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Window Security & Furniture
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  1. ABUS Mechanical Expandable Window Grille Range
    The Abus Expandable Window Grille range offers protection against basement and ground floor window break-ins. A single window as small as 500 x 300mm... Learn More

    Prices From £39.96 £33.30

  2. Yale Locks White Offset Locking PVCu Window Handle Range
    Yale Offset Locking PVCu Window Handles are ideal replacements for PVCu windows and offer standard security. The 40mm spindle fits the most popular... Learn More

    Prices From £5.24 £4.37

  3. Yale Locks 8K118 Economy Window Locks Range
    Lock is surface fixed onto the window section, locking into the fixed frame by use of the key.Suitable for hinged timber casement windows.... Learn More

    Prices From £19.19 £15.99

  4. Yale Locks 8K109 Window Lock Range
    The Yale 8K109 lock is surface fixed onto the window section, locking into the fixed frame by use of the key. Suitable for hinged timber casement... Learn More

    Prices From £24.18 £20.15

  5. Yale Locks 8K102 Push Button Window Lock Range
    The Yale 8K102 Lock for surface fixing to the fixed frame which is locked onto the lock plate on the window section by pushing the lock barrel.... Learn More

    Prices From £7.64 £6.37

  6. Yale Locks 8K101 Window Latch Range
    90% of 100
    The Yale 8K101 lock is surface fixed onto the window section and is locked around the frame fixed staple by use of the key. A clenching action helps to... Learn More

    Prices From £3.48 £2.90

  7. Yale Locks 8013 Dual Screw Window Lock Range
    Yale 8013 Sash window locks have a threaded lock barrel which is fixed into the inner frame and the window is secured by locking the inner bolt into... Learn More

    Prices From £6.71 £5.59

  8. Yale Locks 8001 Security Bolts Range
    This Yale 8001 Security Bolt can be installed into a solid wood door or hinged timber casement windows for added security, as the lock is concealed... Learn More

    Prices From £5.00 £4.17

  9. Yale Locks PVCu Window Handles Range
    Replacement window handle to fit PVCu windows. Fits all concealed espagnolette and shootbolt locking systems. Push button operation with key... Learn More

    Prices From £5.09 £4.24

  10. Yale Locks P111 Window Staylock Range
    The Yale P111 window stay lock is a surface-fixed lock that replaces the stay-peg on the existing window fastener. This Yale Window lock is easy to... Learn More

    Prices From £6.49 £5.41

  11. Yale Locks P118 Auto Window Locks Range
    The Yale P118 auto window lock is an ideal solution for added security to your home, as this easy to install lock will provide maximum security to your... Learn More

    Prices From £9.18 £7.65

  12. Yale Locks P115 Lockable Window Handle Range
    The Yale P115 series lockable window handles can be easily fitted and will give extra security for unprotected windows. Surface fixed handle... Learn More

    Prices From £15.23 £12.69

  13. Yale Locks P114 Patio Door Lock Range
    The Yale P114 Patio Door Lock offers simple, effective security. Suitable for most sliding patio doors. Push to lock action (no key required). Offers... Learn More

    Prices From £14.87 £12.39

  14. Yale Locks P113 Toggle Window Lock Range
    This Yale P113 toggle lock is a surface fixing lock which swings over a frame fixed striking plate and is suitable for timber casement windows. The... Learn More

    Prices From £13.39 £11.16

  15. Yale Locks P117 Ventilation Window Lock Range
    100% of 100
    This Yale P117 ventilation window lock is ideal for ground floor flats or windows that need to be opened for some ventilation but still keeping window... Learn More

    Prices From £11.42 £9.52

  16. Yale Locks P130 Window Lock Hexagon Keys Pack of 3
    Yale 3 x additional keys for s/bc. The additional keys are ideal to store in a safe place in case of misplacement of the original key. Fits: P111,... Learn More
    List Price: £5.72 Special Price £3.49 £2.91
  17. Yale Locks P121 Window Stay Clamp
    The Yale P121 is a window stay clamp in a white finish and is designed for metal casement window frames. The main feature is that it simply secures... Learn More
    List Price: £8.02 Special Price £4.88 £4.07
  18. Yale Locks P120 Window Staybolts White Pack of 6 P6P120
    The Yale P120 window stay bolts fits onto the lock of the existing stay and the bolt prevents the stay from moving. This lock is suitable for timber... Learn More
    List Price: £14.14 Special Price £8.60 £7.17
  19. Yale Locks P119 Sash Window Bolts Pack of 6 P6P119
    The Yale P119 Sash window locks secures inner and outer frames of sash windows preventing movement and unwanted entry. Yale recommended that two bolts... Learn More
    List Price: £24.58 Special Price £14.96 £12.47
  20. Yale Locks P121 Window Screw Locks Satin Chrome Pack of 6 P6P112
    The Yale P121 window stay clamps are suitable for use with metal windows with a stay arm and locating bracket.This lock secures around the metal stay... Learn More
    List Price: £22.86 Special Price £13.93 £11.61
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Window Security & Furniture
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