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  1. Ridgid 36813 Micro LM-400 Advanced Laser Distance Measure 70m

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    The RIDGID Micro LM-400 Advanced Laser Distance Measure features Bluetooth technology, allowing it to be connected to smartphones and tablets to easily view, store and share data. This helps to avoid time-consuming paperwork and costly writing errors. Android and iOS Apps easily and quickly transfer and overlay measurements from the Micro LM-400 onto a photo or sketch.

    The LM-400 has an easy-to-read backlit 4-line display. It has a long measuring range of up to 7m and can measure angles of up to 65. Its inclination sensor can provide instant simultaneous horizontal, vertical and diagonal distance measurements.

    Functions: Distance, Volume and area calculation, Addition and subtraction, Continuous measurement, Stake out, Self-triggering timer, Indirect measurements, Angle measurements, Bluetooth connection, Transfer/overlay data to sketches and RIDGIDSketch App for iOS and Android.


    Accuracy: 1.5mm.
    Operating Range: 70m.
    Power: 2 x AAA batteries (supplied).
    Protection Class: IP54 (dust & water splash).


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  2. Ridgid Matador Vice Range




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    The RIDGID Matador Vices are professional bench vices for the workshop, that have an all forged steel construction, that is 3 times stronger than cast iron. They have a large hardened anvil, with hardened and serrated jaws for maximum durability, and machined and hardened sliding surfaces.

    The rolled twin start Acme thread provides precise operation and longevity with a removable steel spindle nut and measuring scale.


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  3. Ridgid Superior Vice Range




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    The RIDGID Superior Vice has an all forged steel construction that is 3 times stronger than cast iron. The hardened and serrated jaws provide maximum durability and there is also a large hardened anvil.

    The sliding surfaces have been machined and hardened and feature a measuring scale. There is also a removable steel spindle nut.


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  4. Ridgid Tongue & Groove Pliers Range




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    RIDGID Tongue & Groove (Slip Joint) Pliers feature a flush rivet design which provides a stronger tool and allows access to tighter areas. The pliers have been forged and heat-treated for extended life and durability.

    Professional quality tools, precision crafted for ultimate balance, high strength and exacting performance. They are fitted with cushioned grips that are designed for comfort only. They are NOT intended as insulation against electric shock.


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  5. Ridgid Portable TRISTAND Vices Range




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    The RIDGID Portable TRISTAND Vices features integral folding legs for easy transport and setup, tool hangers and a base which overhangs the front legs for clear tool swing.

    Model 425 features a quick grab, self-locking latch and carrying handle for ease of transport.

    Model 40-A integrates a yoke style vice into the base and a rugged tool tray.

    Model 460-6 has an optimised base layout to maximise working area, convenient lug to clamp the weld ground, rugged leg chain for tough demands and a durable tool tray.

    Model 460-12 has all the features of the 460-6 but a capacity of 12in and an adjustable rear leg.


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  6. Ridgid Grip Wrenches Range




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    The RIDGID Grip Wrenches are fitted with two handles and heavy-duty jaws, they can handle a multitude of different diameters. Adjust the bolt on the bottom handle to the required size and then it can be locked in place.


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  7. Ridgid Water Pump Pliers Range




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    The RIDGID Water Pump Pliers are made from extremely durable chrome-vanadium steel and a new jaw design that provides instant grip on pipe so there is no need to continually squeeze both handles.


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  8. Ridgid Pipe and Bolt Dies Range




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    RIDGID Pipe and Bolt Dies for Machine Die Heads.

    Requires British model die head.

    Pipe dies for use in British Universal die heads (NOS. 504A, 811A, 815A, 816, 817, 856, 911 & 913).


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  9. Ridgid Inner-Outer Reamer Range




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    The RIDGID Inner-Outer Reamers have a hardened steel construction and are suitable for cutting copper and stainless steel tubing. They have 46 cutting edges on the interior cone that allow for fast, clean, inner reaming and outer deburring/bevelling of 14in (6mm) to 2in (50mm). The reamers have dual inch/metric measurement bars.


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  10. Ridgid Heavy-Duty Straight Pipe Wrenches Range




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    The RIDGID Heavy-Duty Straight Pipe Wrench has a sturdy, cast-iron housing and I-beam handle with full floating forged hook jaw, featuring self cleaning threads with replaceable hook and heel jaws.


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  11. Ridgid Heavy-Duty End Pipe Wrenches Range




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    The RIDGID Heavy-Duty End Pipe Wrenches are ideal for pipe work close to a wall, in tight quarters or in closely-spaced parallel lines.

    It has a sturdy cast-iron housing with an I-beam handle with full floating forged hook jaw and self-cleaning threads. The hook and heel jaws are replaceable.


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  12. Ridgid Aluminium Straight Pipe Wrench Range




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    The RIDGID Aluminium Straight Pipe Wrench has the same strength and durability as other RIDGID heavy-duty wrenches but are made from lightweight aluminium. These are nearly 40% lighter than the cast-iron wrench of the same size. The jaws are identical to the RIDGID heavy-duty wrenches.


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  13. Ridgid Aluminium Offset Pipe Wrench Range




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    RIDGID Aluminium Offset Pipe Wrenches feature a jaw opening parallel to the handle and a narrower hook jaw head. This lightweight wrench provides easy entry into tight spots and is ideal for overhead applications.


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  14. Ridgid Strap Wrenches Range




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    The RIDGID Strap Wrenches are best for any polished pipe. They have a sturdy, cast-iron housing with an I-beam handle and a strong, woven nylon strap that gives a tight grip.

    Two models available with special strap for plastic pipe.


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  15. Ridgid Quick-Acting Tube Cutter, Copper Range




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    The RIDGID Quick-Acting Tube Cutters for Copper feature a quick-acting design, I-beam construction, hardened wear surfaces and thrust bearing slide assemblies for smooth operation.

    The X-CEL Knob cuts tubing more quickly and easily with the larger, more ergonomic design and the X-CEL wheel pin makes changing the cutter wheel quicker using the new ball detent design, with no tools needed and no lost clips.

    Also available in models for plastic pipe.


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