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  1. Faithfull Replacement Nozzle Range


    Replacement nozzle for Faithfull riveters. Just screw in and replace when worn.


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  2. Faithfull Heavy-Duty Hand Riveter Dial Head Range


    The Faithfull Heavy-Duty Hand Riveter has an easy 4-in-1 dial head for rivet sizes 2.4mm, 3.2mm, 4mm and 4.8mm. This handy feature means that no nozzle change is required.

    The riveters handle is made of drop forged steel and its body is made from aluminium alloy with a steel insert. Its jaw is made from a high grade steel alloy.

    For easy loading and ejecting, the riveter has a return spring.

    5 year guarantee.


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  3. ForgeFix Aluminium Rivet Range


    The ForgeFix Dome Head Rivet has a steel-plated stem and Aluminium head which provides a neat appearance with a low profile. This rivet is the most versatile and commonly specified head style.

    The dome head has a diameter double that of the rivet body providing more than sufficient bearing surface to retain all but the extremely soft or brittle materials.The rivet assembly is inserted into a hole drilled through the parts to be joined together and can be finally fixed by use of a hand held or pneumatic rivet gun.


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  4. Faithfull Heavy-Duty Riveter Range


    The Faithfull Heavy-Duty Riveter is suitable for single-handed application and made from quality steel with comfortable handles. supplied complete with four interchangeable nozzles for most popular rivet sizes. Provides a rigid permanent fixing and is suitable for use with 2.4, 3.2, 4 or 4.8mm diameter rivets.


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  5. Faithfull Aluminium Rivets Range


    100 %

    Rivets are generally acknowledged as the most versatile fastening method available with the benefits of secure fixing from one side.

    The Faithfull Pop or Blind rivets are manufactured from quality aluminium with a steel pulling mandrel. These rivets are suitable for use with most hand riveters and are RoHS compliant for use in electrical appliances.


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  6. Stanley Rivet Washers Range


    Aluminium rivet washers are to be used in conjunction with the corresponding rivet size.


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  7. Stanley Aluminium Rivet Range


    Aluminium Rivets - Available in Short Medium and Long Lengths.


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  8. Arrow Aluminium Rivets Range


    Aluminium rivets to fit Arrow riveters RL100, RH200, RHT300 and most other makes of riveters.


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  9. Arrow Single Rivet Tool Range


    The Arrow RL100 riveter is made of an all steel construction with comfortable vinyl grip. The spring-loaded handle allows for easy rivet loading and ejection, with the changeable nosepiece taking a 1/8 diameter rivet in one hole, and 5/32 and 3/16 diameter in the other hole.

    To change hole size simply loosen screw on nosepiece plate, swing pivot plate around then re-tighten screw.


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  10. Rapid Standard Aluminium Rivet Range

    SKU: PTDGRPRPD5000377

    The Rapid Standard Rivets have standard aluminium heads and steel pins. They are suitable for use in decorating, repair of metal and automotive applications and can be used on sheet metal, hard plastic and leather parts.

    Suitable for the RP10, RP40, RP60 ad RP101 Riveters.


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  11. Rapid High Performance Rivet Range

    SKU: PTDGRPRPD5000383

    The Rapid High Performance Rivets have high grade aluminium heads and steel pins. Ideal for all applications, these extra strong multipurpose rivets ensure a permanent fix. They are ideal for use on licence plates, mudguards, metal and plastic coverings, name places, metal sheets and repair work.

    Each pack is supplied with a drill bit.

    Suitable for use with the RP10, RP40, RP60 and RP100 riveters.


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  12. Rapid Stainless Steel Rivet Range

    SKU: PTDGRPRPD5000393

    The Rapid stainless steel rivets are made from ISO 304 standard stainless steel and are ideal for use with Rapid Hand Riveter tools. Ideal for all applications, these hardwearing and long lasting rivets ensure a permanent fix. They are particularly useful in humid areas and outside areas, on number plates, mudguards, metal coverings, greenhouses, lawnmower coverings and metal sheet roofing.

    Each pack is supplied with a drill.

    Suitable for the RP40 and PR100 riveters.


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  13. Rapid Waterproof Rivet Range

    SKU: PTDGRPRPD5000399

    The Rapid waterproof rivets are ideal for use in humid areas. They are made from high grade aluminium and the head of the rivet is made of 1 single part to prevent leakage between the 2 parts when they are fixed together.

    The rivets are ideal for applications that require a waterproof fixing, such as on waterspouts, gutters, shower panels and greenhouses.

    Each pack is supplied with a drill bit.


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  14. Rapid Automotive Rivets, 4 Colours Range

    SKU: PTDGRPRPD5000403

    The Rapid Automotive Rivets are supplied in 4 different colours to match the licence number plates on cars, vans, trailers and motorbikes. They are made from high grade aluminium to ensure a secure fix.

    Each pack contains 32 coloured rivets (8 each of blue, yellow, black and white) and a drill bit.

    Suitable for use with the RP10, RP40, RP60 and RP100 riveters.


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  15. Rapid Automotive Rivet Range

    SKU: PTDGRPRPD5000405

    The Rapid Automotive Rivets are made from high grade aluminium to ensure a secure fix. They are zinc coloured to match licence plates on cars, vans, trailers and motorbikes.

    Each pack is supplied with a drill bit.

    Suitable for use with the RP10, RP40, RP60 and RP100 riveters.


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