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  1. Bahco P126 Bypass Secateurs Range




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    Bahco P126 Bypass Secateurs are a robust general gardening secateurs and have bypass blades of professional quality to ensure a clean cut in live wood.

    Locking mechanism with wire clasp at the end of the handle.

    P126-19-E: Cutting Capacity: 15mm.
    P126-22-F: Cutting Capacity: 20mm.


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  2. ALM Trimma-Filla Trimmer Line Range


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    ALM Manufacturing Replacement Trimmer Lines to fit most models of garden trimmers. Available in various lengths and thicknesses.

    Manufactured in the UK.


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  3. Hozelock Porous Soaker Hose Range




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    The Hozelock Soaker Hose is a porous hose, ideal for watering beds and borders. The water seeps from the hose providing gentle watering without waste. It is ideal for establishing young plants and hedges, and can be buried under the soil.

    Supplied complete with connectors which allow several hose lengths to be joined together for a larger area coverage.

    Available in 10m, 15m or 25m.

    Comes with a 2 year guarantee.


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  4. Bahco Splitting Wedge Synthetic Range




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    Synthetic tree felling wedge for use in conjunction with felling operations using a chainsaw. The synthetic wedge will not damage the chainsaw during use.


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  5. Bahco Splitting Wedge WS Range




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    Bahco Traditional Steel Wedge, to be used together with a sledge hammer or a splitting maul.


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  6. Bahco FGS Felling Axe Range


    Bahco Felling Axe with an Ash Handle for felling trees and branch trimming. High quality tool steel blade with curved ash handle, which is slightly wider at the eye.

    The thin, wide blade ensures a clean and easy cut into the branch.


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  7. Bahco HUS Hatchet Range


    Bahco Camping Hatchet for general purpose applications such as camping, gardening and branch trimming.

    Curved ash handle secured by jagged carbon-fibre wedge. Suspension hole for easy storage when not in use.


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  8. Hozelock Hose Repair Connector Range




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    For repairing damaged hose, or permanently connecting two lengths of hose.


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  9. Faithfull Hickory Axe Handle Range


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    Faithfull fawn foot pattern Axe Handle made from top grade hickory, which is recommended for all striking tools because of its shock absorbing properties. Manufactured to BS3823 BW/BR standards specification. Various lengths and eye sizes available.


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  10. Faithfull Felling Axe - Hickory Handle Range


    Faithfull Felling Axe manufactured from carefully hardened and tempered quality carbon steel, fully ground with polished cutting edges protected by a blade guard. Fitted with a traditional curved hickory handle which is known for is strength and ability to absorb impact.


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  11. Bahco HGPS Standard Hand Axe Range


    The Bahco Standard Hand Axe for DIY and hobby use. Very much an all round general-purpose axe with a thin wide blade for a clean cut.

    Curved ash handle, secured by a jagged carbon-fibre wedge. Suspension hole for easy storage when not in use.


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  12. Estwing Sportsmans Axe Range


    These Estwing Sportsmans Axes are superbly balanced small axes with leather handles and come complete with a sheath. One-piece solid forged construction, fully polished with a leather grip.


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  13. Faithfull Hickory Shaft Log Split Mauls Range




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    The Faithfull heavy-duty traditional log splitting maul is designed to split logs quickly and efficiently. It has a quality drop forged head, is fitted with a hickory handle and has the added protection of an overstrike collar.
    The maul may also be used as a hammer for driving a wedge into oversized or difficult logs as well as for splitting logs.


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  14. Black and Decker A6150XJ Chainsaw Chain Range




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    Black and Decker Replacement chainsaw chains to suit Black and Decker Chainsaws.


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  15. Bahco 51-JS Professional Pruning Saw Range




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    Bahco 51-JS-H Professional Pruning Saw for fast, comfortable pruning work. Extremely sharp and aggressive toothing for cutting live green wood. A rounded narrow nose which makes it easy to reach the places you need to without damaging the bark.

    The unique concave blade surface which provides low friction so you dont need to use as much force as with other saws. Also has a researched blade position which allows for better and more power in your forearm, creating less fatigue.

    Has a comfortable, non-fatigue, two-component handle, with a knuckle protector which holds the hand securely in place.

    The 5128-JS-H is supplied with a scabbard.


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Garden Tools and Gardening Machinery

Gardening is a great way to unwind after a long, hard day at work, while for others it is their livelihood. Some may even refer to it as a labour of love. Regardless of what it is, its something that should be done properly or not at all. Thats why Power Tools Direct is offering you a range of garden hand tools, garden power tools and gardening machinery from only the most trusted manufacturers in the land, delivered to you, in most cases, by the next working day.

Gardening is many things to many people, but to many people it is considered as a tidying or grooming process. Dont leave your garden looking unkempt, keep it clean and tidy with our Faithfull Tidy 3 Piece Set, Rake, Broom and Pan. Keeping your garden clean is absolutely crucial if you dont want to attract lots of pests and other nuisances as these can use debris that accumulate from normal gardening activity for their nests.

Even though dealing with ones garden is relaxing, sometimes its necessary to bring some garden power tools to the game. The Ryobi RHT 2660 Petrol Hedge Trimmer is the last word when it comes to garden power tools. Have the most beautiful hedge on your street by utilising the angled 55mm blade from this household name with its perfectly weighted handle. Now cutting your hedge can be a breeze! With all of our items we dont want to give you conventional retail prices. Instead, we offer lower trade prices to all of our customers. We believe all of our customers should be treated equally, and thats why we only offer the very best when it comes to gardening machinery, garden hand tools and all our other products. We believe in completing a project properly, and with our vast range of gardening tools you can do just that.

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