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  1. Everbuild Geo-Fix Original Paving Jointing Compound Range




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    Everbuild Geo-Fix Original Paving Jointing Compound is a unique ready-to-use, self-curing jointing material for all types of paving having joints of 5mm and over. The compound is a quick and easy way of applying a permanent rigid joint with no special machinery or equipment required. It is suitable for natural stone, concrete, slate, clay, terracotta and granite and can be used in areas subject to light vehicular traffic.


    - Supplied ready-to-use, no mixing required
    - Simply brush into joints and compact
    - Cement free - Non-staining
    - Sets hard, wont crack or wash out
    - Resists weeds and plant growth
    - Totally weatherproof, unaffected by frost
    - For all joints of 5mm wide and over
    - Water permeable, allows water to escape

    Suitable for use on: footpaths, outdoor patio areas, indoor stone floor areas, pedestrian areas and driveways.


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  2. Everbuild KOS Fire Cement Range




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    KOS Fire Cement is a ready mixed blend of thermo setting resins and inorganic fillers that cures when exposed to heat, resulting in a mortar which is resistant to temperatures up to 1250C.

    Can be used for domestic and commercial applications on fire bricks, fire grates, flue pipes, flue bricks, boilers and other applications subject to extreme heat. Offers excellent adhesion to fire bricks, blockwork, stone and clayware. Asbestos-free.

    Various sizes available in black or buff.


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  3. Everbuild Lumberjack 5min Polyurethane Wood Adhesive Range




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    The Everbuild Lumberjack 5min Polyurethane Wood Adhesive offers exceptional bond strength to wood and most common building surfaces. Suitable for bonding all common wood types (hard, soft, exotic, painted). It will also bond Formica, polystyrene, PU foam, metal and glass wool and various plastics (including PVC) to porous surfaces. These products also adhere to stone, concrete, brick and masonry. Products foam slightly on application to fill small gaps and increase overall bond strength.

    Suitable for both internal and external use, with excellent weathering and ageing properties. They are also resistant to chemicals. Conforms to EN 204. D4 Strength.

    Areas For Use

    General wood jointing and construction
    Window and door frame manufacture
    Door manufacture
    Furniture manufacture
    Construction of staircases and ladders
    As a high quality insulation adhesive for foam/glass wool/fibre boarding


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  4. Everbuild STICK2 Rapid Epoxy Range




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    Everbuild STICK2 Rapid Epoxy is an industrial strength, 2-part clear adhesive which sets hard in just 4 minutes. Will bond metals, crockery, glass, wood, concrete, rubber, fabrics, crystal, jewellery and various hard plastics. Once cured may be drilled, sanded or painted. For industry and home.


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  5. Everbuild Universal 501 PVA Bond Range




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    Everbuild PVA Bond is a medium viscosity, polyvinyl alcohol stabilised, externally plasticised, vinyl acetate homopolymer. Contains no harmful phthalates.
    It has been designed specifically for use in the building industry as a general purpose bonding agent, and additive for concrete and plasters and as a multi-use adhesive.


    - Greatly improved adhesion to a wide range of substrates including dense concrete, glass, steel, tiles etc.
    - Mixes may be applied in much thinner sections to salt permeation
    - Reduces surface dusting of concrete
    - Improved flexibility of sand cement products
    - Reduced water:cement ratio for equivalent workability
    - Improved frost resistance
    - Reduces surface porosity of mortar/plaster

    - As with general purpose adhesive for wood, cork, paper, textiles etc
    - As an admixture for mortar/screeds/renders
    - As a bonding agent for screeds/renders to difficult substrates
    - As a primer/sealer in tiling applications
    - As an internal filler when mixed with wood shavings, plaster etc.


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  6. Everbuild Jetcem Rapid Set Cement Range




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    Jetcem is a specially formulated rapid setting cement based patching/repair compound which, when mixed with water, sets in about 30 minutes.

    Rapid setting (30 minutes, depending on ambient temperature and conditions).
    Easy mixing, just add water.
    Fills up to 25 mm in one application (for deeper holes in excess of 25 mm use Jetcem Premix sand/cement)


    Internal and external repairs to gaps and cracks and walls and floors.
    Repairing flags, slabs, stones and bricks.
    Patching steps and window sills.
    Pointing brick and stone.
    Jointing earthenware pipes and drains.
    Repairs to ponds and pools.
    Setting in W/Cs and sinks.
    Leak sealing in concrete based surfaces.
    Setting railings and posts.


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  7. Everbuild Premix Sand & Cement Range


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    Everbuild Jetcem Premix Sand and Cement is a premixed sand/cement based product which is easy-to-use and sets in approximately 30 min. Ideal for rapid patching or when a fast repair job is needed. Sets in the cold and wet.


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  8. Everbuild 208 Powder Mortar Tone Range




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    Powder Mortar Tone is formulated from best quality oxide pigments for permanently colouring all types of mortars, rendering, concrete and pointing.

    The pigments disperse easily into the mix to give a uniform shade for each mix batch. Shading can be adjusted to provide a wider variety of colour depths.

    Permanently colours cement based products - light fast pigments will not fade.
    Improves workability/trowelability - contains a plasticizer.
    Chloride free (chloride ion content < 0.1%).
    Reduces bleeding/segregation.
    Inhibits efflorescence.


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  9. Everbuild Stixall Extreme Power Range


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    Everbuild Stixall Extreme Power Cartridge is a one part chemically curing, solvent free sealant and adhesive combining the best qualities of silicone and polyurethane technologies. It is specifically designed for adhering most common building surfaces to each other and themselves.

    The Stixall range comes in 6 colours: white, clear, black, brown, natural and grey and has an incredible initial grab, non-slip and gap filling properties with a high bonding strength.

    The range can be used for interior and exterior use. It can also be applied to wet surfaces, when cured the product is totally waterproof and weatherproof and can be over paintable if required.

    This Stixall range is also impregnated with a powerful biocide that prevents mould growth, while still being solvent free. Stixall is resistant to temperature extremes -40 C to +150 C, non staining on sensitive materials like marble or granite, permanently flexible - 20% movement accommodation and is resistant to chemicals and petrol (10% dilute acids/alkalis, most solvents).

    Everbuild Stixall has excellent adhesion to most surfaces, including metals, most plastics, glass, concrete, plaster, plasterboard, polyester, Perspex, glass, wood, enamel, painted surfaces etc.

    Sealing and bonding in almost every application imaginable. The following are just some examples.
    As a high quality nail replacement adhesive, even to damp surfaces.
    External and internal perimeter pointing around doors and windows, especially in mobile structures such as caravans and boats.
    Bonding mirrors to most common substrates.
    Automotive gap filling and sealing.
    Sealing and bonding marble and granite where non-staining is essential.
    Sealing vertical expansion joints.
    Jointing cladding panels.
    Bonding difficult materials such as specialised polymer systems, metals and fibreglass.
    Any application requiring high performance, durable sealing and bonding of joints.
    Applications where resistance to chemical spillage is required (garage forecourts etc).
    Use on overhead applications - Always use in conjunction with mechanical fixings.
    Use in conjunction with mechanical fixings for glass block fitting or large mirrors (>0.5m2 total area).

    For heavy items, provide temporary support until adhesive has dried.
    Do not seal mirror edges/plastic sheeting until adhesive has cured.
    Do not use on surfaces that bleed oils or plasticisers.
    It is the users responsibility to determine suitability for use. If in doubt, please contact the Everbuild Technical Services Department for advice.
    Not for use where joints are constantly immersed in water, or as part of a structural glazing system.
    Not for use in aquarium manufacture.
    Not for use in conjunction with bitumen, or asphalt.

    Size: 290ml.


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  10. Everbuild Survey Line Marker Spray Range




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    Everbuild Survey Line is a spray applied marking paint for general contractors and surveyors when spot marking. It is also ideal for identifying walkways, product storage locations and fire exit routes, or creating floor markings to indicate pallet locations and aisle identification on concrete floors.

    This high definition, fast drying, spot marking paint is ideal for most applications where spot markings are required. The semi-permanent formula lasts at least 3 months after application.

    Available in 7 different colours. Marks can be colour coded for electric, gas, water and cable company use.

    Suggested colour uses:

    White/Yellow/Orange General Marker
    Blue Water
    Red Electricity
    Green Cable work
    Black Covering old lines


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  11. Everbuild Mitre Fast Bonding Kit Range




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    Mitre Fast Bonding Kit is a two-part instant adhesive system comprising a cyanoacrylate adhesive and aerosol activator. Mitre Fast is mainly used in the furniture, timber, kitchen and plastics industries where its instant bonding properties dramatically reduce assembly times for mitre joints when compared to conventional wood adhesives. Also suitable for bonding of MDF, rubber, PVCu, metals etc.


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  12. Gunk Driveway Cleaner Range




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    Gunk driveway cleaner removes unsightly oil stains from driveways, garage floors, paths and patios. Can be diluted for use on asphalt and tarmac. It is easy to pour on, brush in and hose off.


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  13. Gunk 830 Gunk Driveway 1 litre

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    Gunk driveway cleaner removes unsightly oil stains from driveways, garage floors, paths and patios. Can be diluted for use on asphalt and tarmac. It is easy to pour on, brush in and hose off.

    1 litre.


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  14. Gunk 832 Gunk Driveway 2 litre

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    Gunk driveway cleaner removes unsightly oil stains from driveways, garage floors, paths and patios. Can be diluted for use on asphalt and tarmac. It is easy to pour on, brush in and hose off.

    Size. 2 litre.


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  15. Everbuild 101 Multi-Purpose Linseed Oil Putty Range




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    Everbuild 101 Multi-Purpose Linseed Oil Putty is a hand-applied, setting glazing compound for sealing glass into metal and wooden frames.


    - Easier to apply than most competitive putties.
    - Extended shelf life.
    - For wood and metal frames.
    - Added plasticiser improves adhesion and helps prevent cracking.
    - Single glazing of pretreated wooden and metal rebates.


    - Unsuitable for plastic frames, heat-absorbing glass, double glazing or frames treated with decorative microporous stains.
    - Always mix contents of pack thoroughly to blend in any surface oil.
    - Do not overpaint until a surface skin has formed (minimum 7 days, maximum 30 days).


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