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Cable Reels Site Lights & Transformers

Cable Reels Site Lights & Transformers
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  1. Faithfull Halogen Tube - Class C Range




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    Replacement halogen tubes - Class C tubes provide a 20% energy saving.


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  2. Faithfull Trailing Lead Range




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    Three heavy-duty 14 meter 110V trailing leads available in 1.5mm or 2.5mm cable and 16 or 32 amp versions. All leads are fitted with an industrial plug and socket to BSEN60309 providing ingress protection to IP44 and added durability and protection from being dropped or dragged around. Trailing leads are ideal for use with transformers, site lights and power tools to extend their working range.

    Length: 14m


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  3. Faithfull Yellow Plug, 110 Volt Range




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    110 Volt replacement plugs for use with 14mm trailing leads.

    Voltage: 110v.
    Type: BS EN 60309 Plug.

    Ingress Protection: IP44.


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  4. Faithfull Cable Reel, 110 Volt 16 Amp Range




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    The Faithfull range of open drum cable reels come in a choice of 25m or 50m cable lengths (1.5mm diameter cable) plus a 25m heavy-duty (2.5mm diameter cable) version for larger site applications - all of which are fitted with thermal overload protection and are manufactured to British Standard BS EN 61242

    All reels feature a sturdy steel frame construction with carry handle for easy movement around the worksite.

    They are fitted with 2 outlet sockets to run 1 or more power tools etc, the sockets are protected with spring loaded flaps to keep unwanted debris out when not in use and a winding knob for easy and tangle free reel-in.

    NOTE: All cable reels should be fully unwound before they are used to carry their recommended maximum load.


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  5. Faithfull Open Drum Cable Reel Range




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    The Faithfull 240 volt open drum cable reels have a heavy-duty plastic drum on a sturdy steel frame with carry handle and a thermal overload protection system to prevent overheating damaging the cable. They are fitted with twin 240 volt sockets and the 1.25mm cable is with fitted with a standard 240 volt plug.

    When using a 240v cable reel outdoors, or in the vicinity of a machine with mechanism which could damage the cable, it is recommended that an RCD device (FPP RCD) is used at the power source in conjunction with the reel.

    Always check that the power supply matches the voltage on the reels rating plate. Never attempt to connect a 240 volt appliance to a 110 volt supply and vice versa. If you need to use a cable reel, select one suitable for the power input of the appliance.

    Complies to BS EN 61242.

    NOTE: All cable reels should be fully unwound before they are used to carry their recommended maximum load.


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  6. Faithfull Single Tripod Site Light Range




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    The Faithfull Single Tripod Site Light offers excellent illumination to suit both commercial and domestic use. Each lamp is constructed from a die-cast body and is equipped with a metal grille to prevent accidental contact with the hot lens and to protect it against damage.

    Mounted on a sturdy telescopic stand that enables the lamp height to be adjusted between 780mm and 1830mm (31in and 72in). The spread of the tripod feet are independently adjustable to suit uneven terrain.

    Supplied with C class energy saving halogen tubes which offer a 20% saving on energy. All lamps are fitted with an approved BS plug. Conforms to IP54 for water and dust ingress protection.


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  7. Faithfull COB LED Tripod Light 2100 Lumen Range




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    The Faithfull COB LED Single Pod Tripod Site Light features a high performance, high output, chip on board (COB) LEDs which provides a bright light with up to a 90% energy saving, compared to the equivalent light output from halogen lighting.

    They have been designed for both commercial and domestic use with the added advantage of a low power consumption coupled with a cool running temperature. COB LEDs are maintenance free and more resilient to impact damage that can cause conventional halogen tubes to fail if a light is hit or knocked over.

    The lamp head is manufactured from die-cast aluminium, is fully adjustable and mounted on a sturdy telescopic tripod. Two twist grip locks enable the tripod height to be quickly adjusted between 960mm and 1885mm. The tripod also features a quick release system allowing the lamp to be easily detached for use as a single pod light.

    The lamp is IP65 rated for water and dust ingress protection and is fitted with an approved BS plug.

    Why choose Chip on Board (COB) LED lighting instead of conventional lighting?

    Long maintenance free working life of up to 100,000 hours.

    Extremely energy efficient operating at 80-90% efficiency.

    Highly durable resistance to shock, vibration and external impacts, ideal for outdoor and rugged lighting applications.

    Low heat emission provide a safe working area free of the burn risk associated with Halogen lighting products.

    LEDs emit virtually no UV radiation making them perfect for use in areas were UV light sensitive objects or materials are present.

    LEDs perform well in extremely cold or hot temperatures with no loss of performance making them ideal for use outside in all weathers.

    Ecologically friendly LEDs are free of toxic materials and are 100% recyclable.


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  8. SMJ Surge Protection Extension Lead with USB Range




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    The SMJ USB Surge Protection Extension Leads are fitted with a surge indicator neon and 2 USB ports. The three channel surge protection that will activate during a power or mains surge, protecting your electrical items and are therefore ideal for home TV and audio equipment, power tools and portable devices.

    Designed to fully comply with the latest British Standards and Electrical Equipment Safety Regulations.


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  9. Brennenstuhl Gripper Light Range

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    This Brennenstuhl Gripper Light is a heavy-duty inspection lamp, with a spring-loaded plastic handle that enables you to clamp the light securely. There is also a hanging hook to suspend it from a nail, screw or hook. It comes complete with a glass bulb protector and wire basket.


    Cable: H05VV-F 2x0.75.
    Output: 60 Watt.
    Fittings: E27.
    Plug: BS-plug.
    Cable Length: 5m.


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  10. Brennenstuhl Large Cree (Chip LED) Worklight Range

    SKU: PTDGRPBRE253303



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    The Brennenstuhl Large Cree (Chip LED) Worklight is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. It is water resistant to IP65. This light offers a mobile, high powered, COB LED light with extra wide light diffusion to illuminate a large area. It uses approximately 80% less energy than conventional light sources and offers an instant bright light.

    Low heat generation, no risk of injury. Chip LEDs have an extremely long lifespan, are shockproof and maintenance free. It has a diecast aluminium casing with a stable tubular steel frame and ergonomic plastic handle. The floodlight pivots and locks in place and the front pane is made of safety glass.


    Output: 30 Watt/2,100 Lumens.
    Cable: 5 Metres, H07RNF3G1,0.


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  11. Faithfull Ballast Unit For 38 Watt Task Light Range


    This Faithfull Power Plus replacement Ballast Unit is suitable for the 38 Watt Task Light.

    Ballast units regulate the current and voltage supplied to a bulb when switched on and throughout operation.


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  12. Faithfull Ballast Unit For 55 Watt Task Light Range




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    This Faithfull Power Plus replacement Ballast Unit is suitable for the 55 Watt Task Light.

    Ballast units regulate the current and voltage supplied to a bulb when switched on and throughout operation.


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  13. Faithfull Coupling Socket, 110 Volt Range




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    Sockets for use with 110 volt trailing leads. With a weatherproof, hinged protection flap and brass connectors.

    Voltage: 110 Volt, conforms to IP44 for water and dust ingress protection.

    Manufactured to BS EN 60309.

    Amps: 16 amps or 32 amps.


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  14. Faithfull Easy Reel Cable Reels, 4 Socket Range


    A robust semi-enclosed easyreel that accurately guides the cable onto and off the drum and ensures that the cable is protected while in storage or transit but also safe while in use, using a thermal overload protection system to prevent overheating damaging the cable. The cable reel features four shuttered plug sockets, a BS approved plug and a carry handle with a rotating winding knob making it easy to wind and to use. A flat base keeps the reel upright for easy storage and protects the sockets from contact with wet or damp areas. Manufactured to Kitemark KM61209

    NOTE: All cable reels should be fully unwound before they are used to carry their recommended maximum load.


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  15. Faithfull Heavy-Duty Inspection Lamp Range




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    This heavy-duty inspection lamp features a two-inch wide clamp with hand grips, a useful hanging hook and protective wire cage around the bulb, 5 metres of cable fitted with an approved plug and includes a low energy 13watt 3U light bulb (equivalent to 60 watts).

    Replacement lamp part numbers

    240V requires a FPPSLB3U, 110V requires a FPPSLB3UL 240V


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