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Rotary Tool Accessories

Rotary Tool Accessories
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  1. Blue Spot Tools Cleaning & Polishing 20 Piece Kit

    SKU: PTDB/S19013

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    BlueSpot 20 piece cleaning and polishing set comprising the following:

    3 x 1in Polishing wheels.
    1 x Polishing compound.
    1 x Felt polishing wheel with shank.
    3 x Nylon brushes: 7/8in, 1/2in, 1/8in nylon brush.
    1 x 7/8in Steel brush.
    2 x Mandrels.
    2 x 7/8in Emery polishing wheels.
    1 x Felt polishing tip.
    6 x 1/2in Felt polishing wheels.


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  2. Blue Spot Tools Sanding & Grinding Accessory 31 Piece Kit

    SKU: PTDB/S19019

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    This BlueSpot 31 piece Sanding and Grinding Accessory Set comprises the following:

    10 x 3/4in Sanding discs.
    1 x Mandrel.
    2 x Sanding shanks: 1/4in, 1/2in.
    14 x Sanding bands: 1/4in (x8), 1/2in (x6).
    2 x Aluminium oxide grinding stones.
    2 x Silicone carbide grinding stones.


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  3. Blue Spot Tools Cut Off Wheel Accessory Kit 85 Piece

    SKU: PTDB/S19021

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    This BlueSpot 85 piece Cut-Off Wheel Accessory Set comprises the following:

    2 x 1.1/4in Reinforced cut-off wheels.
    6 x 1.1/4in Fibreglass-reinforced cut-off wheels.
    2 x 1/8in Mandrels.
    40 x 15/16in Emery cut-off wheels.
    35 x 15/16in Cut-off wheels.


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  4. Blue Spot Tools Polishing Kit 18 Piece

    SKU: PTDB/S19011

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    The Blue Spot 18 piece polishing kit includes large high quality buffering wheels, polishing buffs, woollen mounted points and 6 bars of polishing compound. The set is perfect for a high quality finish on a variety of materials including aluminium, stainless steel, plastics and brass. The kit is designed to fit electric drills.

    The set contains the following:
    3 x Buffering wheels: 50mm, 75mm and 100mm.
    4 x Polishing buffs.
    5 x Woollen mounted points: Ball, cone, tapered round, round and bullet.
    6 x polishing compounds.


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Rotary Tool Accessories
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