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  1. Blackfriar Concentrated Fungicidal Wash 240ml


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    Blackfriar Concentrated Fungicidal Wash is a water-based concentrate. It kills unsightly mould, fungi and algae growth (HSE No 6292).

    Dilute before use only.
    Use on tiles, plaster, brick, concrete, paving slabs, roof tiles, wood etc to kill mould. Formulated to kill mould and mould spores.
    Dilute 240ml bottle to 5 litre with clean water.

    Surface Preparation:
    Remove grease, dirt and all loose and flaking material.
    Remove mould or algae with a scraper or stiff bristle brush.
    Ensure the product has been diluted prior to use.

    Method - brush, soft lint free cloth or spray.
    Apply liberally to affected surfaces.
    Ensure product is thoroughly mixed before use.
    Allow to dry thoroughly between coats. Two coats may be required on severe cases of mould.

    Recommended Spreading Rate: Approximately 6-8m/ltr depending on porosity and texture of surface.
    Thinning Dilution Rate: 240ml per 5 litres clean water.
    Drying Time: Usually dry in 2-4 hours depending on drying conditions.
    Allow 24 hours between applications and before commencing appropriate decorative system.

    Clean application equipment or spills immediately with water.
    Limitations Blackfriar Fungicidal wash will not remove the staining associated with mould it will only kill the mould spores.
    Ensure good ventilation during use.
    Do not use when there is a risk of rain or frost.


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