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  1. Hultafors Outdoor Knife Range


    The Hultafors OK1/OK4 Outdoor Knives have a scandi grind and are made from Japanese knife steel 3.0mm carbon steel that has been hardened to 5860 HRC. It has a rust protective, electrophoretic deposition coating to withstand corrosion. The ground spine of the blade is designed for starting a fire with a fire starter and there is scale engraved on blade for optimised outdoor usage.

    It is fitted with a larger handle made from super-durable PP plastic. Supplied in a holster with a hard wearing, textile belt loop for belts up to 80mm wide. The holster can be attached around a button on your work clothes so that it does not come loose whilst still being easy to remove.

    OK1: Overall Length: 255mm.
    OK4: Overall Length: 209mm.


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  2. Hultafors OKR GH Rescue Knife Range


    The Hultafors OKR GH Rescue Knife is fitted with a friction grip and serrated blade, made from 2.0mm stainless steel that has been hardened to 5759 HRC. It has been optimised for cutting through hard or tough surfaces as well as ropes and strapping band especially where tension to the material is applied.

    Its cutting edge has been sharpened in several stages, 60mm of the blade is serrated to increase cutting power and the tip is blunt to minimise sharps injuries. The handle is made from super-durable PP plastic and fitted with a Santoprene friction grip.

    Supplied with a holster that can be attached around a button on your work clothes so that it does not come loose whilst still being easy to remove.


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  3. Hultafors Forsberg Trekkers Little Helper

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    The Hultafors Forsberg Trekkers Little Helper is a versatile and useful companion for anyone who appreciates being in the wild. It is the perfect protection for your thigh and knee when working with a knife or axe close to your body.

    It can also be used as a protected place to start a fire, then easily move the fire to the fireplace. The impregnated leather also makes it a perfect seat pad. With Trekkers Little Helper you get multiple functions in one, all depending on your needs.

    Dimensions: 320 x 220mm.


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Home & Security

Great cars and homes are expensive. One of the reasons they are expensive is because of their perfect mix of modern technology and industrial creativity. But regardless of whether you have a great car or a great home, keeping them looking pristine is very important. And for this you need the right car maintenance tools and home/car cleaning tools. Power Tools Direct is the perfect place to find these tools as we have everything you could ever need. For example, our Mole Tunnel Traps are just the start of our wide range of items to protect against pests around the home. They have a strong spring action and are galvanised for rust-free durability and are suitable for all weathers.Also remember that its important you protect your home against insects, because once they take hold, they are extremely difficult to shift.

Why not take a look at the Aerosol Pocket Rocket Lubricant and Repellent? It successfully combats moisture by dispersing water molecules in the air and leaving a silicone-free residue behind. This is especially important as moisture can promote the growth of fungus and mould, which can be dangerous to ones health. In essence, this repellent could be placed into a range of cleaning tools as it cleans before the mess can arrive!

These are just some of the many home and car maintenance tools and products that Power Tools Direct offer. What keeps customers coming back is that many of our items can last for months whilst costing well under 10. Nowhere do you get value like this. And, whats more, you dont even pay full retail price as we aim to offer lower trade prices to everybody who shops with us.

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