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  1. DeWalt DPC10QTC Mid Pressure Super Quiet Compressor 1100W 110V


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    The DEWALT DPC10QTC Mid Pressure Super Quiet Compressor has been designed for framing and finishing applications. It has a durable oil free pump that provides extended maintenance-free operation. The compressor can be operated/stored in either the vertical or horizontal position. With a roll cage and control panel that provides protection to key compressor components.

    It has a lightweight, compact design making it easier to carry and store. With dual quick couplers, it can easily support 2 nailers at once. The ball valve drain allows for quick and thorough tank draining with a high-flow regulator for increased performance. Also features a convenient cord wrap for easy storage.


    Input Power: 1,100 Watt, 1.5 HP.
    Tank Volume: 10 litre.
    Max Operating Pressure: 200 PSI, 13.8 bar
    Air Displacement: 119 L/min.
    Air Delivery: 82 L/min.
    Pump Type: Oil-Free.
    Size (WxLxH): 435 x 538 x 335mm.
    Weight: 20.4kg.

    Noise LWa 1sd / Uncertainty: 89.0/3.0dB.
    Noise LPa 1sd / Uncertainty: 71.5/3.0dB.

    DEWALT DPC10QTC Mid Pressure Super Quiet Compressor 1100 Watt 110 Volt Version.


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  2. Stabila R-Type 300 Spirit Level Set 3 Piece (61 122 & 183cm)


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    The Stabila R-Type Levels have been developed for the toughest building site conditions. They are extremely robust, with an innovative 5 chamber aluminium R-profile with torsion rigidity. In addition, the levels have removable and shock-resistant end caps with patented Stabila non-slip stoppers.

    The levels have an extra wide measuring surface (4cm), making them extremely stable and ensuring that they do not tip over during measuring. Three clearly guided marking edges, along with a web over the horizontal vial, allow marking or cutting over the full profile length.

    The R-shape of the profile provides a comfortable grip, acting as a finger groove over the full length. This allows perfect handling during measuring and transport.

    Measurement Accuracy:
    In normal position: 0.029 = 0.5mm/m.
    Overhead Measurement: 0.029 = 0.5mm/m.

    The Stabila R-Type 300 Spirit Level Set contains the following:

    1 x R-Type 300 Spirit Level 3 Vial 61cm (24in)
    1 x R-Type 300 Spirit Level 3 Vial 122cm (48in)
    1 x R-Type 300 Spirit Level 3 Vial 183cm (72in)


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  3. Stabila 96-2 Level Pack 60cm 120cm & 180cm


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    Stabila 96-2 Extra strong double plumb ribbed box section levels are made from an extra strong light metal rectangular profile with gripping ridges and removable end-caps made from two materials.

    The removable end-caps are also equipped with well-proven patented anti-slip stops. Has 2 vertical vials, 1 horizontal vial, and 2 milled measuring surfaces on levels up to 120cm. Levels over 120cm do not have milled surfaces.

    Measurement Accuracy: in normal position 0.029 = 0.5 mm/m. Overhead Measurement 0.043 = 0.75 mm/m.

    The Stabila 96-2 Level Pack contains the following:

    1 x 96-2-60 Spirit Level 3 Vial 15226 60cm.

    1 x 96-2-120 Spirit Level 3 Vial 15229 120cm.

    1 x 96-2-180 Spirit Level 3 Vial 15230 180cm.


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  4. Stabila 196-2 Pack 60 & 120cm + 81 S REM


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    The Stabila 196-2 Pack, contains the following:

    2 x 196-2 Spirit Levels (60 & 120cm), made from extra-strong light metal. They have a rectangular profile and an extra-strong ribbed frame, with rubberised hand holds. Their removable end caps incorporate anti-slip wall pads, which allow the level to be held firmly against a wall with one hand without slipping.

    Each level has 2 vertical vials and 1 horizontal vial. The levels have 2 milled measuring surfaces.

    Measurement Accuracy: Normal Position:0.029= 0.5 mm/m, Overhead: 0.029= 0.5 mm/m.

    1 x 81 S REM Torpedo Spirit Level with rare earth magnets (five times stronger) and a strong cast aluminium T-profile making it easy to hold. The particularly slender trapezoidal bevelled shape makes it suitable for working in cramped spaces. The die-cast frame has 1 milled measuring face and protecting noses to prevent damage to milled face. Additional magnets mounted in the milled measuring surface securely hold this level to scaffolding or beams.

    Measurement Accuracy: Normal Position:0.029= 0.5 mm/m, Overhead: 0.043= 0.75mm/m.


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