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Wire - Scratch Brushes

Wire - Scratch Brushes
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  1. Faithfull Wire Scratch Brush Range
    From: £1.27

    Popular with both industrial and DIY users, Wire Scratch Brushes are used for removing rust, corrosion, paint and primer and for generally producing a clean surface.

    These Faithfull Wire Brushes have unique curved profiles and narrow faces, making them ideal for accessing hard-to-reach places. The high density wire fill and contoured plastic handle allow users to apply a higher pressure than that of a conventional wire brush.

    Fitted with colour coded handles with hanging slots.


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  2. Faithfull Brass Wire Scratch Brush Range
    From: £2.80

    These Faithfull brass wire scratch brushes are used in situations where there could be a potential fire or explosion hazard.

    Brass wire brushes will not cause a spark.


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  3. Faithfull Heavy-Duty Scratch Brush Range
    100 %
    From: £1.32

    This Faithfull heavy-duty scratch brush is aimed at the professional user and is capable of extended use in difficult environments.


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  4. Faithfull Lightweight Scratch Brush Range
    From: £1.11

    Faithfull quality scratch brush with bristles made from hardened and tempered steel. For use in preparatory work, when removing rust, scale, old paintwork and grouting. The handles are drilled for hanging.

    The wire is 28 gauge and is hardened and tempered.


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  5. Faithfull Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Scratch Brush Range
    From: £3.03

    Faithfull Stainless steel wire scratch brushes are used predominantly in stainless steel welding processes, where the use of an ordinary wire scratch brush would create the risk of contamination of the weld.


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  6. Roughneck Wire Brush Soft Grip with Scraper - 3 Row Range
    From: £3.45

    Roughneck Wire Brush with 3 rows of large wires. It is 355mm (14in) long and has 19 sets of bristles, an integrated hardened steel scraper and a TPR soft grip handle.

    This wire brush is ideal for cleaning patios, decking and barbecues, cleaning small parts such as contacts on spark plugs and removing paint and rust from hard surfaces.

    Comes in: Carbon, Stainless or Brass Wire Bristles.


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  7. Lessmann Broom Head Range
    100 %
    From: £5.94

    Lessmann Broom Head Range


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  8. Lessmann Universal Hand Brush Range
    From: £3.24

    The Lessmann Universal Hand Brushes have been designed for the DIY enthusiast and are useful for many cleaning operations.

    Size: 260 x 28mm.

    056.301: 0.3 Crimped Steel Wire.
    056.501: 0.3 Stainless Steel Wire.
    056.701: 0.3 Brass Wire.


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  9. Faithfull Scratch Brushes Soft Grip Range
    From: £1.75

    Faithfull range of quality scratch brushes, manufactured using a heavy-duty plastic handle with a soft grip coating. The ergonomically designed handles are comfortable to use and provide good clearance for the hand from the work surface. Each brush has a high density bristle content at both ends where the most force is focused when in use, for a better performance and longer working life.

    Brushes are available in 4 types, carbon steel, stainless steel, brass and plastic.

    Each brush has 4 x 16 rows of bristles.


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  10. Roughneck Carbon Steel Wire Brush Soft Grip 300mm - 4 Row Range
    From: £3.79

    Roughneck Carbon Steel Wire Brush is a 4 row general purpose wire brush is a 300mm (12in) brush with 11 sets of anodised carbon steel bristles and a TPR soft-grip handle.

    This wire brush is ideal for cleaning patios, barbeques, paint and rust from hard surfaces and cleaning small parts such as contacts on spark plugs. It can also be used for cleaning paint, rust, damp patches from brickwork, woodwork, metalwork etc.

    ROU52040 - No scraper
    ROU52042 - Has an integrated hardened steel scraper


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Wire - Scratch Brushes
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