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  1. Rocol DRY MOLY PASTE Range




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    ROCOL DRY MOLY PASTE paste is a soft petroleum based paste with a high moly (MoS) content. It can be rubbed, or burnished, on to the surface.

    Provides excellent load carrying and dry film lubrication.

    Temperature range up to 450C.


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  2. Rocol SAPPHIRE Bearing Grease Range




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    ROCOL SAPPHIRE 1 & 2 are triple life bearing greases that offer excellent load carrying and corrosion resistance properties. Suitable for all types of ball, roller and plain bearings.

    Temperature range: - 30C to + 150C.


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  3. Rocol SAPPHIRE Aqua-Sil Bearing Grease Range




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    ROCOL SAPPHIRE Aqua-Sil is a silicone grease with excellent high temperature stability which is UK water Byelaws Scheme approved for use with potable water. SAPPHIRE Aqua-Sil also offers good resistance to chemicals, oils, water and gasses. It is also compatible with most Plastic and Rubbers.

    UK Water Byelaws Scheme approved product.

    Temperature range of -40C to + 200C.


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  4. Rocol ANTI-SEIZE Compound Range




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    ROCOL ANTI-SEIZE Compound is copper based, lead free formulation, and used to prevent seizure and galling of all threaded and static fasteners.

    Lubricates, protects and eases dismantling, effective even in the most aggressive environments, insoluble in water. Ideal for furnaces, exhaust systems, dockside and oil rig applications.

    Temperature range -10C to +1,100C.


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  5. Rocol FOODLUBE Multi-paste Range




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    Rocol FOODLUBE Multi-Paste is a white, non-toxic hydrocarbon free paste designed for use as an anti-seize and assembly paste in the food and other clean industries. It can also be used to effectively lubricate bushes, slides and small open gears.

    Ideally suited for use on stainless steel particularly at elevated temperatures. Offers long life, up to six times more than the competition, exceptionally clean compared to copper based anti-seize. Prevents galling and pick-up on assembly, resists water wash out.

    Temperature range 30C to + 450C.

    NSF H1 registered, ISO 21469, Halal and Kosher certified


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  6. Rocol MULTISOL Water Mix Cutting Fluid Range




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    ROCOL MULTISOL cutting fluid is a general purpose mineral soluble oil, suitable for use on a wide range of machines and materials.

    The recommended dilution ratio is 1 part Rocol Multisol to 20 parts of water.


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  7. Rocol RTD Compound Range




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    ROCOL RTD Compound is a high performance metal cutting lubricant, containing extreme pressure additives which cling to the tool and workpiece, reducing friction and prolonging tool life.

    Suitable for use on all ferrous and non-ferrous metals even in the most severe metal removal operations.


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  8. Rocol RTD Cleancut Range




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    RTD Cleancut is a specially formulated, low viscosity, oil and solvent free, hand applied metalworking liquid suitable for use with all metals - including aluminium, brass and copper.

    Excellent cutting performance.
    Prolongs tool life.
    Improves surface finish.
    Easily removed with water.
    Very low fuming - even at high speeds.
    Low viscosity-good penetration.


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  9. Rocol RTD Liquid Range




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    ROCOL RTD Liquid is a viscous high performance metal cutting lubricant. Containing extreme pressure additives, clinging to the tool and work piece, reducing friction and prolonging tool life.

    RTD promotes superior workpiece surface finish on all ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


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  10. Rocol LAYOUT INK Range




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    ROCOL LAYOUT INK Spray allows easy markings to be made on bright metal surfaces.

    Resistant to washing off by metal cutting fluids.


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  11. Rocol FLAWFINDER Range




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    ROCOL FLAWFINDER is a non-destructive crack detection system. Benefits include industrial recognised NDT system, portable, easy-to-use and cost effective.


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  12. Rocol MOISTURE GUARD Spray Range




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    ROCOL MOISTURE GUARD Spray is a thin corrosion preventative film suitable for the temporary protection of components. The flexible film does not chip or crack, does not attract dirt or dust, and protects against condensation attack.


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  13. Rocol ULTRAGLIDE X5 Lubricant 5 litre

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    ROCOL ULTRAGLIDE X5 is a total protection slideway lubricant which is resistant to water wash off and protects slides from corrosion.

    Good lubricant and load carrying properties - reduces wear and prevents stick slip. Rapid demulsification - separates rapidly from cutting fluid and is easily removed by oil skimmers/separators.

    Size: 5 Litre.


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  14. Rocol ULTRAGUARD AF 1 litre

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    ROCOL ULTRAGUARD AF is a non-silicone anti-foam designed for the treatment of all types of water mix metalworking fluids. Effectively controls excessive foaming.

    Dilution ratio: 10,000:1.

    Size: 1 litre.


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  15. Rocol FOODLUBE Hi-Temp 2 Bearing Grease NLGI 2 380g

    SKU: PTDROC15251

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    ROCOL FOODLUBE Hi-Temp Grease 2 is a silicone grease fortified with PTFE, suitable for high temperature applications. Designed for the lubrication of all types of slower bearings and sliding surfaces. Ideal for rubbers and plastics.

    Offers good anti-wear properties and good chemical resistance. It is also highly resistant to water washout. Utilises DETEX technology, x-ray and metal detectable plastic caps and actuators reduces risk of plastic contamination.

    NSF H1 registered, ISO 21469, Halal and Kosher certified.


    Temperature Range: -20C to 200C
    Size: 380g


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Great cars and homes are expensive. One of the reasons they are expensive is because of their perfect mix of modern technology and industrial creativity. But regardless of whether you have a great car or a great home, keeping them looking pristine is very important. And for this you need the right car maintenance tools and home/car cleaning tools. Power Tools Direct is the perfect place to find these tools as we have everything you could ever need. For example, our Mole Tunnel Traps are just the start of our wide range of items to protect against pests around the home. They have a strong spring action and are galvanised for rust-free durability and are suitable for all weathers.Also remember that its important you protect your home against insects, because once they take hold, they are extremely difficult to shift.

Why not take a look at the Aerosol Pocket Rocket Lubricant and Repellent? It successfully combats moisture by dispersing water molecules in the air and leaving a silicone-free residue behind. This is especially important as moisture can promote the growth of fungus and mould, which can be dangerous to ones health. In essence, this repellent could be placed into a range of cleaning tools as it cleans before the mess can arrive!

These are just some of the many home and car maintenance tools and products that Power Tools Direct offer. What keeps customers coming back is that many of our items can last for months whilst costing well under 10. Nowhere do you get value like this. And, whats more, you dont even pay full retail price as we aim to offer lower trade prices to everybody who shops with us.

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