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Spring Head Nails

Spring Head Nails
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  1. ForgeFix Spring Head Nail Galvanised 65mm (500g Bag)


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    These Forgefix Spring Head Nails are a popular roofing nail for corrugated roofing. Their twisted shank assists in absorbing movement that may occur in the roofing construction. They are galvanised for increased resistance to corrosion.

    Galvanised spring head nails are most commonly used for securing corrugated sheeting and other roofing materials.
    Can be used with a rubber or plastic spat washer.

    Galvanisation is process of applying a protective zinc coating to steel in order to prevent rusting. Zinc coatings prevent corrosion of the protected metal by forming a physical barrier, and by acting as a sacrificial anode even if this barrier is damaged.


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Spring Head Nails
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