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  1. Stanley One Touch Toolbox DIY Range

    SKU: PTDGRPSTA179216



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    The Stanley One Touch Toolbox has a robust, durable design. The latches are designed for one hand operation, allowing easy opening. The box has a large storage volume, and the removable tray allows extra space for larger tools to be stored underneath. In addition, the toolbox has organisers on the top of the lid to conveniently store components and accessories.

    The extra wide, soft grip handle ensures comfort, and the padlock holes on the lid allow the box to be locked for added security.


    - One hand operation latch
    - Innovative design robust structure; large storage volume
    - Extra wide soft grip handle on top for easy lifting
    - Removable tray allows enough space for larger tools
    - Organisers in lid for small part organisation


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  2. Stanley Series 2 Toolbox Range

    SKU: PTDGRPSTA192066



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    This series 2 Stanley toolbox is made from a tough durable plastic and will store a great range of tools for easy transportation around the home or work site.

    There is a tote tray inside and two twin handy storage compartments on the lid for smaller tools or fixings. This Stanley tool box gives good accessibility to your tools.

    Equipped with a strong soft-grip handle that makes it comfortable to carry, and two metal catches. The toolbox can be locked with a small padlock for extra safety and to reduce the risk of theft.

    Ideal for transporting and storing multiple tools.
    1 removable tote tray for storing small tools.
    Metal latches.
    2 organiser for screwdriver bits etc.
    Easy soft grip handle.


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  3. Stanley Jumbo Toolbox & Tray Range

    SKU: PTDGRPSTA192905



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    The Jumbo organiser toolbox is ideal for transporting and storing multiple tools and has 2 removable organisers for storing small parts. Metal latches provide secure locking of the toolbox. There is a fixed organiser for screwdriver bits in the lid along with a removable tote tray. The easy grip handle folds flat when not in use.


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  4. Stanley FatMax Waterproof IP53 Toolbox Range

    SKU: PTDGRPSTA193935



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    The Stanley FatMax Waterproof Toolbox with all round water seal, IP53 rated, to ensure safe and dry storage. Constructed of structural foam for extra strength and has extra large storage capacity.

    The portable tote tray is designed to carry tools and small parts, yet enables large tool storage inside the toolbox as it is 3/4 length. An integrated V-groove on top of the lid enables sawing when needed, and is also suitable for working with pipes and timber.

    The tough ergonomic soft grip handle allows heavy loads to be carried with ease. Large metal rustproof latches for secure closing.


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  5. Stanley Sort Master Organiser Range

    SKU: PTDGRPSTA194745



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    The STANLEY Sort Master Organiser is ideal for storing a variety of items from hammers, angled tools or tape measurers to small parts and accessories. The unique corners have been designed to accommodate for angled tools such as hammers.

    The organiser features up to 1024 configurations for all your storage needs. Removable dividers can be re-arranged, depending on requirements. The lid structure prevents movement of small parts from one compartment to another.

    Made from durable plastic, the see-through lid provides easy location of desired items. Side clips allow multiple units to be stacked together.


    - Unique 90 compartments provide easy storage
    - Customisable dividers allow combination of tools and small parts storage
    - Lid structure prevents movement of small parts from one compartment to another
    - Top lid lock keeps content secure inside
    - Highly customisable up to 1024 configurations
    - Side clips allow multiple organisers to be clipped together
    - Unique angled corners accommodate angled tools such as hammers


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  6. Stanley Babushka Toolbox Range

    SKU: PTDGRPSTA194857



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    This toolbox has robust metal latches for secure fastening. The soft grip handle folds flat into the lid, which also includes 2 organisers which are accessible without opening the toolbox. A built in padlock eye enables the toolbox to be locked, and there is a removable tote tray inside.


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  7. Stanley Metal & Plastic Toolbox Range

    SKU: PTDGRPSTA195615



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    This toolbox combines metal walls with a protective plastic base and edges. The top has a V-groove to hold timber or pipes in place for cutting. It also has a fold flat, soft grip handle. Heavy-duty metal catches provide secure locking.


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  8. Stanley Galvanised Metal Toolbox Range

    SKU: PTDGRPSTA195618



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    These heavy-duty toolboxes are ideal for use on the worksite, garage or around the home.

    They have a centre galvanised finish, this gives the toolbox a sturdy durable construction and is also rust-resistant, as are the two heavy-duty metal latches.

    They have a removable plastic tray which is ideal for smaller tools like screwdrivers, spanners etc, or tapes and fixings that can be found at a glance. The lid incorporates a saw groove for holding pipes and timber for cutting when there is no work bench available.

    The lid on has a honeycomb design to give it extra strength and durability, and the soft grip handle folds flat in to the lid when not in use.


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  9. Stanley Toolbox with Tote Tray Organiser Range

    SKU: PTDGRPSTA170317



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    These Stanley Toolboxes come complete with a removeable top organiser. The tote is ideal for storing and carrying larger tools, whereas the organiser is perfect for small parts and accessories, such as screws and fixings.

    The tote has a long metal carry handle, which locks in place for carrying and tilts down for storage.

    The organiser also has a integrated carry handle, allowing it to be used as a separate unit. Heavy-duty, rustproof metal latches provide extra strength and durability, and a front push-button enables simple detachment of the organiser from the tote. To allow for different sized tools and accessories, the organiser is supplied with removable dividers to alter the size of the compartments.

    STA170317: 250 x 560 x 320mm.
    STA197514: 610 x 323 x 251mm.


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  10. Stanley Roller Cabinet Range

    SKU: PTDGRPSTA174305



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    Stanley Roller Cabinets are designed for use in conjunction with the module system, with 3 modules fitting each drawer. They feature a central locking system for security.

    The drawers of the cabinets have 35mm ball bearing slides for full drawer extension, non-slip mats for the drawers are included.

    The cabinets have swivelling and locking wheels for manoeuvrability and security.

    Load capacity: 300kg.


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  11. Stanley Basic Toolbox With Organiser Top Range

    SKU: PTDGRPSTA175518



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    The Stanley Tool Basic Toolbox has an innovative design with an organiser lid for small parts storage. It is fitted with geometric lock latches that enable smooth closing and opening. The latches are made from metal and have an ergonomic design. The toolbox can be secured with a padlock (not supplied) for increased security.

    STST1-75515: 320 x 188 x 132mm.
    STST1-75518: 406 x 205 x 195mm.
    STST1-75521: 482 x 254 x 250mm.


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  12. Stanley Stackable Sort Master Organiser Range

    SKU: PTDGRPSTA197483



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    The Stanley Sort Master Junior Organiser, offers 512 different configurations, it can be customised for storing different sized tools. Also ideal for stopping movement from one compartment to another during transport.

    Can also be used for small items and fixings.

    Dimensions: 375 x 292 x 67mm.


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  13. Stanley Metal & Plastic Rolling Workshop

    SKU: PTDSTA195621

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    The Stanley 1-95-621 Metal & Plastic Rolling Workshop is the complete mobile solution for large and small tools and accessories.

    The large storage bin base makes it ideal for power tools whilst the heavy-duty road tested wheels and metal latches ensure that it is robust and durable for long life.

    The Stanley Metal & Plastic Rolling Workshop also has an extendable handle for easy manoeuvrability and the tool box has a lift out tray for smaller tools, which fits neatly into the fold out lid.


    Size: 730 x 568 x 389mm.


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  14. Stanley Wheeled Soft Bag

    SKU: PTDSTA197515

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    The Stanley 1-97-515 Wheeled Soft Bag is made from a heavy-duty 600 x 600 denier fabric that resists cuts and scratches. The bag has a rigid bulky structure design and removable dividers which are hard wearing, strong and durable. In addition, the extendable easy carriage handle makes it convenient to manoeuvre the bag.

    It has multiple internal and external pockets for maximum organisation and secure storage of small parts or personal items. It has easy access to tools and provides maximum organisation including drill storage.


    Dimensions: 460 x 330 x 450mm.


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  15. Stanley Mobile Chest 109 Litre

    SKU: PTDSTA192978

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    Maximum storage and easy transportation for larger tools, general equipment and workshop materials. Extra large rust-resistant metal latches which are durable and long-lasting with padlock eyes for security.

    The removable tote tray fits neatly into the telescopic handle which is made from steel with a soft grip handle, and is suitable for use with gloved hands.
    Heavy-duty road tested wheels.

    Dimensions: 759 x 473 x 486mm.


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Safety Equipment and Industrial Workwear

Health and safety is a permanent fixture of the 21st century. This means that you must protect yourself against all eventualities and accidents whether at home or at your place of work. Whats the best way to do that, though? The answer is that you can get yourself completely outfitted against any workplace dangers by simply taking a look through our vast range of workplace safety equipment and safety workwear.

What happens if theres a fire at your workplace, do you burn to death or suffer serious injury? Not if you are properly prepared. The Kidde Escape Ladder is the perfect item to have available in the unlikely event of a fire emergency. This product allows people to climb out of a building from up to three-storeys high. It can hold up to 800 pounds on one rung, and a massive 1,000 pounds over multiple rungs. Dont risk your life; take a look at our fire escape ladder today, as recommended by the National Fire Protection Association.

If you are going into a new job, or even if you are staying in an old one, you want to have the best safety workwear available. Thats why we are offering the DeWalt Mitre Waterproof Boots Steel Toe and Mid Sole. Not only will they keep you warm and toasty when needed, but they also have steel toecaps so you are not in danger of a nasty accident involving your toes. With this industrial workwear you are safe, comfortable, and acting in a professional manner. Power Tools Direct provides specialist safety equipment and more. Take a look at our vast range of items and kit yourself and your place of work out today. We provide all safety workwear and equipment at low trade prices, and if ordered before noon we will aim to get your items to you by the next working day.

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