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  1. Armorgard TransBank Hazard Transport Box Range


    The Armogard TransBank Hazard Transport Box is designed specifically for storing or transporting smaller quantities of flammables or chemicals. They fully comply with all regulations, built to 30 minute fire resistance.

    Fully welded and tested sump base to prevent leakage, ventilated to prevent a build-up of fumes with flame arrester gauze. Overcentre catch with padlock facility and finished in bright red with relevant hazard warning signs.


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  2. Armorgard FlamStor Hazard Cabinet Range


    The Armorgard FlamStor Cabinet Range is designed as an upright alternative to the FlamBank, with fully adjustable shelving. Comply with all regulations for storing of harmful chemicals and flammables, built to 30 minute fire resistance.

    Fully welded and tested sump base to prevent leakage with high and low level ventilation.

    Fully adjustable shelves with all sizes and heavy-duty 5-lever deadlocks with serial numbers for replacement keys. Fork lift skids on all sizes.


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  3. Armorgard TuffStor Cabinet Range


    The Armorgard TuffStor Cabinets are fitted with adjustable shelving. Designed to keep tools, equipment and fixings more organised and accessible. Also ideal for inside a vehicle where they occupy less floor space. Robust construction from 2mm steel plate.

    The heavy-duty door is fitted with a 5-lever deadlock and serial numbered for replacement keys. Fully adjustable shelves fitted on all sizes. Finished in low-visibility charcoal grey with forklift skids on all sizes.


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  4. Armorgard FlamBank Hazard Vault Range


    The Armorgard FlamBank Hazard Vaults are constructed to the same specification as the Tuffbank. They fully comply with all regulations for the safe storage of chemicals and flammables, built to 30 minute fire resistance.

    Fully welded and tested sump base to prevent leakage, ultra-robust 5-lever deadlocks with anti-drill plates on both sides and anti-cut rollers in deadbolt with robust Chubb style keys supplied.

    High and low-level ventilation to prevent build-up of fumes, and flame arrester gauze is fitted on all boxes. Also suitable for the safe storage of chemicals.


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  5. Armorgard Gorilla Bolt Together Gas Cage Range


    Armorgard Gorilla Gas Cages are well-built, bolt-together gas cages, designed for the safe storage of gas bottles. Constructed using 30mm box section and 3mm wire mesh maximising the strength and life of the product. The cages come with a hinged door and padlock facility to secure the unit from potential thieves.

    They also have the facility for bolting the cages down to the ground, which is ideal for the fixed installation requirement. The cages come with all fixings and relevant signage.


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  6. Armorgard SafeStor Hazardous Floor Cupboard Range


    The Armorgard SafeStor Hazardous Floor Cupboard is designed to be used internally for the safe storage of flammables and chemicals, such as paint and other hazardous substances as defined by COSHH guidelines. Built to a 30 minute fire resistance.

    Supplied with 1 spill retaining galvanised shelf, liquid-tight sump to contain spillages, flush handles with two-point locking, reinforced doors, powder coated paint finish and relevant warning signs.


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  7. Armorgard TuffBench BH1080 Heavy Duty Folding Work Platform


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    The TuffBench is a durable workbench, functional for contractors on construction sites, by means of a temporary work platform. The sustainable surface is manufactured from pressed timber and designed to be long lasting, making it simple to attach working

    - Folding legs with a velcro strap, to hold them back when in the folded position

    - No detachable parts, keeps it together as one unit

    - Durable timber work surface and powder coated frame, to maximise the product usability

    - External (WxDxH): 108


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  8. Armorgard LoadAll LA1000 Mobile Trolley for Transporting Plasterboard


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    Mobile trolley for transporting large sheets of board.

    The Armorgard LoadAll saves space everywhere; in the yard, on the delivery truck and even on site. Designed for storing and transporting plasterboard and other large sheets of materials, it

    - Centre A-frame design means that when it is loaded with board, all the weight is leaning into the centre

    - Complete with safe working load plates to certify the capacity of up to 1 tonne

    - Can carry up to 24 sheets of plasterboard, which is approx


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  9. Armorgard LoadAll LA750 Board Trolley (550 x 1340 x 1100)


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    Armorgard LoadAll board trolley with 750kg capacity. Allows easy handling of materials and protects them from damage.

    Please Note: To accept delivery of this product, you will need the means to unload it safely at the point of delivery. If you requi

    - Specially designed for storing and transporting plasterboard and other large-sheet materials - Easy to manoeuvre through doorways, or turn corners while loaded with material

    - External Dimensions - mm : 550 x 1340 x 1100

    - Folded Down Dimensions


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  10. Armorgard PowerStation PWS6 6 Door Battery Charging Unit


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    Battery charging locker bank 1800 x 450 x 300mm, Designed to charge power tool batteries whilst keeping them safe & secure - Ideal for the site office.

    Please Note: To accept delivery of this product, you will need the means to unload it safely at t

    - Six separate compartments, each containing double sockets connected in series to a 230V RCD protected plug

    - Doors fitted with camlocks and perforated for ventilation

    - Lockers finished in an epoxy powder coat

    - Each lock is serial numbered for re


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  11. Armorgard LoadAll Board Trolley Range


    The Armorgard LoadAll Board Trolley saves space, provides easy handling and protects materials from damage, whilst in transport. Whether in the yard, on the delivery truck or on site, transporting large sheets of board has never been easier. Specially designed for storing and transporting plasterboard and other large-sheet materials.

    Available in three sizes.


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  12. Armorgard Tuffbank TB1 VanBox (985 x 540 x 475mm)


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    Our most popular range highly versatile and cost effective.

    The TuffBank is a market leading brand of tool vaults, offering the best combination of superb quality and excellent value for money. This tough, sturdy range of storage boxes are bui

    - Features the unique Internal Anti-jemmy System

    - Heavy duty construction

    - Gas Struts as standard on all sizes

    - Robust 5 lever deadlocks with anti-drill plates

    - 6mm Reinforcement around the locks to prevent drilling

    - Durable Chubb style


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  13. Armorgard CAS 6 Casters (Supply Only) c/w Fixing Kit


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    If you require a site box to be more mobile, high quality heavy duty castors are available either at the time of order or once the storage unit is on site. We can supply castors pre-fitted or dispatch them to you for next day delivery (subject to time of

    - 2 Fixed Casters

    - 2 Swivel Casters with brakes


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  14. Armorgard BarroBox BB2 Mobile Site Security Box (750 x 1070 x 735mm)


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    Unique versatile mobile site box designed for contractors during second fix stage.

    The BarroBox has been designed to combat the rising theft rates on construction sites as a result of tools being left unattended. Using the internal handle the w

    - Keyed alike 5-lever deadlocks both sides with heavy-duty Chubb style keys and welded security ID numbers

    - Strong gas struts both sides of lid conform to industry standards

    - Unique WheelWinder activation system converts the BarroBox from static to


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  15. Armorgard FlamBank FB1 VanBox (985 x 540 x 475mm)


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    Strong lockable vault for storing hazardous goods safely and securely.

    Hazardous storage vaults carefully designed to comply with regulations for safely storing flammables or chemicals. These COSHH boxes are built to the same high specification

    - Fully welded & tested sump base to prevent leakage

    - High & low level ventilation to prevent build up of fumes

    - Flame arrester gauze fitted on all boxes

    - Finished in bright red with relevant hazard warning signs fitted as standard

    - Built to s


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Safety Equipment and Industrial Workwear

Health and safety is a permanent fixture of the 21st century. This means that you must protect yourself against all eventualities and accidents whether at home or at your place of work. Whats the best way to do that, though? The answer is that you can get yourself completely outfitted against any workplace dangers by simply taking a look through our vast range of workplace safety equipment and safety workwear.

What happens if theres a fire at your workplace, do you burn to death or suffer serious injury? Not if you are properly prepared. The Kidde Escape Ladder is the perfect item to have available in the unlikely event of a fire emergency. This product allows people to climb out of a building from up to three-storeys high. It can hold up to 800 pounds on one rung, and a massive 1,000 pounds over multiple rungs. Dont risk your life; take a look at our fire escape ladder today, as recommended by the National Fire Protection Association.

If you are going into a new job, or even if you are staying in an old one, you want to have the best safety workwear available. Thats why we are offering the DeWalt Mitre Waterproof Boots Steel Toe and Mid Sole. Not only will they keep you warm and toasty when needed, but they also have steel toecaps so you are not in danger of a nasty accident involving your toes. With this industrial workwear you are safe, comfortable, and acting in a professional manner. Power Tools Direct provides specialist safety equipment and more. Take a look at our vast range of items and kit yourself and your place of work out today. We provide all safety workwear and equipment at low trade prices, and if ordered before noon we will aim to get your items to you by the next working day.

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