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Sika Limited, the UK subsidiary of the global Sika Group, has been a key player in the market since its establishment in 1927. Based in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, the company primarily focuses on the manufacture of sealants, adhesives, building chemicals and systems that are used across many construction and other related sectors. Sika Limited, as a member of the global Sika Group, offers an extensive range of products in the UK that cater to various sectors of the construction industry. Their product range is strategically categorised to provide targeted solutions across different construction sectors.


Sika sealants are designed with precision to cater to a variety of construction needs, ensuring durable and effective sealing solutions. These products are essential for waterproofing, weatherproofing, and providing flexible sealing in various construction joints. Take Sikaflex Pro 3 for example, a single-component, polyurethane-based, robust, tinted, flexible sealant designed to create a waterproof barrier with solid mechanical characteristics. Specifically formulated to withstand various environmental conditions, is suitable for use in hot and tropical climatic conditions.

To cater to specific requirements, they provide Sikasil Pool, a silicone sealant designed for use in and around swimming pools as well as other frequently wet areas.


The adhesive category from Sika encompasses a broad spectrum of products engineered for bonding a wide range of materials used in construction and industrial applications. Sika’s range includes grab adhesives like Sikaflex 221, tile adhesives and and flooring adhesives like Sikabond 54. These products are famous for their strength, versatility, and ease of application, making them ideal for both structural bonding and simple fixes.

Hybrid Sealants and Adhesives

Sika combines the best of both worlds with their hybrid adhesive and sealants. A good example is Sikaflex EBT which is a multi-purpose, one-part, elastic, polyurethane adhesive and sealant. This adhesive and sealant really stands out for its ability to bond to all common building materials, its permanent elasticity, and exceptional grab and gap-filling properties.


Sika's Landscaping product line offers a comprehensive range of solutions designed to enhance and protect outdoor spaces. This includes high-quality Jointing Compounds like Sika Fastfix, which are crucial for ensuring the integrity and longevity of paved areas by providing strong, durable bonds. These are available in various colors at Power Tools Direct.

Sealers and Protectors

The Sealing and Protecting products like Sika Water Seal, Sika Stone Protector and Sika Patio Seal are mainly for shielding outdoor surfaces from wear, tear and weathering, thus preserving their appearance and functionality. They also offer a selection of Surface Cleaners and Treatments like Sika Mould Buster and Sika Brick and Patio Cleaner formulated to effectively clean and maintain various outdoor surfaces, ensuring they remain aesthetically pleasing and in good condition.

Wood Care & Treatment

In the Sika product range, the Wood Care and Treatment products stand out for its emphasis on longevity and protection of wood surfaces. This segment includes various Treatments like Sika 5 Star Wood Treatment and Preservatives like Sika Wood Preserver , specifically formulated to extend the life and enhance the natural beauty of wood. Sikagard Woodworm Killer designed to penetrate deep into the wood, offering protection against environmental elements and pests, which can cause decay and degradation. By using these treatments, wood structures and surfaces retain their strength and aesthetic appeal for longer.

Building Supplies

Sika offers a comprehensive range of building supplies to cater to diverse construction needs. Their Waterproofing products like Sika 1 or Sika 4A Waterstop are mainly for protecting structures from moisture ingress, ensuring durability and integrity. The range of  Admixtures and Building Chemicals enhance the performance of concrete, providing increased strength and longevity. 

Self Levelling Compounds like Sika Sikafloor 125 also known as Sikalevel 125 and Sikafloor 245 are perfect for creating smooth, level surfaces, essential in flooring applications. Priming products from Sika ensure optimal surface preparation, leading to better adhesion and longevity of finishes. The Chemical Anchors provide robust, secure fixings in various substrates, essential in structural applications. The PVA and SBR Bonding range that includes Sikabond SBR offers superior adhesion and sealing properties, ensuring a strong bond and seal in various construction scenarios.

Sika FAQs

How much coverage can I expect from Sika products (adhesives and sealants as well as cleaners and primers)?

The coverage you get from a 300 ml cartridge of adhesive or sealant will be highly dependent on the size of bead you use. On average, we see between 10 to 15 linear feet per cartridge. Coverage values for cleaners and primers will vary widely depending on the substrate and method of application. For any of the Sika Primers you should use about 4.25 fluid grams per square meter of coverage. This equates to about 17 meters per 250 ml can of Sika Primer.

Are Sika Sealants compatible with silicones?

When applying a silicone sealant like SikaSil or Sikaflex near a Sikaflex polyurethane sealant, it is crucial to ensure that the polyurethane sealant has cured for at least 24 hours before the silicone application. Additionally, if you are using new Sikaflex on a surface previously bonded or sealed with silicone, you would need to fully remove the old silicone through mechanical means (such as with a grinding wheel or a similar tool). Furthermore, you should prepare the substrate surface in accordance with the relevant Sika Pre-treatment Chart (opens in new tab) before applying fresh Sikaflex.

Can I paint over Sika Adhesives or Sealants?

Most common paints are suitable for use over Sikaflex products. If you aren't sure about the paint you are planning to use, then you can get in touch with Sika UK directly. Generally, you can expect to achieve optimal results when the curing process of the adhesive/sealant is complete. However, for Sikaflex 500 series products, it's best to paint before the sealant develops a cured skin on its surface. When planning to over-paint, we would strongly advise that you verify the paint's compatibility with the Sika product using suitable and representative paint application tests before final use. Additionally, it's important to note that rigid paint systems can restrict joint movement, potentially leading to cracks in the paint applied over any Sika product.

In a sealing application, what should I use to tool Sika products?

Do not use alcohol or alcohol-containing solvents! They can hinder the curing process of the product. For SikaSil products, we advise that you use only dry tooling techniques without any chemical tooling agents or solutions. Typically, soapy water is quite effective with the 1-C polyurethane Sikaflex 200 series products, with a common mixture being a few drops of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo for example in a litre-sized spray bottle filled with tap water. However, if you intend to paint over the product, using soap for tooling might not be suitable.

How can I remove or clean any excess Sika products, whether they are cured or uncured?

Mechanical methods such as using a razor blade or grinding wheel are necessary for removing products that have already cured. For uncured material, products like Sika Remover-208, Sika Hand Cleaner towels, or mineral spirits are most effective. It is important to avoid using alcohols in the vicinity of both cured and uncured materials, as they can inhibit or reverse the curing process of Sikaflex products.

Can I use Sika products after the expiration date?

You must not use Sika products past their specified expiration date. Additionally, once opened, Sika Primer containers are only good for 1 month with frequent use or 2 months with infrequent use, or until the expiration date on the container, whichever comes first.

If the "best before" or "expiration date" on a Sika product is indicated with just a month and year, the expiration date is deemed to be the last day of that specified month and year.

How do I dispose of expired Sika products?

The disposal of Sika products, solutions, and any resultant by-products must always adhere to environmental protection and waste disposal laws, as well as any specific regulations of local authorities/councils. As the "waste generator," you are responsible for ensuring compliance with these regulations, which can vary from one location to another.

At what temperature should I store Sika products?

Generally, the optimal temperature for transporting and storing these products is 25°C or lower. They must be shielded from precipitation and direct sunlight. During standard transportation methods, including shipping containers, air freight, and truck deliveries, maintaining this temperature isn't always feasible. However, the shelf life indicated in the respective Product Data Sheet accounts for the conditions typically encountered in these transport modes. Prolonged exposure of the product to higher temperatures can accelerate aging and consequently shorten its shelf life.

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