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  1. Rocol SAPPHIRE Premier Lubricating Grease
    ROCOL SAPPHIRE Premier Lubricating Grease is a high-performance, fully synthetic multipurpose grease, designed for all types of antifriction bearings... Learn More
    List Price: £43.66 Special Price £39.89 £33.24
    Out of stock
  2. Rocol SAPPHIRE Advance 2 Multipurpose Grease 380g
    The ROCOL SAPPHIRE Advance 2 Multipurpose Grease offers outstanding performance when compared to other conventional greases. Fortified with PTFE.... Learn More
    List Price: £13.38 Special Price £12.37 £10.31
    ROCOL PRECISION AIR DUSTER is ideal for gas fitters and plumbers on items such as gas fires, boilers etc, and on mechanical and electrical items. By... Learn More
    List Price: £21.80 Special Price £20.17 £16.81
  4. Rocol MOISTURE GUARD Spray Range
    ROCOL MOISTURE GUARD Spray is a thin corrosion preventative film suitable for the temporary protection of components. The flexible film does not chip... Learn More

    Prices From £28.49 £23.74

  5. Rocol FLAWFINDER Range
    ROCOL FLAWFINDER is a non-destructive crack detection system. Benefits include industrial recognised NDT system, portable, easy-to-use and cost... Learn More

    Prices From £26.80 £22.33

  6. Rocol LAYOUT INK Range
    ROCOL LAYOUT INK Spray allows easy markings to be made on bright metal surfaces. Resistant to washing off by metal cutting fluids.... Learn More

    Prices From £36.66 £30.55

  7. Rocol RTD Liquid Range
    ROCOL RTD Liquid is a viscous high performance metal cutting lubricant. Containing extreme pressure additives, clinging to the tool and work piece,... Learn More

    Prices From £26.44 £22.03

  8. Rocol RTD Cleancut Range
    RTD Cleancut is a specially formulated, low viscosity, oil and solvent free, hand applied metalworking liquid suitable for use with all metals -... Learn More

    Prices From £27.06 £22.55

  9. Rocol RTD Compound Range
    ROCOL RTD Compound is a high performance metal cutting lubricant, containing extreme pressure additives which cling to the tool and workpiece, reducing... Learn More

    Prices From £6.11 £5.09

  10. Rocol MULTISOL Water Mix Cutting Fluid Range
    ROCOL MULTISOL cutting fluid is a general purpose mineral soluble oil, suitable for use on a wide range of machines and materials. The recommended... Learn More

    Prices From £68.50 £57.08

  11. Rocol FOODLUBE Multi-paste Range
    Rocol FOODLUBE Multi-Paste is a white, non-toxic hydrocarbon free paste designed for use as an anti-seize and assembly paste in the food and other... Learn More

    Prices From £21.48 £17.90

  12. Rocol ANTI-SEIZE Compound Range
    ROCOL ANTI-SEIZE Compound is copper based, lead free formulation, and used to prevent seizure and galling of all threaded and static fasteners.... Learn More

    Prices From £10.62 £8.85

  13. Rocol SAPPHIRE Aqua-Sil Bearing Grease Range
    ROCOL SAPPHIRE Aqua-Sil is a silicone grease with excellent high temperature stability which is UK water Byelaws Scheme approved for use with potable... Learn More

    Prices From £21.85 £18.21

  14. Rocol SAPPHIRE Bearing Grease Range
    ROCOL SAPPHIRE 1 & 2 are triple life bearing greases that offer excellent load carrying and corrosion resistance properties. Suitable for all types of... Learn More

    Prices From £11.24 £9.37

  15. Rocol DRY MOLY PASTE Range
    ROCOL DRY MOLY PASTE paste is a soft petroleum based paste with a high moly (MoS) content. It can be rubbed, or burnished, on to the surface. Provides... Learn More

    Prices From £48.40 £40.33

  16. Rocol METAL REPAIR Compound 56g
    ROCOL METAL REPAIR Compound is a permanent repair compound which can be used to repair castings, valve and pump components. It has a 4 minute cure time... Learn More
    List Price: £14.08 Special Price £13.02 £10.85
  17. Rocol MOULD RELEASE Spray 400ml
    ROCOL MOULD RELEASE Spray for use on all plastic and rubber mould tools. A quick drying non-silicone film, reduces over application and build up.... Learn More
    List Price: £27.97 Special Price £25.86 £21.55
  18. Rocol HYLOMAR Jointing Compound 100g Tube
    Rocol HYLOMAR JOINTING Compound is a non-setting jointing compound for flanged joints. It forms a permanent but flexible seal that resists vibration... Learn More
    List Price: £15.85 Special Price £14.66 £12.22
  19. Rocol LEAK DETECTOR Spray 300ml
    ROCOL LEAK DETECTOR Spray is a specially formulated aerosol for the rapid detection of positive pressure gas leaks. Tested to ensure plastic and copper... Learn More
    List Price: £18.04 Special Price £15.56 £12.97
  20. Rocol GASSEAL Non-Setting Sealant 300g
    Rocol GASSEAL is an off-white, non-setting sealant for use on metallic threaded joints including aluminium, copper, steel and zinc. Vibration resistant... Learn More
    List Price: £18.92 Special Price £17.51 £14.59
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