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  1. Bosch GPL5 5 Point Laser 30 Meter


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    The Bosch GPL5 5 Point Laser is a compact self-levelling 5-point horizontal and plumb laser for indoor work. It has a precise transfer of right angles and reference points from the ground to the ceiling. Easy to handle due to its very compact size and has a wide variety of fixing possibilities using the universal mount. Has a working range of up to 30 meters and high levelling accuracy of 0.3 mm/m.


    IP Class: IP5X.
    Laser: Class 2.
    Laser Diode: 635 nm, < 1 mW.
    Working Range: 30 Meters.
    Levelling Accuracy: 0.3 mm/m.
    Self-Levelling Range: 5 longitudinal axis, 3 transverse axis.
    Beam Diameter: 5mm.
    Power supply: 3 x 1.5 V LR6 (AA).
    Operating time, Max: 24 hours.
    Tripod thread: 1/4 inch, 5/8 inch.
    Size: 104 x 40 x 80mm.
    Weight: 250g.


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  2. Stanley 58-MINI T Mini Tripod For CL2 & SP5

    SKU: PTDINT177192

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    The Stanley Intellilevel 58-MINI T Mini Tripod can be used with the following laser levels: CL2 , SP1 , SP2 and SP5.


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  3. Stanley IntelliMeasure Distance Estimator 12m

    SKU: PTDINT077018

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    The Stanley Intelli Tools IntelliMeasure Distance Estimator can measure length, area and volume. It has a large, easy-to-read LCD screen that shows either metric or imperial measurements. It can also display the last three measurements for quick reference.

    The intuitively designed toggle button lets you effortlessly switch between length, area and volume measuring modes. It will automatically calculates area and volume. There is also a manual addition mode for specialised calculations (i.e., perimeter).


    Accuracy: 5mm.
    Operating Range: 12m (40ft).
    Power: 2 x AAA batteries (supplied).


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  4. Stabila OLS 26 Optical Level


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    Stabila OLS 26 Optical level with a 26-fold magnification in optical system, no batteries required to use with the focusing and adjusting screw easily accessible. It has a robust IP54 protection rated casing with easy-grip, shock-absorbing soft shell and solid protection of optical unit also in front area.

    Magnification: 26-fold
    Minimum focussing distance: approx. 1m
    Objective lens aperture: 38mm
    Protection class: IP 54
    Standard deviation: < 2mm/km
    View in objective: upright
    Diameter of field of vision at 100 m: 2.1m
    Multipication constant: 100
    Addition constant: 0
    Compensator accuracy: 0,5
    Accuracy of height in a single measurement: 1mm/10m
    Circular vial: 8/2 mm
    Horizontal circle : Partition degree
    Increments: 1
    Horizontal circle: 360

    Supplied with : Optical level OLS 26, Geo-folding rule 2m, plumb line, rain protection, adjusting tools in robust carry case.


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  5. Stabila LAX 50 Self Levelling Laser 16789


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    The Stabila LAX 50 projects crossed horizontal and vertical lines in a matter of seconds - both perfectly levelled. Ready for all internal work, the result - long, easily visible horizontal and vertical laser lines at right angles to each other which make setting-out easy. For the installation of built-in furniture, laying tiles, wallpapering and all installation work. Setting out without a single pencil mark - thats clean working!

    Supplied with a combined tripod / telescopic leg kit.

    Unscrew the tripod legs and screw together to form the telescopic leg - fix the LAX50 to the leg - and measure! The tripod covers a space of 0.6-1m. The telescopic leg can be fixed between floor/ceiling heights of up to 2.75m. If the LAX50 is placed on the ground, its working height is 7cm. Its versatility makes the STABILA LAX50 a regular partner for many applications.


    Level Accuracy:0.5mm/m.
    Self-Levelling Range: 4 0.5.
    Working Range: 10m.
    Power: 3 x AA batteries (supplied).
    Average Battery Life: 30 Hours.
    Tripod Thread: 1/4in.
    Laser Class: 2.


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  6. Stanley 1-77-184 Floor to Ceiling 4 Section Laser Pole

    SKU: PTDINT177184

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    The Stanley Intelli Tools 1-77-184 Floor to Ceiling Laser Pole is supplied as 4 detachable sections that screw together, one section is telescopic and is extendable up to 3.25m. Both end pieces feature detachable spring feet. The mounting bracket accepts both 1/4in and 5/8in thread lasers.

    Compatible with: CL-90.


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  7. Stabila REC 300 Digital Receiver To Suit LAR200 & LAR250


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    The Stabila REC 300 Receiver has two displays: one each on the front and back for fast measuring and taking readings in any position. Digital display of the reference deviation in mm, in, in (fractions) and ft. Allowing you to read the deviation from the reference height directly in figures, for faster and more precise correction of strut positions and concrete levels.

    A series of symbols indicate your distance from the reference height and whether you are too high or low. Two sensitivity levels simplify setting-up over longer or shorter distances. If you also switch on the acoustic signals, you can select two volume levels. Its loud signal can be heard even with a loud background noise.

    Compatible with: LAR200 & LAR250 lasers.


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  8. Stabila LD 520 Laser Distancer 200m


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    The Stabila LD 520 Laser Distancer is a compact measuring device with easy to operate measuring functions. Including: length, area, volume, timer, calculator, indirect distance, inclination, triangular area measurement, continuous measurement, indirect height measurement, inclined objects, trapezoidal measurement, elevation profile measurement and stake-out function. It also has a memory function that stores and recalls the previous 30 measurements.

    Has a digital target locators using a built-in camera with crosshairs and allows distances of up to 200m to be measured. The 360 inclination sensor provides flexible measurement from any position (displays 180). Allows absolute horizontal measurements to be made and is also the basis for several new functions.

    It has a 61mm colour display with a 4x zoom and high resolution for pin-sharp images even in strong light. A built-in calculator that enables measurements to be multiplied or divided by fixed values (e.g. hourly rates or material costs). This provides usable calculated figures, to make meaningful quotations on site.

    With a robust, impact-resistant housing and a shock-absorbing soft-grip cover. In addition, it has IP54 class protection against rain and dust. Integrated Bluetooth Smart technology enables measurement data to be wirelessly transferred from the laser to a smartphone or tablet. The free Stabila Measures App allows measurements to be transferred directly to photos of the building site or drawings.


    Accuracy: 1.0mm.
    Operating Range: 0.05-200m.
    Power: 2 x AAA batteries (supplied).
    Protection Class: IP54 (dust & rain).
    Laser Class: 2.
    Laser Wavelength: 635nm.


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  9. Ridgid 36158 Micro LM-100 Laser Distance Measure 50m

    SKU: PTDRID36158

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    The Ridgid Micro LM-100 Laser Distance Measure provides simple, quick and accurate distance readings with its ultra-sharp Class II lasers. Distance reading will appear on the easy to read LCD display.

    The measure enables professional tradesman to quickly determine run distances for bidding, calculate the distance of piping runs, measure trouble spots down the line and quickly determine spacing for code compliance. Measures feet, inches and metres. Stores up to 20 measurements. Bright Backlit Display allows use in poorly lit areas. Rugged over-moulding allows excellent grip.

    Measurement calculations: area, volume, and indirect measurement calculations.


    Accuracy: 1.5mm.
    Operating Range: 50m.
    Power: 2 x AAA batteries (supplied).
    Protection Class: IP54 (dust & water splash).


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  10. DeWalt DW083K Self-Levelling Point 3 Beam Laser


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    The DEWALT DW083K Self-Levelling Laser has 3 beams, accurate to0.2mm/m. It has a self-levelling angle of up to 4 and the pointer can be rotated 180. With a one button operation for fast and easy operation of the laser.

    The pendulum locks when in the off position and the focused laser beam keeps the laser dot small, even over long distances for improved accuracy and visibility. Location magnets allow the pointer to be used on a metal track or with a wall bracket. The industrial design allows the pointer to be placed over the track. It also has a 1/4in standard tripod connection.

    Ideal for metal track installation, curtain wall installation, floor to ceiling transfer, general levelling up to 25m distance, positioning overhead anchors, positioning plumb drilling locations for vertical pipe and positioning overhead lighting.


    Laser Class: 2, Level Accuracy: 0.2mm/m
    Self-Levelling Range: 4
    Number of Beams: 3
    Visibility Indoor: 30m
    Power: 4 x AA batteries (supplied)
    Thread: 1/4in
    Size: 55 x 135 x 100mm
    Weight: 0.55kg


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  11. DeWalt DE0892 Detector


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    The DEWALT DE0892 Detector is very easy to use and offers a 50m working range. With selectable narrow and wide accuracy settings and a backlit LCD display. Magnets allow detector to be mounted on the metal tracks and there is a heavy-duty clamp for mounting on a grade rod. The detector will automatically shut off if it is inactive for 5 mins, prolonging battery life.

    Compatible with: DW088K & DW089K line lasers.

    Supplied with: 1 x Heavy-Duty Detector Clamp & 1 x 9 Volt Battery.


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  12. DeWalt DW03101 Laser Distance Measure 100m

    SKU: PTDDEWDW03101

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    The DEWALT 100 Metre DW03101 Laser Distance Measure calculates area and volume with automatic calculations that make job estimates quick and easy. It has an additional triangular area function. The integrated inclinometer can be used as a digital level to calculate continuous height and indirect horizontal distances. Indirect height measurement uses Pythagoras to measure distances even when point A and/or point B isnt accessible for linear measurement.

    The laser distance measure has a large 3-line backlit display which helps to improve screen visibility in both dim and bright conditions. It features a memory unit that stores last 20 measurements. A multifunctional end piece folds at 90 degrees for edge measurements and extends 180 degrees for measurements from corners. Durable design with overmoulded housing, which has been 6 ft (2m) drop tested, and is IP65 water/debris resistant.


    Accuracy: 1mm.
    Operating Range: 100m (330ft).
    Power: 2 x 1.5V LR03 (AAA) ;batteries (supplied).


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  13. Stabila BST-K-L Column Construction Tripod 98-220cm


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    The Stabila BST-K Construction Tripods have a removable head that allows quick and easy mounting of the laser, simply remove and head and attach onto your laser before fastening the head onto the tripod. The lifting system with crank handle allows the height of the laser to be raised and locked off at a range of heights.

    The built-in air cushion lifting system allows the central column to descend gently, even if the user forgets to lock off the tripod. This prevents accidental damage to the laser. Each leg of the tripod can be adjusted individually and each spiked foot has rotatable rubber shoes, for scratch-free use indoors. Also fitted with a high quality chain spread stopper.

    The Stabila BST-K-L Column Construction Tripod extends between 98-220cm in height.


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  14. Stabila NL Telescopic Levelling Rod 2.4m

    SKU: PTDSTB07468

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    The Stabila NL Telescopic Levelling Rod is made from anodised aluminium. It is extendable up to 2.4m with a scale in mm graduations. The adjustment slide ensures optimal display clarity and trouble-free height definition.

    Suitable for all STABILA laser receivers and receiving units.

    How To Use:

    1. Align the rods zero mark to the laser beam.

    2. Move the receiver on the levelling rod to bring it back in line with the laser beams height at the new measurement point.

    3. The height difference plus or minus can now be read from the NLs scale


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  15. Stanley 5 Section Aluminium Grade Rod 5m

    SKU: PTDINT177162

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    The Stanley Intellilevel 5 Section Aluminium Grade Rod designed to provide height and distance readings used in conjunction with optical levels, rotating lasers and line lasers. It is extendable up to 5m, graduated in cm and mm. Made from strong, lightweight aluminium for durability.


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