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Insulation & Plastic Cutting Saws

Insulation & Plastic Cutting Saws
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  1. Bahco Insulation Saw Sharpener


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    The Bahco Insulation Saw Sharpener is designed to operate easily and sharpen the edge of the Bahco Insulation Saw.

    Equipped with tungsten carbide blades well suited to sharpening the Insulation Saw. Contains a knuckle protection for user safety.


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  2. Bahco PC-16-DECO ProfCut Plastic & Foam Saw 400mm (16in) 18 TPI


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    Bahco ProfCut Plastic and Foam Saw for cutting polystyrene, foam and stucco.

    Specially developed, toothing with very fine bevel ground teeth, and gullets designed to combine excellent finish with minimal clogging.

    Blade Length: 400mm (16in).
    Teeth: 18 TPI.


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  3. Bahco ProfCut Insulation Saw with New Waved Toothing 550mm (22in) 7 TPI


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    The Bahco PC-22-INS is a 22 inch/550 mm handsaw with waved toothing.
    The WT-toothing is specially designed for cutting insulation material with the blade being re-sharpenable with any regular knife sharpener. The blade has a thickness of 0.83mm which is equal to other common saws. The PC-22INS has a comfortable two component handle and a unique rust-protective sleeve. The blade is not treated with clear varnish (as in Bahcos regular handsaws) nor with powder coating as both influence the performance of the saw due to friction and bluntness of the saw. The sleeve is impregnated with a Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor* (VCI) that will protect the saw from corrosion.

    The ProfCut Insulation handsaw has been tested on all sorts of insulation materials and gives excellent finishing with low friction and creates less saw dust.

    The most common international materials for insulation are:
    Mineral wool or Glass wool.
    EPS: Expanded Polystyrene.
    XPS: Extruded polystyrene.
    Stone wool or Rock wool.


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  4. Bahco 396-INS Folding Insulation Saw


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    Bahco 396-INS Folding Insulation Saw with super sharp wavy toothing (WT) for a smooth and clean cut. Cuts insulation materials: glass wool, stone wool, etc. Ideal for use when space is limited. Fitted with a strong handle and a soft, non-slip grip for increased comfort and control. There is also a safety lock on the blade that can be used in the opened and closed position.


    Blade Length: 175mm
    Folded Length: 230mm


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Insulation & Plastic Cutting Saws
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