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  1. Bolle Safety COBRA PSI Safety Glasses Range




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    The Bolle COBRA Safety Glasses are the essential all-rounder with a panoramic 180 visual field. The wrap-around fit allows the user to work without any visual interference. Both versions feature a non-slip nose bridge. Fitted with clear lenses, approved for permanent wear and certified with perfect optical quality with anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings. 99.9% UVA/UVB protection. They have a PLATINUM coating, this permanent coating is applied to both surfaces, making them highly scratch-resistant (1.4 cd/m). It also gives them a high resistance to the most aggressive chemicals and slows the appearance of fogging. In any circumstances and at every moment, Platinum provides the highest safety for eyes.

    BOLCOBFTPSI: Removable Comfort Arms
    BOLCOBFSPSI: Adjustable Strap


    Lens Conforms to: EN170-UV 2C-1.2.
    Frame Conforms to: EN166FT.


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  2. Bolle Safety SILIUM+ Platinum Safety Glasses Range




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    The Bolle SILIUM+ Safety Spectacles are made from ultra lightweight polycarbonate, making them comfortable to wear for extended use. The spectacles have a non-slip nose bridge and straight, highly flexible temples.

    The spectacles have an anti-fog and anti-scratch Platinum coating. This guarantees more safety and reliability.


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  3. Bolle Safety SLAM+ Platinum Safety Glasses Range




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    The Bolle SLAM+ Safety Spectacles provide excellent comfort with stylish, twin-material, ergonomic temples. They offer all-round vision and have an anti-fog and anti-scratch Platinum coating which guarantees more safety and reliability. This permanent coating applied on both surfaces makes them highly scratch-resistant (1.4 cd/m), gives them high resistance to the most aggressive chemicals and slows the appearance of fogging. In any circumstances and at every moment, Platinum provides the highest safety for eyes.


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  4. Bolle Safety Atom Safety Goggles Range




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    Bolle Atom Safety Goggles are compact and lightweight. The TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) and flexible frame ensure excellent comfort, whilst providing high protection. The goggles have an adjustable strap for a secure fit, and will fit over prescription spectacles. The lenses have an anti-scratch and anti-fog Platinum Coating.

    BOLATOAPSI: Clear lens/Ventilated (EN16613BT).
    BOLATOEPSI: Clear lens/Sealed (EN1661BT 3,4,5).
    BOLATOFAPSI: Clear lens/Ventilated Foam Seal (EN16613BT).
    BOLATOEDEPSI: Clear lens/Equaliser (EN1661BT 3,4,5).
    BOLATOV: Polycarbonate Visor For Atom Goggle (EN16613BT).
    BOLTOATOM: Lens Covers.


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  5. Bolle Safety BANDIDO Safety Glasses Range




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    Bolle Bandido Safety Glasses are an economical model for authentic protection.

    Made entirely of highly resistant polycarbonate, Bandido eye shields have inbuilt side protection and allow an excellent panoramic view, with an anti-scratch coating.


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  6. Bolle Safety COBRA Safety Glasses Range




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    The Bolle COBRA Safety Glasses offer a 180 panoramic visual field with perfect optical quality. The glasses have removable temples to allow easy transformation into safety goggles by attaching a foam and strap kit (BOLKITCOBRA). This means that Cobra is an ultra versatile model.


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  7. Bolle Safety CONTOUR Safety Glasses Range




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    The Bolle CONTOUR Safety Glasses are protective glasses, which have a solid, comfortable and lightweight design. The frames have non-slip TIPGRIP temples, and an adjustable non-slip nose bridge. The lenses have an anti-scratch and anti-fog Platinum Coating.

    Supplied with a microfibre pouch for storage.


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  8. Bolle Safety RUSH Safety Glasses Range




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    The Bolle RUSH Safety Glasses are lightweight protective glasses with upper protection from the frame. They offer a panoramic visual field, with a modern design that is comfortable to wear. The lenses have an anti-scratch, anti-fog coating, and the frame has anti-slip temples. Supplied with an adjustable cord.

    **PLEASE NOTE** That during extreme changes in temperature you may experience some slight fogging.


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  9. Bolle Safety SILIUM Safety Glasses Range




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    Bolle SILIUM Safety Glasses combine a subtle, lightweight frame with the high-tech nature of metal.

    The arms are highly flexible and have non-slip TIPGRIP temples. In addition, the glasses have adjustable non-slip nose pads. The lenses have anti-scratch, anti-fog and anti-static coatings.


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  10. Bolle Safety SLAM Safety Glasses Range




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    The Bolle SLAM Safety Glasses have a modern design, with excellent fitting, to provide both protection and comfort. The spectacles have a wraparound fit to provide a panoramic visual field. The lenses have an anti-scratch, anti-fog coating and the arms feature comfortable temples.


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Safety Equipment and Industrial Workwear

Health and safety is a permanent fixture of the 21st century. This means that you must protect yourself against all eventualities and accidents whether at home or at your place of work. Whats the best way to do that, though? The answer is that you can get yourself completely outfitted against any workplace dangers by simply taking a look through our vast range of workplace safety equipment and safety workwear.

What happens if theres a fire at your workplace, do you burn to death or suffer serious injury? Not if you are properly prepared. The Kidde Escape Ladder is the perfect item to have available in the unlikely event of a fire emergency. This product allows people to climb out of a building from up to three-storeys high. It can hold up to 800 pounds on one rung, and a massive 1,000 pounds over multiple rungs. Dont risk your life; take a look at our fire escape ladder today, as recommended by the National Fire Protection Association.

If you are going into a new job, or even if you are staying in an old one, you want to have the best safety workwear available. Thats why we are offering the DeWalt Mitre Waterproof Boots Steel Toe and Mid Sole. Not only will they keep you warm and toasty when needed, but they also have steel toecaps so you are not in danger of a nasty accident involving your toes. With this industrial workwear you are safe, comfortable, and acting in a professional manner. Power Tools Direct provides specialist safety equipment and more. Take a look at our vast range of items and kit yourself and your place of work out today. We provide all safety workwear and equipment at low trade prices, and if ordered before noon we will aim to get your items to you by the next working day.

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