx Screws are wood screws that feature a universally recognised, Torx® compatible drive. Their recessed ribs enhance countersinking and reduce surface dust, while their reinforced countersunk necks improve holding power. The screws boast a patented drill and drive thread to lessen splitting of the timber, diminish 'jacking' and spinning of joined timber, increase pull-out and ensure a firmer fix. A sharp point ensures faster bite, capable of piercing 0.8mm steel. These screws have an anti-corrosive metal finish, lasting up to 6 times longer than standard zinc coatings.

Yellow Passivated Screws

Forgefix's yellow passivated screws come with a corrosion-resistant coating, ideal for use in outdoor or humid conditions. Their durability and reliability make them an excellent choice for long-lasting fastening solutions.

Cavity Wall Fixings

Forgefix cavity wall fixings provide indispensable support for attaching items to walls with a cavity space. These fixings expand to offer a firm anchor, making them a go-to for ensuring stability in hollow or cavity walls.

Plasterboard Fixings or Drywall Fixings

Forgefix plasterboard fixings are the ideal choice for securing items to hollow walls and plasterboard, ensuring a reliable and sturdy hold. Designed to grip firmly in plasterboard, Forgefix drywall fixings are perfect for reliably hanging or mounting objects on drywall surfaces.

Nuts and Bolts

This range includes a variety of Nuts and Bolts suitable for a myriad of applications, complemented by washers that ensure a tight and secure fit. Their stainless steel options offer corrosion resistance and strength, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.


The Nails section caters to both timber and masonry needs. Timber loose nails and Timber collated nails are perfect for woodwork, offering different sizes and types for specific applications. Roofing nails and accessories provide solutions for roofing projects. Masonry loose nails are mainly for construction projects that require a strong hold in masonry materials. Masonry and metal collated nails are also available for specialised construction needs.


This category includes screwdriver bits and Wera screwdriver bits for various screw types, along with screwdriver bit accessories for enhanced functionality. For drilling, Timber drilling bits are specifically for wood, masonry drilling bits for concrete and bricks, and metal drilling bits for metal surfaces. Combined Metal/timber drilling bits offer versatility. Masonry cutting tools and general cutting tools round out the selection, providing comprehensive options for drilling and cutting tasks.

Forgefix Hardware

In the Hardware category, the brand offers builders tape for various construction applications, site protection and shims for safety and precision, and builders metalwork for structural support. Fencing, decking and garden metalwork cater to outdoor construction needs. Loft legs are also available, offering solutions for creating additional storage space in attic areas.

Forgefix FAQs

What range of products does Forgefix offer?

Forgefix offers a wide range of products including screws, fixings, nuts and bolts, nails, drill bits and accessories, hardware and a variety of other building materials.

Why are Forgefix timber screws considered superior for woodworking projects?

Forgefix timber screws are designed for durability and compatibility with various materials, making them an ideal choice for a range of woodworking projects.

Can Forgefix timber/metal drywall screws be used for both timber and metal surfaces?

Yes their timber/metal drywall screws are versatile and can be used effectively on both timber and metal surfaces.

What are the special features of Forgefix metal and PVCu screws?

Forgefix metal and PVCu screws are famous for their corrosion resistance and strength, making them suitable for harsh environmental conditions.

What types of plasterboard applications are Forgefix products suitable for?

They are suitable for a variety of plasterboard applications, including both residential and commercial construction and renovation projects.

How do speed plugs from Forgefix enhance fastening effectiveness?

Their speed plugs offer quick and secure fastening enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of various installation processes.

In what scenarios are metal cavity anchors from Forgefix most useful?

Forgefix Metal cavity anchors are particularly useful in scenarios where you require strong hold in hollow or cavity walls.

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