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  1. Shurtape T-REX Duct Tape Range

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    The Shurtape T-REX Tape is a ferociously strong tape! It gets its famous bite from co-extrusion technology, designed to prevent de-lamination of the tape.

    With an all weather skin, T-REX Tape holds longer and sticks stronger than ordinary tapes, perfect for long lasting outdoor applications. It is double the thickness of standard duct tapes, making it extremely strong, yet can still be easily torn by hand. It uses a thick, aggressive adhesive that can stick to rough, dirty surfaces allowing you to get the job done right the first time.

    T-REX Tape has a UV resistant layer built in to its tough skin, giving it long lasting durability and staying power to last through all types of weathers and temperatures. It is made for projects that need intense holding power, ideal for taping up rough fabrics, bundling large or heavy materials, and making long lasting repairs that ordinary tapes just cant handle.


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  2. Shurtape Duck Tape Original Range

    SKU: PTDGRPSHU211114



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    The Shurtape Original Cloth Duck Tape is ideal for fixing, binding, repairing, protecting, identifying and reinforcing tasks.

    It is strong, waterproof, tears easily and is for use both indoors and out. Ideal for hundreds of uses around the home, garage and garden with high strength adhesive - sticks firmly to most surfaces.

    Not suitable for total immersion in water.


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  3. Shurtape Duck Tape Ultimate Range

    SKU: PTDGRPSHU232152

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    The new best ever Ultimate Cloth Duck Tape is triple layered for use everywhere. Four toughened fabric layers are fused together to create a truly amazing heavy-duty Duck Cloth Tape which is perfect for 1000s of uses both regular and extreme. And its still the easy tear formula that really does mean no scissors.

    The unique adhesive is 50% stronger than most other cloth tapes, sticking to most surfaces with ease.

    For use both indoors and outdoors, and just like a real duck its 100% waterproof.

    Perfect for temporary repairs to your bike - and it can even secure a broken car bumper until you get to the garage!

    Not suitable for total immersion in water.


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  4. Shurtape Duck Tape Colours & Patterns Range

    SKU: PTDGRPSHU260039

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    Duck Tape Colours is a range of brightly coloured and patterned tapes, which are excellent for crafting and imaginative projects. The tapes have the same quality as Original Duck Tape, providing high-performance strength and adhesion. The tapes are waterproof too, although not suitable for total immersion in water.

    The tapes can be cut with scissors or torn by hand.

    Available in many colours and designs.


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  5. Soudal Silirub 2 Neutral Silicone Range

    SKU: PTDGRPSOU114580



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    Low modulus neutral cure professional premium silicone
    Can be used for bedding in double glazed units
    Complies with ISO11600 F&G 25LMCE rated
    High movement capacity
    Adheres to all common construction materials
    Full UV and weather resistance
    Interior and exterior use


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  6. Soudal Silirub LMN Neutral Silicone Range

    SKU: PTDGRPSOU114574



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    Silirub LMN is a high-quality neutral, elastical one-component joint sealant based on silicones.

    Very easy application
    Permanent colour, UV-resistant
    Stays elastic after curing - Available in a wide range of colours
    Very good adhesion on many materials
    Low modulus

    Building and construction joints
    Topsealing at glazing jobs
    Joints with high movement between different building materials
    Sealings between treated wood, metal, PVC profiles and glass

    Directions for use
    Method: caulking gun Application temperature: +5°C to +35°C
    Clean: with white spirit immediately after use
    Finish: with soapy water before skinning Repair: with Silirub LMN

    Chemically completely neutral (pH=7).
    Do not use on natural stones like marble, granite, …(staining effect). Use Silirub MA for these applications.


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  7. Soudal Stay Fresh Range

    SKU: PTDGRPSOU125788

    Top quality low modulus neutral cure professional sanitary silicone for use in showers, bathrooms & kitchens

    Contains a powerful fungicide for sanitary applications

    Complies with ISO11600 F&G 25LM, high movement capacity

    Adheres to all common construction materials Interior & exterior useLifetime guarantee


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  8. Soudal Silirub 2S Range

    SKU: PTDGRPSOU107544



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    Low modulus acetic cure professional silicone

    Contains a powerful fungicide for sanitary applications

    Quick cure Interior use


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  9. Soudal Silirub 1 Acetoxy Silicone Range

    SKU: PTDGRPSOU104836



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    Soudal Silirub 1 Acetoxy Silicone


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  10. Soudal Silirub S Acetoxy Silicone Range

    SKU: PTDGRPSOU101448

    Soudal Silirub S Acetoxy Silicone


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  11. Soudal Silirub A Axetoxy Silicone Range

    SKU: PTDGRPSOU114571



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    Soudal Silirub A Axetoxy Silicone


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  12. Soudal Fix ALL Flexi Range

    SKU: PTDGRPSOU106036



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    Soudal Fix ALL Flexi


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  13. Soudal Fix ALL High Tack Range

    SKU: PTDGRPSOU101444

    Soudal Fix ALL High Tack


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  14. Soudal Acryrub Range

    SKU: PTDGRPSOU102600



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    Soudal Acryrub Range

    Soudal Acryrub


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  15. Soudal Fire Silicone B1 FR Range

    SKU: PTDGRPSOU108998

    Soudal Fire Silicone B1 FR


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When storing your tools, security for your hardware should be of the utmost importance. Whether you keep the tools in a workshop or a garage, they need to be 100 per cent secure. Power Tools Direct carries a range of home security products such as heavy duty padlocks and chains, allowing you to safely lock away your expensive tools. Your workshop isnt the only thing that needs to be secure - think about your home. Power Tools Direct stocks a wide variety of online security products like security cameras and floodlights that will give you peace of mind whether you are at home or away. For added security think about installing deadlocks on all exterior doors, and window locks on ground floor windows.

Power Tools Direct carries security hardware products from all the leading brands, the majority of which will be shipped directly from the supplier, meaning rock bottom prices for all our customers. Orders placed before 12 noon will be delivered by courier in 1-2 days, and delivery is free on any purchase over a certain amount. If you have any questions about a suitable security system for your home or workshop feel free to give us a call.

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