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Contact Adhesives
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  1. Gorilla Glue Contact Adhesive Clear 75g
    Gorilla Contact Adhesive has a flexible, fast-setting, waterproof formula, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It forms a crystal... Learn More
    List Price: £6.49 Special Price £3.96 £3.30
  2. Bostik Contact Adhesive 50ml
    BOSTIK - CONTACT ADHESIVE Extra Strong Contact Adhesive. Water-Resistant. Dries in minutes - immediate strength on contact. Ideal for DIY and household... Learn More
    List Price: £6.44 Special Price £2.83 £2.36
    Out of stock
  3. Evo-Stik Safe 80 Contact Adhesive 5 Litre
    Evo-Stick Safe 80 is a non-flammable polychloroprene rubber latex based adhesive which changes from white to translucent when dry. It is economical in... Learn More
    List Price: £208.97 Special Price £97.00 £80.83
    Out of stock
  4. Evo-Stik Solvent Free Impact Multi-purpose Adhesive 250ml
    Evostik EVOIMP2250 solvent free impact multi-purpose contact adhesive. Ideal for use on large areas such as laminates, cardboard and wood etc. Size:... Learn More
    List Price: £10.42 Special Price £6.17 £5.14
  5. Everbuild STICK2 Instant Bond Contact Adhesive Tube 30ml
    100% of 100
    Everbuild STICK2 Instant Bond Contact Adhesive is a premium grade rubber based contact adhesive suitable for internal and external use with decorative... Learn More
    List Price: £2.18 Special Price £1.26 £1.05
  6. Gorilla Glue Clear Contact Adhesive Range
    Clear Gorilla Glue is a non-foaming, flexible, fast setting, crystal clear contact adhesive. It creates a strong permanent bond but also offers an... Learn More

    Prices From £4.08 £3.40

  7. Polyvine Contact Adhesive Solvent-Free Fast Tack Range
    68% of 100
    This Polyvine adhesive is a solvent-free, water-based, spreadable adhesive that makes high strength, water-resistant permanent bonds and which provides... Learn More

    Prices From £3.97 £3.31

  8. Everbuild STICK2 All-Purpose Contact Adhesive Range
    STICK2 All-Purpose Contact Adhesive is a premium grade, rubber-based contact adhesive suitable for use with a wide variety of materials for both... Learn More

    Prices From £4.07 £3.39

  9. Evo-Stik Timebond Contact Adhesive Range
    97% of 100
    Timebond is a non-drip contact adhesive that is ideal for use on vertical and overhead surfaces, This gives you time to adjust position before bonding... Learn More

    Prices From £6.98 £5.82

  10. Evo-Stik TX528 Thixotropic Contact Adhesive Range
    This non-drip, non-stringing contact adhesive has Thixotropic ( the property of certain gels or fluids that are thick or viscous under normal... Learn More

    Prices From £19.70 £16.42

  11. Evo-Stik Impact Adhesive Range
    87% of 100
    A one-part contact adhesive ideal for numerous jobs around the home and in the workshop. Provides a High strength strong bond on contact without the... Learn More

    Prices From £2.47 £2.06

  12. Evo-Stik 528 Instant Contact Adhesive Range
    A general purpose one-part contact adhesive suitable for bonding laminates, wallboards, plywood and hardboard panels, and leather goods. It has a high... Learn More

    Prices From £10.91 £9.09

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Contact Adhesives
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