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  1. Marshalltown M819 Plasterers Quik Mix

    SKU: PTDM/T819

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    M819 Plasterers quik mix is a time and energy saving mixer. It is ideal for stirring plaster, for mixing aggregate and other materials. It will fit into any conventional 3 jaw chuck with a 13mm (1/2in) or larger capacity.

    Blade size: 212 x 115mm (8.1/4 x 4.1/2in).


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  2. Marshalltown M892 Mud Masher 940mm (37in)

    SKU: PTDM/T892

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    The M892 Mud masher has a semi round head design with a hardwood handle. It is ideal for mixing plaster by hand.

    Length: 940mm (37in).


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  3. Faithfull Adjustable Support Props 1.6m to 2.9m (Pack of 2)


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    The Faithfull Adjustable Support Props are designed for use as an extra pair of hands when supporting ceiling boards and sheet materials during overhead fixing. With an adjustable working height. The feet at both ends swivel to accommodate sloping or uneven surfaces and improve grip.

    Supplied in a hardwearing storage bag to provide added protection.

    MUST NOT be confused with heavyweight equivalents which are designed to support heavy loads over extended periods.


    Working Height: 1600-2900mm
    Max. Working Load: Vertical: 60kg, at 45: 20kg


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  4. Marshalltown M27 Drywall T-Square 1.22m (48in)

    SKU: PTDM/T27

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    M27 Drywall T-Square with silver anodised finish and black epoxy painted imperial graduations for long wear and legibility. The length allows easy use on a standard 48in board. Features imperial graduations.

    Size: 48 x 22in.


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  5. Marshalltown M22 Drywall Utility Saw 150mm (6in)

    SKU: PTDM/T22

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    M22 Drywall Utility Saw has a heavy gauge blade securely attached to a contoured hardwood handle with ferrule. Cuts wallboard, masonite, plywood and wood.

    Size: 150mm (6in).


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  6. Stanley Drywall Circle Cutter 150mm (6in) Capacity

    SKU: PTDSTA105878


    The Stanley STHT1-05-878 Drywall circle cutter is ideal for cutting perfect holes in drywall up to 16 inches (400mm) in diameter.

    The cutter is precision calibrated for accuracy and has easy-to-read standard markings. The pin adjusts up and down and easily slides to adjust.


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  7. Edma Master Profil Single Handed Setting Pliers

    SKU: PTDEDM0620


    Master profil single handed setting pliers for use in drywall insulation. Maximum capacity 0.8mm + 0.8mm. Quick and efficient punching for the setting of studs and channels. Length 260mm (10 1/4 in). Weight 725g (26oz).

    Special features: single handed compound action. No screws or anchors needed. Ergonomic design with special soft-grip handle. Replaceable punch. Short handle.


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  8. Edma Ergotop - Multiprofil Metal Frame Pliers

    SKU: PTDEDM0619


    Ergotop-multiprofil metal frame pliers for use in drywall installation. Max capacity 1mm + 1mm. Special application for right and left setting. Punch process. Universal stud crimping tool, able to work on both sides of the stud. No screws or anchors needed. Ergonomic design, special soft-grip handles. Replaceable punch.

    Jaw Opening: 20mm.
    Length: 310mm.
    Width: 95mm.
    Weight: 761g.


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  9. Edma Profil 2 RM Section Setting Pliers

    SKU: PTDEDM0610


    Profil 2 is a section setting tool. These metal frame pliers are for quick and efficient punching and setting of rails and studs in drywall insulation. They make it possible to work close to a wall and no screws or anchors are needed.

    Jaw Opening: 15mm.
    Length: 330mm (13in).
    Width: 60mm (2.3/8in).


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  10. Edma Profil Stud Crimping Tool

    SKU: PTDEDM0600


    Section setting pliers for stud and track.

    Length: 350mm (14in).
    Capacity: 1 + 1mm (18 + 18 gauge); (0.039 + 0.039in).
    Weight: 936g (33oz).


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  11. Stanley Magnetic Drywall Screw Adaptor

    SKU: PTDSTA005926


    The Stanley STA0-05-926 Magnetic Drywall Screw Adaptor is for the quick fixing of drywall screws. It is fitted with a steel ring that protects the drywall and makes screwing the drywall into the frames easier. It will work with any 3/8in or 1/2in chuck drill.


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  12. Stanley Drywall Screw Adaptor Phillips PH2

    SKU: PTDSTA016137


    The Stanley 0-16-137 Drywall Screw Adaptor Phillips PH2 has the following features:
    For quick fixing of drywall screws
    Steel ring protects drywall
    Allows screwing the drywall into the frames easier
    Works with any 3/8in or 1/2in drill


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  13. Stanley Drywall T-Square Metric 1220mm (4ft)

    SKU: PTDSTA105894


    The Stanley STA1-05-894 Drywall T-Square Metric is 1200mm, with easy to read black markings and has a notched head for cutting a 4 inch board in 1 sweep.


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  14. Stanley Telescopic Drywall Support

    SKU: PTDSTA105932


    The Stanley STA1-05-932 Telescopic Drywall Support has the following features:
    heavy-duty ribbed aluminum body stays flat and rigid;
    Adjustable pole for easier lifting of boards and holding into place until fastened;
    Efficient clamp design to hold board firmly in place.

    Height in mm: 1150


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  15. Stanley Drywall Stripper

    SKU: PTDSTA116069


    The Stanley 1-16-069 drywall stripper has twin cutting blades to cut both sides of the drywall, adjustable cutting depth and an easy to grip bi-material handle.


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