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Geologist Pick Hammers

Geologist Pick Hammers
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  1. Faithfull Geologists Pick 624g (22oz)


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    This Faithfull geologists hammer or geological pick is used for splitting and breaking rocks. In field geology, they are used to obtain a fresh surface of a rock in order to determine its composition, nature, mineralogy, history and field estimate of rock strength.

    In fossil collecting, they are employed to break rocks with the aim of revealing fossils inside.

    Used by geologists for taking samples in the field. This pick has one large square striking face and the other end is ground to a point for splitting, cracking and levering.

    Hickory handle.
    Weight: 620g (1 lb 6oz).


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  2. Vaughan AP22 Prospecting Pick Polished All Steel 620g (22oz)


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    The Vaughan Prospecting (Rock) Pick forged from solid high carbon steel for excellent strength. It has a flat, smooth striking face and a tapered, sharp point for chipping rock and masonry. For comfort, the pick has an exclusive air cushioned, slip-resistant grip.

    Made in the USA.


    Weight: 620g (22oz)
    Handle length: 330mm (13in)


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  3. Estwing E3/22P Rock Pick - Vinyl Grip 616g (22oz)


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    The Estwing E322P square section rock pick hammer has a flat face at one end and a pick at the other.
    Used by slaters or geologists it has a liquid vinyl grip handle bonded on to the shaft during production for added grip and comfort.

    These Estwing high quality chisel geological hammer picks use the strongest steel which is forged in one-piece. The strongest known construction of its type.

    A tool designed for the geologist when working with rock or rubble.

    Weight: 620g (1 lb 6oz)


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Geologist Pick Hammers
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