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  1. Rawlplug R-XPT Plated Through Bolt Range
    The Rawlplug R-XPT range is a zinc plated throughbolt for use in concrete only. This versatile through fixing is suitable for use in a wide range of... Learn More

    Prices From £0.38 £0.32

  2. Rawlplug Spring Toggle Range
    100% of 100
    Rawlplug Spring toggles are ideal for fixing to cavity walls and ceilings of low structural strength e.g. lathe and plaster. The toggle spreads the... Learn More

    Prices From £1.80 £1.50

  3. Rawlplug Flat Bits Range
    The Rawplug Flat Bits have been designed for use with rotary action power drills. Ideal for drilling large diameter holes in hard or soft woods,... Learn More

    Prices From £2.22 £1.85

    Out of stock
  4. Rawlplug Rawloks - Hexagonal Nut Range
    100% of 100
    The Rawlok is a torque controlled expansion anchor comprising a split sleeve and a bolt incorporating an expander wedge. It is a through fixing, thus... Learn More

    Prices From £0.14 £0.12

  5. Rawlplug UNO Fixing Plugs Range
    87% of 100
    The Rawlplug Uno Plugs are truly universal plugs which fix into any wall, ceiling or floor. Suitable for use in: Concrete, brickwork, stone, blockwork,... Learn More

    Prices From £1.13 £0.94

  6. Rawlplug Sanitry Fixings Range
    Sanitry fixing kit. Ideal for fixing cisterns , cloakroom basins, bidets and pedestals.With chromed brass nuts.... Learn More

    Prices From £3.66 £3.05

  7. Rawlplug Plastic Fixing Plugs Range
    The Rawplug All Purpose Plastic Plugs are a cost effective fixing for medium and lightweight applications. Suitable for use in brickwork and concrete.... Learn More

    Prices From £8.34 £6.95

  8. Rawlplug Plated Rawlbolt, Projecting Bolt Type Range
    100% of 100
    The Rawplug Projecting Rawlbolt is suitable for heavy-duty metal fixing in which large bolts are anchored in a metal housing or shield for securing... Learn More

    Prices From £0.82 £0.68

  9. Rawlplug Eye Rawlbolt Range
    80% of 100
    The Rawplug Eye Rawlbolt has all the security and ease of use of a Rawlbolt anchor, but with the additional strength of a forged eye. For securing guy... Learn More

    Prices From £1.15 £0.96

  10. Rawlplug Hook Rawlbolt Range
    The hook Rawbolt is as secure and easy to use as a standard Rawlbolt anchor. The strong hook provides secure hanging facility. Supplied complete with... Learn More

    Prices From £1.15 £0.96

  11. Rawlplug Plated Rawlbolt, Loose Bolt Type Range
    100% of 100
    The Rawplug Plated Rawlbolt are suitable for heavy-duty metal fixing in which large bolts are anchored in a metal housing or shield for securing heavy... Learn More

    Prices From £0.88 £0.73

  12. Rawlplug Plated Shield Range
    The Rawplug Plated Shield is a sheild for heavy-duty fixings where bolts or studding have to be inserted after positioning the shield. Typical... Learn More

    Prices From £0.78 £0.65

  13. Rawlplug Interset Cavity Fixings & Screws Range
    High performance cavity fixings, ideal for fixing heavy objects securely on soft faced partition boards, plasterboard, hardboard & plywood. The screw... Learn More

    Prices From £1.69 £1.41

  14. Rawlplug SDS Plus Drill Bits Range
    Rawplug SDS Plus masonry drill bit provide maximum power transmission due to the unique fluted shank design. The tip is made from Tungsten Carbide to... Learn More

    Prices From £2.48 £2.07

    Out of stock
  15. Rawlplug Impactor Masonry Drills Range
    The Rawplug Professional Impactor Heavy-Duty Masonry Drill Bits have been designed for use with rotary hammer action drills. The shatterproof tip is... Learn More

    Prices From £2.62 £2.18

  16. Rawlplug Blue Flash Masonry Drills Range
    The Rawplug Blue Flash Drill Bits are a tough, general purpose masonry bit. They have been designed to meet the requirements of the handyman. They have... Learn More

    Prices From £0.91 £0.76

  17. Rawlplug Hammer In Fixing Range
    Hammer fixings are for fast fixing with minimal screwdriver work. Quicker to use than standard plugs. For fixing stud battens to walls before cladding.... Learn More

    Prices From £2.08 £1.73

  18. Rawlplug KKS-R Frame Fixings & Screws Range
    The Rawlplug KKS-R Frame Fixings for fixing timber or metal window and door frames to concrete, stone, brick or blockwork. Quick and easy-to-use, no... Learn More

    Prices From £2.24 £1.87

  19. Rawlplug Metal Self-Drill Plasterboard Fixing Range
    Rawplug All Metal Self-Drill Plasterboard Fixings which fit flush to board and can be used in double thickness plasterboard. Will also provide a secure... Learn More

    Prices From £1.27 £1.06

  20. Rawlplug Nylon Self-Drill Plasterboard Fixing Range
    The Rawplug Nylon Self-Drill Plasterboard Fixings require no drilling, simply pierce plaster and screw home. The nylon insulates against accidental... Learn More

    Prices From £1.45 £1.21

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