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Glassfibre Resin & Car Body Filler

Glassfibre Resin & Car Body Filler
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  1. U-POL Applicator Range


    U-Pol plastic applicators with a flat leading edge to give a superior finish.


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  2. U-POL ISOPON P.38 Multi Purpose Body Filler Range


    ISOPON P.38 Multi Purpose Body Filler is a durable and easy to use filler which has been specifically formulated to repair minor dents and scrathes in most types of metal bodywork.

    It is simple to mix, dries quickly and easily sands smooth, ready to prime.


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  3. U-POL P40 Body Filler Range


    U-Pol ISOPON P40 Body Filler for Holes is the ideal choice for repairing and priming rust holes up to 75mm wide in most types of metal ready for painting.


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  4. U-POL ISOPON Fastglas Glass Fibre Kit Range


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    The U-Pol FASTGLAS is a polyester resin kit, containing resin, hardener, glass fibre, mixing cup, and plastic gloves.

    It has been developed for the repair of holes, splits, cracks and tears in most materials including metal, wood, hard plastic, bricks etc.

    Can also be used as a construction material to manufacture storage tanks etc. Offers perfect adhesion to most surfaces and is a solid base for most paint systems.


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  5. U-POL Hardener For P38/P40 Range


    U-Pol Hardener For P38/P40 is an additional BPO hardener for polyester body fillers.

    Can be used with all the U-POL and ISOPON polyester fillers.


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  6. U-POL ISOPON Fastglas Laminating Resin Range


    U-POL ISOPON Fastglas Laminating Resin for use with Fastglas Hardener and Glass Fibre Mat or Tissue. Ideal for repairing holes, splits and cracks in all kinds of objects around the home and garden.


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  7. U-POL High Performance Tack Cloth Range


    U-Pol High performance synthetic cloths ensure a decontaminated surface prior to painting. Eliminates particle trappings and contaminants. Removes dust and dirt particles. Gives a mark and smear free surface.


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Glassfibre Resin & Car Body Filler
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