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  1. Henry Squire Toughlock Re-Codeable Combination Padlocks Range




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    The Henry Squire The Toughlock Re-Codeable Combination Padlocks have die cast lock bodies with solid steel shackles that are stronger, heavier and cheaper than brass equivalents with no keys to lose.

    There are 3-wheels on the 20mm and 30mm versions offering 1,000 possible combinations. There are 4-wheels on the 40mm version giving 10,000 possible combinations.

    10-Year Guarantee.

    Security Advice:

    Consider the value of property to be protected.
    Choose a padlock of suitable security rating.
    Use a padlock fitting (ie hasp and staple, padbar, chain etc.) of equal strength to the padlock.


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  2. Henry Squire STH Hi Security Cen Padbars Range




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    The Squire range of hasps and staples are designed for domestic, commercial and industrial use. From sheds to security cages and commercial vehicles, there is a Squire hasp and staple designed to provide the security required. These hasps and staples are covered by the Squire 10-year guarantee.

    Ultra-strong padbars are made of special hardened casting with a specially toughened hasp attachment plate and staple.

    CRIMESTOPPERS supported.


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  3. Henry Squire DCL1 Disc Lock Range




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    The Henry Squire DCL1 Disc Lock is ideal for any environment. Its 9.5mm Hardened Boron steel shackle offers great resistance to cropping and is backed up with a 5-pin tumbler cylinder offering over 1,500 key differs. This product is designed to secure lockups, garages, sheds and factory units in harsh environments.

    Body Width: 70mm.
    Shackle Diameter: 9.5mm hardened steel.

    Keyed alike available to order.

    CRIMESTOPPERS supported.


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  4. Henry Squire WS75S Stronghold Container Block Lock Range




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    The Henry Squire WS75S Stronghold Container Block Lock is a high security container lock with tamper proof technology, purpose designed for extreme resistance against the threat of a sustained attack.

    It has a 80mm solid hardened steel lock body with a electrophoretic finish for excellent anticorrosion resistance, even in challenging weather conditions.

    The 12mm diameter hardened boron alloy steel shackle rotates for extra antisaw protection and ultimate security performance.

    Easy to operate, the rekeyable 6 pin, antibump, tumbler locking mechanism features antipick technology and offers over 260,000 key variations.


    Body width: 80mm.
    Body thickness: 30mm.
    Shackle diameter: 12mm.
    Vertical shackle clearance: 14mm.
    Horizontal shackle clearance: 27mm.
    Overall height: 65mm.
    Shackle material: Boron steel.
    Mechanism: 6 pin tumbler.
    Body material: Solid hardened steel.
    Security rating: CEN grade 4.

    CRIMESTOPPERS endorsed.


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  5. Henry Squire 3-Wheel Recodeable Combi Bolt Lock Range




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    The Squire CombiBolt3 is a unique, recodeable locking bolt with 3 die cast zinc wheels for 1,000 possible combinations. The bolt has a die cast lock body and has high pick resistance. It is simple to use and install and allows one-handed operation.

    The CombiBolt3 is lockable in the open and closed position for extra security. It is rustproof and suitable for harsh environments.

    The bolt can be used indoors and outdoors, and is ideal for the following:
    Storage areas
    Beach huts
    Internal Doors
    Up and over garage doors.

    Body Width: 37mm.
    Body Length: 90mm.
    Bolt: 10mm steel.


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  6. Henry Squire Stronghold Re-Codeable Padlocks Range




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    The Henry Squire Stronghold Re-Codeable Padlock with a unique patented pull button, re-codable combination mechanism. The internal mechanism has also been treated for optimum durability in harsh outdoor environments. With hardened steel shackles ensuring high cutting resistance and a solid brass lock body with hardened internal parts. The SHCB65 is a 4-wheel padlock and the SHCB75 is a 5-wheel padlock.

    Encased in black plastic with large solid brass wheels.

    CRIMESTOPPERS supported.


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  7. Henry Squire All Terrain Weather Protected Padlocks Range




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    The Henry Squire All Terrain Weather Protected Padlocks have solid brass lock body encased in a protective cover and hardened steel shackle. The 5-pin tumbler locking mechanism gives over 1,000 key combinations and the hardened steel shackle resists attack from sawing.
    Double ball locking for added pull resistance.

    Keyed alike available to order.


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  8. Henry Squire CP Combination Padlocks Range




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    The Henry Squire CP Combination Padlock deliver heavy-duty security and there are no keys to lose. The die cast alloy lock body has a dual compound protective cover for high corrosion resistance and excellent weather protection. All locks can be coded and re-coded as required and they can be coded alike, so one code opens several locks.

    The combination wheels are spaced comfortably apart, making them easier to use, with push button operation. The recodable mechanism offers 10,000 possible combinations on the 4-wheel and 100,000 possible combinations on the 5-wheel, making it very difficult to pick.

    It comes with a 10 Year Guarantee.

    CRIMESTOPPERS endorsed.


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  9. Henry Squire ATL Marine Padlocks Stainless Steel Range




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    The Henry Squire ATL4S Marine Padlock has a solid brass body and stainless steel shackle with a weatherproof cover. Double ball locking for improved pull resistance.

    The 5-pin tumbler locking mechanism gives over 1,000 key differs.

    Keyed alike available to order.


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  10. Henry Squire LB2CS Shielded Bracket Range




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    This Henry Squire LB2CS Shielded Bracket features a shackle protector which provides closed shackle protection for an open shackle padlock. Has a 6mm thick, hardened steel construction.

    CRIMESTOPPERS supported.


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