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  1. Bahco Half-Round File, Handled Range




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    Bahco Handled Half-Round Cut File with a ERGO handle is a tapered half round file with cross section which allows use on convex and concave surfaces, suitable for deburring work. The edges and surfaces are tapered towards the point. 8in file are semi-pointed. Double cut.

    Second Cut: approx. 36 teeth per 25mm (Medium).
    Bastard Cut: approx. 26 teeth per 25mm (Coarse).


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  2. Bahco Round File, Handled Range




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    Bahco Handled Round File 1-230 is fitted with a ERGO handle. These files are perfect for filing circular openings or concave surfaces. Tapered towards the point, 8in files are semi-pointed and double cut.

    Second Cut: approx.. 36 teeth per 25mm (Medium).
    Bastard Cut: approx.. 26 teeth per 25mm (Coarse).


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  3. Bahco 466-400 Box Spirit Level 40cm

    SKU: PTDBAH466400

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    The Bahco 466 series levels have a unique design on the radius, end caps, fastening pins and convex radius. They have two vertical (plumb) vials and one horizontal vial, with an accuracy of 0.5 mm /m. The thick 1.7mm profile construction will not twist and it has a V groove at the bottom making these levels ideal for use on pipes.

    Machined surface on top and bottom.
    Anti-shock rubber end caps.
    Laser edged centre zero measuring scale along the edge.
    Anodised finish.
    2 hand holes. (only 1 on 400mm).

    The Bahco 466-400 Box Level has an anodised finished aluminium level with shock absorbing end caps and large vials that provide ease of use. It offers permanent precision of 0.5 mm per metre.

    Machined surfaces and V groove base, and a thick shaped profile. It also has laser marked measuring scale (for indication purposes only).

    Length: 400mm.
    Weight: 520g.


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  4. Bahco Ratchet Screwdriver Set, 6 Piece PH

    SKU: PTDBAH808061

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    Bahco Ratchet Screwdriver 808060 is an insulated ratcheting screwdriver combined with interchangeable slim blades. The blade release system built in the comfortable handle makes it easy and safe to change the blades without the blades falling out.

    The blades are 30% slimmer than the blade of a regular insulated screwdriver for better accessibility and more applications (e.g. sunken screws and spring elements). They have a 48 tooth non-conductive ratcheting mechanism.

    A must have tool for electricians, certified according to IEC 6090.

    Comes with a nylon pouch.

    Contains Sizes: PH1, PH2, 0.4 x 2.5, 0.5 x 3.0, 0.8 x 4.0, 1.0 x 5.5, and a handle.

    Handle Length: 180mm.
    Length: 100mm.


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  5. Bahco SL25 Socket Set Metric Range




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    The Bahco SL25 is a handy 1/4in drive socket set complete with 12 sockets made from hardened chrome vanadium, a bit set with a dynamic drive profile and a quick-release ratchet. Ideal for the home, garage or car, this Bahco SL25 socket set will give years of service as it is made from a hard-wearing steel material. The set has all the most common sized sockets, so the set is well equipped to tackle any job in or around the home. It is especially suitable for the motor trade.

    Supplied in a sturdy high density polythene carry case with sponged lining that is labelled with the corresponding items for quick and easy identification. Contains:

    1 x 1/4in Reversible Quick-Release Ratchet
    12 x Hex Sockets: 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13mm
    2 x Phillips Bits: PH2
    2 x Hex Bits: 5 and 6mm
    6 x TORX Bits: TX10, TX15, TX20, TX25, TX30 & TX40
    1 x 1/4in Bit Holder
    1 x 100mm Extension


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  6. Bahco BLE301 Car Creeper


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    The Bahco BLE301 Car Creeper is a low profile creeper with a high-density foam pad for higher resistance and good comfort. It has a pivotable header with 3 different positions, and a hanger. Its wheels are 75 by 25mm, and have full 360 movement.

    Capacity: 135kg.
    Height: 120mm.


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  7. Bahco ProfCut Pullsaw Blade Range




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    Bahco ProfCut replacement blades are available for Bahco Pullsaws.

    The variations are fine, extra fine or a double sided blade.


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  8. Bahco Chalk Powder Tube Range




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    Bahco Chalk Powder is suitable for use with Bahco chalk line as well as other makes.

    The chalk is available in blue, red, white and yellow.

    Weight: 227g.


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  9. Bahco Combination Square Range




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    The Bahco sliding Combination Square has both metric and imperial markings on its ruler. It can mark 90 and 45 with an adjustable depth for repetition marking and scribing. The built-in level bubble provides approximate marking and the square has a metal scriber contained in the end.


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  10. Bahco 319 Hacksaw Frame Range




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    The Bahco 319 Professional Hacksaw Frame has a lightweight 2-component frame with steel core and is well balanced for straight cutting with maximum effect.

    No protruding parts for maximum accessibility, compact design for ease-of-use and the tensioning mechanism is integrated in the handle. The comfortable non-slip handle with front grip ensures positive handling and control and the alternative 55 pin mount allows flush cutting.

    Blade Length: 300mm (12in).


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  11. Bahco ERGO Universal Pipe Wrench Range




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    The Bahco ERGO Pipe Wrench is a multi-purpose pipe wrench, black oxidised and anti-rust treated high-alloyed, hardened special steel with precision induction hardened jaws. Outer handle of hardened sheet metal with ergonomically designed soft, warm-to-the touch, high friction handle with a strong, stable core. Thermoplastic surface on tough polypropylene gives a superior grip. Optimised design with narrower jaws gives perfect accessibility, even in cramped corners.

    Patented progressive teeth angled aggressively inwards, fine at the inner part of the jaws and larger at the other part gives a better grip on all sizes of pipes.The inner handle with built-in protection against pinching and a safety stop for the adjusting nut.

    Conforms to DIN 5234 standards.


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  12. Bahco ERGO 90 Adjustable Wrench Slim Jaw Range




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    The Bahco 90 Series Black Phosphated Finish ERGO Slim Jaw Adjustable Wrenches feature an extra wide jaw opening with a metric measurement scale and narrow jaw allowing access to otherwise inaccessible gripping applications.

    Precision-hardened and anti-corrosion treated with a phosphated finish and a comfortable warm thermoplastic slip-free handle. Has 40% wider opening compared to a standard adjustable wrench of equivalent size, and 45% thinner jaws, compared to a standard adjustable wrench of equivalent size.


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  13. Bahco Half-Round Second Cut File 1-210-08-2-0 200mm (8in)


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    Tapered half-round cross section allows use on convex and concave surfaces.

    Suitable for deburring work.

    The edges and surfaces are tapered towards the point. 4in and 6in files are fully pointed, 8in and longer semi-pointed. Double cut.

    Size 200mm (8in)
    Cut: half round second.


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  14. Bahco Half-Round Smooth Cut File 1-210-10-3-0 250mm (10in)


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    Tapered half round cross section allows use on convex and concave surfaces.

    Suitable for deburring work.

    The edges and surfaces are tapered towards the point. 4in and 6in files are fully pointed, 8in and longer semi-pointed. Double cut.

    Size 250mm (10in)
    Cut: half round smooth.


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  15. Bahco 3802 HSS Power Blade 300mm (12in) x 1in x 10 TPI

    SKU: PTDBAHHS12110

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    Bahco 3802 HSS Power Blade is a high speed steel powersaw blade designed for cutting almost any material.

    Suitable for use on modern machines with a high degree of control.

    Size 300mm (12 in) x 25mm (1 in) x 10 tpi


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