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  1. Vitax Nippon Ant Killer Liquid 25g (Display of 30)


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    For the control of common black ants in and around the home.

    Nippon Ant Killer Liquid is a sugary bait formulation designed to attract worker ants to take the bait and feed it to the whole colony. This product is particularly useful when the nest site is unknown or inaccessible.

    Apply at the first signs of ant activity (normally early spring)

    How to use:

    Remove readily available foodstuffs.
    Pierce the sachet and apply a few drops of liquid, preferably in late evening, to a non-absorbent surface by the ant run.
    Change the bait daily until ant activity ceases.
    Do not disturb feeding ants as it is essential that feeder ants take the bait back to the nest to the rest of the colony.
    An effective dose is usually built-up within the colony over 7-10 days depending on the size of the ant colony and the frequency of ant feeding.

    Nippon liquid destroys complete ant colonies without trace.

    Contains Spinosad.

    Always read the label: use pesticides safely.

    Counter display of 30 packs (25g per pack).


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  2. Ledlenser K2 Key-Light Keyring Torch POS (18 x K2) with Auto Header


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    Display box, containing 18 K2 Key-Light keyring torches.

    The LED Lenser K2 is a high quality LED Mini Key-Light made from strong aircraft-grade aluminium. Though minute, it is a touch larger than some other micro-sized lights and this extra size equates with bigger output: a beam distance up to 20 metres with a maximum 25 lumens brightness.

    The torch is a helpful source of everyday short-distance light, which is useful for finding things hidden under the bed, for lighting up key holes or even checking footing in slippery conditions. Turn it on with a deliberate twist-action, a feature which makes it less likely to come on by accident in a pocket. Even if it does the generous 5 hour burn time should keep this mini key-light going for longer than others.


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  3. Lessmann DIY Wire Brush Display (36 Assorted)

    SKU: PTDLES499907

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    Lessmann DIY Brushes with shank in a Display Carton, ideal for the Shop Counter.


    6 x 75mm Wheel Brushes.
    6 x 100mm Wheel Brushes.
    6 x 50mm Cup Brushes.
    6 x 75mm Cup Brushes.
    6 x 25mm End Brushes.
    6 x 28mm Cylinder Brushes.


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  4. ALM MT001 Mow & Trim Top 12 Display


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    Contains 5 of each:

    ALMFL246, ALMBQ026, ALMQT028, ALMBQ112, ALMBD032, ALMBD139, ALMFL225, ALMFL289, ALMSL001, ALMSL002, ALMSL003 and ALMSL004.


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  5. Blue Spot Tools Tape 7.5m (6 Piece Display)

    SKU: PTDB/S33014

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    6 x 7.5m tape measures in a display box.

    Rubberised case for comfortable grip.

    Easy Read metric and imperial measurements.

    New Stop Easy to lock and release.


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  6. Bahco P-HB Grade Carpenters Pencils (Box of 25)


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    Bahco HB Grade Carpenters Pencils have a rectangular shape with chamfered edges. Come in a box of 25 pencils.


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  7. Roughneck Spring Clamp 50mm (2in) Display 18 Piece


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    The Roughneck Spring Clamps have a robust steel construction. The soft jaw pads protect workpieces and the hand clamps feature a powerful spring mechanism.

    The Roughneck Spring Clamps Display comes with 18 Spring Clamps 50mm (2in).


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  8. Roughneck Nylon Ratcheting Long Nose Clamp 228mm (9in) Display 12 Piece


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    Roughneck Nylon Ratcheting Clamps have a robust nylon construction. The pivoting soft jaw protect work pieces. The clamps have smooth caulking action mechanism.

    The Roughneck Nylon Ratcheting Long Nose Clamp Display comes with 12 Nylon Ratcheting Long Nose Clamps 228mm (9in).


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  9. Roughneck Nylon Ratcheting Clamp 165mm (6.1/2in) Display 15 Piece


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    The Roughneck Nylon Ratcheting Clamps have a robust nylon construction. The pivoting soft jaw protect work pieces. The clamps have smooth caulking action mechanism.

    The Roughneck Nylon Ratcheting Clamp Display comes with 15 Nylon Ratcheting Clamps 165mm (6.1/2in).


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  10. Vitrex Independent Tiling Tool Display


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    Vitrex Independent Tiling Tool Display


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  11. DeWalt Counter Top Display Torsion 32 Piece Screwdriving Kit x 12


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    The DEWALT Counter Top Display is supplied with 12 x Torsion 32 Piece Screwdriving Kits.

    The 32 piece kit is supplied in a robust small cassette for safe storage and easy accessibility to screwdriving accessories. It is impact ready for use in impact drivers. The magnetic bit tip holder features a retractable collar to eject the screwdriver bit only when the user wants to remove it.

    Each set contains;

    10 x Pozi Driv 25mm Screwdriving Bits: PZ1 (2), PZ2 (5) and PZ3 (3)

    7 x Phillips 25mm Screwdriving Bits: PH1, PH2 (3), PH3 and PR2 (2)

    3 x Slotted 25mm Screwdriving Bits:SL6, SL8 and SL10

    11 x Torx 25mm Screwdriving Bits: T10 (2), T15 (2), T20 (2), T25 (2), T27, T30 and T40

    1 x Magnetic Bit Tip Holder


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  12. Knipex Cobra Quickset Waterpump Pliers Counter Display (10 x KPX8721250)

    SKU: PTDKPX001801V25

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    The Knipex 00 18 01 V25 Counter Display is supplied with 10 x Knipex Cobra Quickset Waterpump Pliers. The display is made from high quality cardboard with a high gloss print, that offers minimum space.

    The Knipex 87 Series Cobra Quickset Hightech Waterpump Pliers are made from high-grade vanadium special tool steel, that has been forged and then oil-hardened, for a longer, robust working life. They combine the proven, reliable locking of the hinge bolt with an additional push function which makes it easier to work in very confined and inaccessible areas.

    The adjustment directly on the workpiece is possible by simply sliding the pliers handle. They offer reliable locking of the hinge bolt with the first workload. The gripping width of the pliers is then fixed and can only be adjusted by pressing the button. To re-activate the sliding function, the hinge bolt must be released by pressing the push button and the pliers must be completely opened again.


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  13. Roughneck Pliers Counter Display 14 Piece


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    This Roughneck Pliers Counter Display contains the following:

    5 x ROU10110 Roughneck Combination Pliers 160mm (6.1/2in)

    4 x ROU10120 Roughneck Diagonal Cutting Pliers 160mm (6.1/2in)

    5 x ROU10134 Roughneck Long Nose Pliers 200mm (8in)

    Roughneck Pliers are made from high quality steel, that has been drop forged, hardened and tempered. The cutting edge is additional induction hardened for added durability. They have finely polished heads with a clear lacquer coating that helps prevent rust. Fully encased spring loaded.

    The pliers are fitted with comfortable air cushion grips that help to reduce fatigue during use. The handles also feature a lanyard hole.


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  14. Milwaukee SHOCKWAVE Drive Set, 56 Piece

    SKU: PTDMIL430907

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    The Milwaukee SHOCKWAVE Drive Set contains a selection of SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty Driver Bits are engineered for extreme durability and up to 10x life. Made from proprietary steel and heat-treated to control hardness, the Shockwave Impact Duty Driver Bits feature an innovatively designed geometric shock absorption zone to extend life.

    The forged tip allows for a secure grip and maximum contact eliminating stripping or slipping. Broadly targeting cordless users, the SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty accessory line is not only ideal for heavy-duty impact applications, but delivers a full system solution for all the users drilling and fastening needs.

    Supplied in a compact, convenient storage case with the following contents:

    6 x 25mm Phillips Bits: PH1(x2), PH2(x3), PH3
    9 x 25mm Pozi Bits: PZ1(x3), PZ2(x4), PZ3(x2)
    23 x 25mm TORX Bits: TX10(x3), TX15(x3), TX20(x4), TX25(x4), TX30(x4), TX40(x3), TX50(x2)
    4 x 25mm Hex Bits: 4mm(x2), 5mm(x2)
    6 x 25mm Slotted Bits: 0.6 x 4.5mm(x2), 0.8 x 5.5mm(x2), 1.2 x 6.5mm(x2)

    1 x 50mm Phillips Bits: PH2
    2 x 50mm Pozi Bits: PZ1,PZ2
    4 x 50mm TORX Bits: TX10, TX15, TX20, TX25

    1 x 60mm Magnetic Bit Holder


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  15. DeWalt Extreme Flatwood Bit Display Stock


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    This DEWALT EXTREME Flatwood pack contains a selection of 50 flat bits, for hanging on the DEWMA00671QZ display.

    The pack contains the following flat bits:

    5 x DT4762: 10 x 152mm.
    5 x DT4763: 12 x 152mm.
    5 x DT4765: 14 x 152mm.
    5 x DT4766: 16 x 152mm.
    5 x DT4767: 18 x 152mm.
    5 x DT4768: 20 x 152mm.
    5 x DT4769: 22 x 152mm.
    5 x DT4771: 25 x 152mm.
    5 x DT4773: 28 x 152mm.
    5 x DT4775: 32 x 152mm.

    Please note: Display stand NOT supplied.


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