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Mykal Industries Limited are the manufacturers of the ultra-successful brand and they have developed a comprehensive range of Hi-Tech, innovative 'user friendly' chemicals for the DIY, Grocery, Private Label and Industrial markets. With over 20 years of history at the forefront of environmental technology, Mykal Industries have gained considerable growth and expertise in manufacturing safer solutions in liquids, gels, wipes and aerosols with products ranging from delicate stain removers to heavy duty paint and graffiti removers and marketed in pack sizes from small 100ml aerosols up to 1000L IBC's for retail and industry alike.

The Wellingborough-based company has a network of carefully selected distribution partners throughout the UK and Europe ensuring continuous product availability. With full technical support and laboratory testing facilities, Mykal are equipped to deal with all product and process applications and can provide working samples and after sales support.

As a successful manufacturer with the ongoing commitment to providing new, safe and innovative solutions to both Retail and Industrial markets, Mykal will continue to enjoy current growth by simply being passionate about their total product offer and their ability to satisfy ever increasing demands from their customer.