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  1. Bahco S4RM Series Reversible Ratchet Spanner Range




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    The Bahco S4RM ratcheting spanners are made from top-quality forged steel, nickel and chrome plated in a matt finish for a smooth and secure grip.

    Easy to use, these spanners simply grip the nut or bolt being removed or tightened, the ratcheting spanner heads are sized either side of each spanner for the desired size of nut or bolt, just push the direction lever to remove or tighten the nut or bolt with a ratchet action.

    They are an ideal option for motor mechanics, as these spanners cover 2 sizes at each end and can be used in awkward places and minimal movement is required to use them.


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  2. Bahco Hand File Handled Range

    SKU: PTDGRPBAH11000612



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    The Bahco Handled Hand Cut File 1-100 with a soft grip ERGO handle are perfect for filing flat surfaces, sharp corners and shoulders as well as for deburring. A double cut file may also be used for work on high-alloy tool steels. Also useful for the sharpening of heavy implements. High removal rate.

    Edges and surfaces parallel. Surfaces double cut, one edge uncut, one edge single cut.

    Second Cut: approx. 36 teeth per 25mm (Medium).
    Bastard Cut: approx. 26 teeth per 25mm (Coarse).


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  3. Bahco SB-2448 Chisel / Wrecking Knife Range




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    Bahco SB-2448 Chisel Wrecking Knife is a heavy-duty wrecking knife and a 25mm chisel in one. It has a curved knuckle protector that also works as a lever. The back edge of the blade and handle can be struck with a hammer to make working faster.

    Ideal for rough woodwork, making mortice joints in doors, splitting wood, in building and construction, carpentry etc.

    Holster with button clip.

    Blade Type: Straight.
    Blade Length: 100mm.


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  4. Bahco 9045-B Series Try Square Range

    SKU: PTDGRPBAH9045B200



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    Bahco B Series Try Square is punched out of quality steel in a single piece for true 90 precision. For accurate marking of 45 and 90 angles.

    Remains well balanced and stable when placed on the surface. Easy-to-read scale on both sides and it has a rust-protected black finish.


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  5. Bahco SB-3735N Centre Punch Range




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    Bahco SB-3753N Series Centre Punch made from vanadium steel with a hexagonal shank. With fully polished steel surfaces and a brilliant chrome finish.


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  6. Bahco SB-3732 Series Nail Punch Range




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    Bahco SB-3732 Series Nail Punch made from high-performance alloy steel. Fitted with a plastic handle. It has fully polished steel surface with a brilliant chrome finish.


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  7. Bahco SB-3734N Series Parallel Pin Punch Range




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    Bahco SB-3734N Series Parallel Pin Punch made from vanadium extra steel. With a hexagonal shank. Fully polished steel surfaces and a brilliant chrome finish.


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  8. Bahco 427 Claw Hammer Hickory Handle Range




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    Claw Hammer with first class genuine hickory handle. Octagonal neck and round head - bright polished. Handle shaped for maximum grip with anti-slip surface.


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  9. Bahco ProfCut Pullsaw Range


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    Bahco ProfCut Pullsaw is a general carpentry pull-saw for fine, cross and angled cuts. The pull action allows for a thin blade (0.60 mm), creating a minimum of removal (kerf 0.90 mm) and therefore requiring less force.

    Has a hardpoint, triple edge JT tooth design, and a two-component handle which ensures a comfortable and safe grip. The flexibility of the blade makes it possible to perform excellent cuts close to another surface.


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  10. Bahco 414 Series Bevel Edge Chisel Range




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    The Bahco Series 414 Bevel Edge Chisels are a durable multipurpose chisel, which has been developed to achieve a high standard of performance.

    Manufactured from hardened and tempered steel with a precision ground blade for maximum sharpness and long-lasting performance.

    Polypropylene handle and with a protective holster included


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  11. Bahco 424-P Series Bevel Edge Chisel Range




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    The Bahco 424 Series Bevel Edge Chisels are durable multi-purpose chisels which have been developed to achieve a high standard of performance. Manufactured from hardened and tempered steel with a precision ground blade for maximum sharpness and long-lasting performance. The specially designed 2-component handle, maximises control and comfort in use. The blades are honed ready-to-use.


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  12. Bahco 434 Series Bevel Edge Chisel Range




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    Bahco 434 Series Bevel Edge Chisel has been developed according to the scientific ERGO process. The 2-component grip, splitproof handle allows repeated hammer blows, and the blades are manufactured from hardened and tempered steel, which are precision ground for maximum sharpness and long-lasting performance.

    With the exception of the 50mm wide blade, the remaining chisels in the 434 range are supplied with a safety guard and have rounded shoulders for added safety.


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  13. Bahco Tekno+ VDE Slotted Screwdrivers 1000v Range

    SKU: PTDGRPIRZ033030



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    The Bahco Series 033 Slotted Tip Insulated Screwdriver for voltage work up to 1,000 Volts. The three component handle is made from Thermoplastic Rubber and Rudolit (2) and is double shaped for use with both hands (in large sizes and in proportion to the dimensions of the shank). Its large surface allows optimum comfortable grip and maximum torque.

    The hole in the handle allows the insertion of a T bar for added force transmission and for hanging up the tool after use. The Molybdenum-Vanadium shank combines great hardness and toughness. It is fitted with a black tip for added protection, precisely machined.


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  14. Bahco Snipe Nose Pliers 2470G Range

    SKU: PTDGRPBAH2470G160



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    The Bahco Parallel Snipe Nose Pliers are made from high performance alloyed steel with a polished and lacquered finish for increased rust protection. Fitted with two component handles.

    The jaws have a slim semi-circular shape with serrated contact surfaces. The cutting edge is suitable for severing soft material such as copper and plastic insulated wire.


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  15. Bahco 2233 Series Heavy-Duty Cable Cutter / Stripper Range

    SKU: PTDGRPBAH2233D160



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    The Bahco 2233 Series Heavy-Duty Cable Cutters/Strippers for cutting copper and aluminium cables. They are made from drop-forged, carbon steel. The forged surfaces are black finished and mirror polished. The handles are fitted with PVC dipped sleeves for a comfortable grip.


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