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  1. Einhell GE-CH 1846Li Power-X-Change Cordless Hedge Trimmer 18V Bare Unit



    The Einhell GE-CH 1846Li Power-X-Change Cordless Hedge Trimmer is an efficient tool thanks to its low weight and handy size that allows for the trimming of hedges, shrubs and bushes on large grounds and allotments where there is no connection to the electric power grid. The integrated two-hand safety switch brings the cutters to a standstill in less than 1 second when a switch is released.

    The cutters are protected by an aluminium cover. The shock guard has a hole for wall mounting and enables this cordless hedge trimmer to be stored away in an instant in minimum space. For a long service life the gearing is made of metal, for clean cutting results the blades are made of laser-cut and diamond-ground steel. Comes with a sturdy cutter guard for safe and user-friendly transportation or storage.

    GE-CH 1846LI KIT: 1 x 18V 1.5Ah Li-ion.
    GE-CH 1846LI: Bare Unit, No Battery or Charger.


    No Load Speed: 2,200/min.
    Spacing Between Teeth: 15mm.
    Max Cutting Thickness: 11mm.
    Blade Length: 520mm.
    Max Running Time: 1 Hour.
    Charging Time: 30 Minutes.
    Weight: 2.3kg.

    The Einhell GE-CH 1846Li Power-X-Change Cordless Hedge Trimmer is supplied as a Bare Unit, No Battery Or Charger supplied.


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  2. Ryobi OHT1850X ONE+ 18V Long Reach Hedge Cutter 18V Bare Unit
    100 %



    The Ryobi OHT1850X ONE+ 18V Long Reach Hedge Cutter with a 4-position articulating head and a rotating rear handle for optimum reach in all applications. The central trigger allows for easy use, even in an extended reach position. Also features Hedgesweep that allows for the easy removal of clippings.

    Bare Unit (Batteries sold separately, compatible with all Ryobi One+ Batteries)


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  3. Ryobi RPT4545M Pole Hedge Trimmer 450W 240V



    The Ryobi RPT4545M Pole Hedge Trimmer is a very handy tool that helps you take care of branches at unruly heights and angles. The safety switches are closer together making it much more user friendly and also the hedge trimmer comes in 3 separate sections so it can be used with or without the middle section depending on the reach you require.

    Removable shaft provides both long reach and it stores away very easily. This particular model also comes with the facility to attach a harness (included) to help take some of the weight from your arms. During use please ensure that the power lead is hooked around the cord retainer to prevent any unnecessary strain on the cable.


    Input Power: 450 Watt.
    No Load Speed: 1,700/min.
    Cutting Capacity: 20mm.
    Blade Length: 45cm
    Weight: 5.9kg.


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  4. Einhell GH-EH 4245 Electric Hedge Trimmer 45cm 420W 240V



    The Einhell GH-EH 4245 Electric Hedge Trimmer is fitted with a counter-rotating, double-bladed safety cutter that is made of diamond cut steel that has been laser cut to ensure excellent cutting results. For efficient power transmission there is a robust metal gearing that provides increased working life. The two-hand safety switch and the large hand guard ensure safety during working.

    The additional handle and the softgrip on the main handle allow for user-friendly, ergonomic operation increasing work time. There is also a stress-relief clip that protects the power cable from wear.


    Input Power: 420 Watt.
    No Load Speed: 3,200/min.
    Cutting Length: 450mm.
    Spacing Between Teeth: 16mm.
    Max. Cutting Thickness: 12mm.
    Weight: 2.5kg.


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  5. Black and Decker GTC1843L Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer 18V 1 x 2.0Ah Li-Ion



    The Black and Decker GTC 1843L 18 Volt Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer is a fast, effective way to trim tall hedges. It is cord free and hassle free with no danger of cutting the cord and no harmful emissions.

    The blade and handle sections connect for a useable length of 1.98 metres, providing a reach of approximately 3.5 metres - ideal for extra high hedges. The 180 pivoting head locks into 5 positions for added versatility in trimming.

    The Hedge Trimmer has diamond ground, dual action blades for cleaner cuts and reduced vibration. Non-slip grips provide extra comfort and control, and the unit disassembles for easy storage and transport.

    1 x 18V 2.0Ah Li-Ion Battery


    No Load Speed: 1,400/min.
    Blade Length: 43cm, 12mm Gap.
    Weight: 3.2kg.


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  6. Black and Decker GT5055 Hedge Trimmer 55cm 500W 240V



    The Black and Decker 500 Watt GT5055 Hedge Trimmer with a 55cm blade length and 22mm blade gap. Suitable for medium hedges. With a durable, robust and sharp metallic blade with angled blade design for optimum cutting performance.

    The bale handle design provides optimum comfort and control and is designed to feel comfortable and secure in the hand. It is designed for even weight distribution between blade and handle.


    Input Power: 500W
    No Load Speed: 1,835/min.
    Blade Length: 55cm, 22mm gap
    Weight: 2.8kg


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  7. Makita DUH523Z Cordless Hedge Trimmer 52cm 18V Bare Unit



    The Makita DUH523Z Cordless Hedge Trimmer has an anti-vibration structure consisting of a motor-crank section and handle section linked by 5 cushions to absorb vibration from the blade and motor-crank section. The blade can be removed/replaced without disassembling the housing.

    The Trimmer has a rubberised soft grip that provides a comfortable and sure grip and a stain-free shear blade surface with a non-electrolysed nickel plating that features high anti-abrasion surface for long lasting coating.

    The battery capacity warning lamp blinks red when the power has been nearly used up and then solid red when the power has been used up (battery protector will shut off the power).

    Bare Unit, No Battery or Charger Supplied.


    No Load Speed: 1,350/min.
    Cutting Diameter: 15mm
    Blade Length: 52cm, Double Sided
    Weight: 3.3kg


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  8. Makita UH4861X 48cm Hedge Trimmer 400W 240V



    The Makita UH4861X Hedge Trimmer has ergonomically designed grips provide more comfort and less hand fatigue in this powerful and easy to use hedge trimmer. Stain-free shear blade that has a non-electrolysed nickel plating that provides a high anti-abrasion surface for long lasting coating.

    Two handed safety switching in all applications. Each of the three grips is equipped with a grip switch. The blades start only when two of the three grip switches are engaged at once, and stop immediately when of the two is released. For additional safety it features double insulation and an electric brake.


    Input Power: 400W
    No Load Speed: 1,600/min.
    Blade Length: 48cm
    Max. Branch Diameter: 15mm
    Weight: 3kg


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  9. Black and Decker PH5551 Pole Hedge Trimmer 550W 240V



    The Black & Decker PH5551 Pole Hedge Trimmer for fast, effective trimming of tall hedges. It has an ergonomic, balanced design and the soft feel grip provides added comfort. The diamond ground, dual action blades provide cleaner cutting and reduced vibration for greater comfort in use.

    The pole extends up to 2.3m in usable length, providing approximately 3.8m of reach, making it ideal for cutting extra high hedges. The 180 pivoting head locks into 5 different positions, for greater versatility and access when trimming.


    Input Power: 550W
    No Load Speed: 1,600/min.
    Blade Length: 51cm, 22mm gap
    Blade Brake: <1.0 sec.
    Weight: 4.1kg


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  10. Makita EH6000W Hedge Trimmer Petrol 2 Stroke 22.2cc



    The Makita EH6000W Hedge Trimmer features a double-sided blade and is in compliance with all known exhaust emission regulations. The main feature is an extra light design with further improvements in noise, vibration and handling for environment and human friendliness.

    Other benefits are a longer lubrication cycle obtained by circulating grease in gear housing. Shear blade with 3 sharpened edges and stain-free blade surface of glittering silver provide long lasting, smooth cutting.


    Input Power: Petrol 2 Stroke 22.2cc.
    Cutting Capacity: 21.5mm.
    Blade Length: 60cm.
    Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.4 Litres.
    Fuel Mix: 50 : 1.
    Weight: 5kg.


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