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  1. Plasplugs Heavy-Duty Fixing Plug Range


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    Plasplugs heavy-duty, high performance original wall plugs, which are designed for making larger or heavier fixings into brick or blockwork and masonry. Suitable for concrete, brick, breeze block and stone. The plugs feature multi-action grips, expanding barrels, barbed jaws and anti-rotate ribs.
    Typical applications: shelving, curtain poles, lighting, hooks and brackets, pictures and mirrors.
    Accept screw sizes 8, 10, 12 and 14 (4.5mm - 7mm).
    Drill size: 7mm.


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  2. Plasplugs Solid Wall Super Grips Range




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    The Plasplugs Super Grips wall plugs are suitable for fixing into concrete and brick. They are available in 3 different sizes/colours.

    Yellow: Regular-duty, accepts screws No 4-8 (3-4.5mm).
    Red: Regular-duty, accepts screws No 6-12 (3.5-5.5mm).
    Brown: Heavy-duty, accepts screws No 8-14 (4.5-7mm).


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  3. Plasplugs Plasterboard Fixings Regular-Duty Range




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    The Plasplug Standard Plasterboard Fixings are easy to use and have been designed for general use in plasterboard. Ideal for curtain tie-backs, lightweight wall hooks and smoke alarms.


    Drill Size: 7mm.
    Screw Size: No.8 (4.5mm).


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  4. Plasplugs Hollow Door Fixings Range


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    Plasplugs specialised, Hollow Door Fixings are ideal for fitting coat hooks, name plates and other fixings to the narrow gauge of hollow doors and panels.

    These tough, compact fixings have a rivet type action that grips the inside of the panel. Expanding wings grip securely in hollow doors, thin skin partitions, plywood and fibreglass. Multi-thread technology ensures superior holding power, ideal for the home, boat and caravan.

    Accepts No. 6 Screws.
    Drill size: 6mm.


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  5. Plasplugs Heavy-Duty Plasterboard Fixing Range




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    Plasplugs popular Heavy-Duty Plasterboard Fixings used for securing medium to heavyweight items in plasterboard.

    Typical applications:
    Plasterboard fixings.
    Shelving units.
    Wooden battens.
    Wall lights.
    Small mirrors.

    Drill size: 10mm.
    Screw size: No. 8 (4.5mm).


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  6. Plasplugs Metal Self-Drill Fixings & Screws Range


    Plasplugs heavy-duty Metal Self Drill Fixings & Screws, requiring no drilling. A fast and effective fixing suitable for double or single plasterboard.

    Typical application:
    Plasterboard fixings.
    Wall fixings.
    Hooks and brackets.


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  7. Plasplugs Thermal Block Fixings Range




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    Plasplugs SSCP558 Thermal Block Fixings cut their own thread in the thermal block to give a superior grip within the crumbly material. For use in: lightweight block, aircrete blockwork, aerated blocks, Thermalite and Celcon.

    The pack contains an 8mm drill bit and driver.

    Recommended Screw Size: No. 10


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  8. Plasplugs Nylon Self-Drill Fixings & Screws Range


    These Nylon Self-Drill Fixings are regular-duty, fast and effective fixings for use in plasterboard.

    Typical applications:
    Plasterboard fixings.
    Electrical fixings.
    Light switches.

    Supplied with M3x76mm HSS drill bit, driver and screws (No.8/45mm).


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  9. Plasplugs Super Toggle Cavity Anchor Range




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    Plasplugs Super Toggle fixings with expanding wings, which spread load over a wide area. Ideal for overhead applications, especially for lathe, plaster and plasterboard. Typical applications: Wall clocks, shelving units, wall cabinets, bathroom cabinets.

    Adjusts to grip different wall thicknesses - from 10mm to 15mm.

    Drill size: 8mm.
    Screw size: No.8 (4.5mm).


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  10. Plasplugs BP 539 Solid Wall Super Grips Fixings Brown (300)


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    Plasplugs Solid Wall Super Grips are suitable for fixing into concrete and brick. They are available in 3 different sizes/colours.

    Yellow: Regular-duty, accepts screws No.4-8 (3-4.5mm)
    Red: Regular-duty, accepts screws No.6-12 (3.5-5.5mm)
    Brown: Heavy-duty, accepts screws No.8-14 (4.5-7mm)

    The brown wall plugs are heavy-duty and will accept screws No 8-14 (4.5-7mm).
    Drill: 7mm.
    Pack quantity: 300.


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