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  1. Irwin Record Smoothing Planes Range




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    IRWIN Record Smoothing Plane is manufactured to uncompromisingly high standards and is suitable for both hard and soft woods.

    Supplied with a tungsten vanadium cutter blade.

    RECSP4: Plastic Handle (Economy).
    REC04: Wooden Handle.

    Width: 50mm (2in.)
    Length: 245mm (9.3/4in).


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  2. Irwin Record Jack Planes Range




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    IRWIN Record Jack Plane is manufactured to uncompromisingly high standards and is suitable for both hard and soft woods. Supplied with a 2in tungsten vanadium cutter blade.

    Designed for the initial preparation of rough timber, the long base bridging undulations which a shorter plane would tend to follow.

    RECSP5: Plastic Handle (Economy).
    REC05: Wooden Handle.

    Width: 50mm (2in).
    Length: 355mm (14in).


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  3. Irwin Record Mechanics Vice Range


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    IRWIN Record Mechanics Vice is rigid and robust. The body and sliding jaw are cast from close grained grey iron which is machined on all friction surfaces for a smooth, reliable action. Fitted with hardened steel jaws for extended life, they can be replaced when worn. The main steel screw has a two-start rolled acme thread for faster and smoother operation.

    It has a fused steel handle that will bend before the vice can be overstressed. A safety stop prevents the slide from being separated from the body. The most popular and widely used general purpose vice for light to medium-duty applications.

    A full line of replacement parts are available.


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  4. Irwin Record Heavy-Duty Quick-Release Vice Range


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    Record Irwin heavy-duty quick release vice is ideal for fitting and filing. These compact quick release vices have special jaws and slide design to provide extra space for holding irregularly shaped work.

    The reinforced body and slide, large diameter main screw and through bolted jaws invest these vices with the working strength and resilience to withstand the most demanding work. An integral anvil permits hammering.


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  5. Irwin Record Medium-Duty Forged G-Clamp Range




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    IRWIN Record Medium-Duty Forged G-Clamp are a drop-forged steel clamp and the slim section permits use in situations where space is limited.

    Particularly useful for the craftsman with smaller work, the boat builder and the handyman. Have a blue stove enamelled finish.

    Come in the following sizes:

    REC1192: 50mm.
    REC1193: 75mm.
    REC1194: 100mm.
    REC1196: 150mm.


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  6. Irwin Record 120 Heavy-Duty G-Clamp Range




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    IRWIN Record Heavy-Duty 120 Series G-Clamps are the strongest Record clamps, recommended particularly for metal working and fabrication work where a very high clamping force is demanded.

    They have a drop-forged steel frame for strength and durability with a swivel shoe which helps clamping on uneven surfaces. The twin-start ACME cold rolled thread for faster operation and the fused steel handle will bend before the clamp can be overstressed.

    A popular general purpose clamp for heavy-duty applications, for use in wood and metal working and other trades .

    Available in the following sizes:

    REC1203: 75mm
    REC1204: 100mm
    REC1206: 150mm
    REC12010: 250mm
    REC12012: 300mm


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  7. Irwin Record 121 Extra Heavy-Duty Forged G-Clamp Range




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    IRWIN Record heavy-duty drop-forged engineers steel clamp ideally suited to engineering applications.

    Particularly suitable for fabrication and welding. High-quality steel screw with drop handles.


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  8. Irwin Record 135 Series Heavy-Duty Sash Clamp Range


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    The Irwin Record 135 Series Heavy-Duty Sash Clamps have a bar section of 32 x 6mm (1.1/4 x 14in). The slide and head are guaranteed unbreakable and the slide is secured by a solid steel pin passing through one of the locating holes spaced along the steel bar.

    The steel mainscrew applies pressure quickly and smoothly through a fast acting, hard-wearing rolled thread. Slides and heads are flat bottomed so that the clamp will stand without support.


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  9. Irwin Record 136 T-Bar Clamp Range




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    IRWIN Record 136/5 T-Bar Clamp is a robust clamp for heavy-duty work which offers the facility of permanent fixing to a workbench.

    T-bar section in cold drawn steel gives extra strength and resistance to bending. Extra long head with machined slides is extremely durable.


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  10. Irwin Record Corner Clamp Range




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    IRWIN Record M Corner Clamps make it possible to nail and glue joints under clamping pressure. In addition to its function as a mitre framing clamp, it has many general-purpose uses and is an ideal tool for pattern makers.

    The body mounting holes enable the clamp to be screwed to a bench.


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  11. Irwin Record Chain Pipe Vice Range




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    IRWIN Record Chain Pipe Vice rests on a V formed by two sets of drop-forged, heat-treated replaceable steel jaws.

    The high tensile steel chain is then looped over the pipe, locked into a slot between the jaws and tensioned by a handle and screw to provide a strong rigid three-point location which renders the pipe immoveable.

    Body castings are guaranteed against breakage.


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  12. Irwin Record Swivel Bases Range




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    360 swivel bases are used to rotate and lock the vice at the most convenient working angle.


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  13. Irwin Record Chain Pipe Wrenches Range




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    IRWIN Record Chain Wrenchs are robust and provide maximum grip on round or irregular shapes. Not for use on copper pipe or non-ferrous pipes. Easy to use, you simply loop the chain around the pipe, lock it, and the jaws will grip in the direction of turn.

    Great for use in confined spaces, trenches, or close to walls. With its double ended reversible replacement jaws and a high breaking strain tensile steel chain with fast positive lock.

    The cast tubing handle combining strength and lightness.

    Note: Not for use on copper pipe or any non ferrous pipes.


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  14. Irwin Record 300 Stillson Wrench Range




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    IRWIN Record Stillson Wrenches are standard equipment in a wide range of major industries.

    They have drop forged handles and jaws, with high-grade cast malleable iron frames. Accurately machined screw threads and nut with sprung jaw which stays open until pressure is applied.

    Conforms to BS 3594 Part 1.


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  15. Irwin Record 350 Leader Wrench Range




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    IRWIN Record 350 Leader Wrench is a heavy-duty wrench extensively used in heavy industry, particularly in the oil and gas fields and in civil engineering.

    The jaw housing is covered by a free replacement guarantee against breakage or distortion


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