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  1. Zarges Class 1 Trade Swingback Steps Range

    SKU: PTDGRPZAR100505



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    The Zarges Trade Swingback steps stand safely on large serrated treads and have strong, internal locking bars which offer optimal stability with non-slip rubber feet providing a firm footing.

    All sizes conform to EN 131, 150kg rating and BS 2037 class 1, 175kg rating.


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  2. Zarges Industrial Roof Ladder Range

    SKU: PTDGRPZAR100636

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    The Zarges Industrial Roof Ladders have strong oval section stiles and 300mm serrated round rungs for better grip.

    The ladder has a ridge hook to grip the ridge of a pitched roof, and 100mm diameter running wheels for precise positioning. The bearer bars are made from 10mm x 6mm aluminium flat bar with PVC coating for extra strength. These bearer bars hold the ladder off the roof and spread the weight to protect roof tiles from damage.


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  3. Zarges Professional Platform Steps Range

    SKU: PTDGRPZAR100883

    The Zarges Professional Platform Steps have a foldable aluminium construction. They have extra wide treads and extra large standing platform with added grip for safety. An added feature of two side rails with two safety grips at the top ensures a secure balance.

    This lightweight set of steps is good for all-round use in the home, garden, workshop, shops or office.

    They conform to EN 131 standards, and have a 150 Kilo rating.


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  4. Zarges Aluminium Loft Ladder Range

    SKU: PTDGRPZAR101399



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    Zarges Aluminium Loft Ladders with two or three sections. With D shaped rungs for maximum comfort, and a universal stowing pole. The three section model comes with a hand rail.

    Easy to assemble and fit and supplied with instructions.

    Conforms to EN 14975 standards, 150kg rating.


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  5. Zarges Sherpascopic Height Adjust Podium Range

    SKU: PTDGRPZAR2272251



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    The Zarges Sherpascopic Height-Adjustable Work Platform has an anti-cut design that reduces the risk of injury when handling the product. The guardrail system includes an automatically closing gate, providing 360 protection from falls.

    The telescopic system or height adjustment is based on a gravity latch located at the level of the users hands. Stabiliser legs feature a telescopic mechanism that allows them to be used on uneven surfaces. When opened the stabilisers face inwards towards the platform, thus optimising its stability during use.

    The large work area, 600 x 420 mm, and compact dimensions (when folded) means that the system is easy to transport and very versatile. Replaceable 2-component plastic end caps ensure positioning without risk of slipping.

    Conforms to NF P93-352 standards.


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  6. Zarges Profort - Work Platform Range

    SKU: PTDGRPZAR2272513



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    The Zarges Profort offers a large working platform with compact storage and transport dimensions. Has a new guardrail system, the lifting gate replaces the previous wire rope, providing the user with 360 degree fall protection.

    A removable tool tray offers a convenient solution for use in tight spaces or where storage is required and the platforms new anti-cut design significantly reduces the risk of injury when handling the product. The 80 mm deep treads replace the previous models oval rungs, offering greater comfort for the user.

    Plus the standard features; Generously dimensioned work platform 400 mm x 490 mm, allowing the user to operate safely for longer periods.
    Peripheral guardrail for maximum safety.
    Easily and conveniently movable thanks to castors on the support section.
    Compact dimensions when folded, therefore easy to transport and store.

    Conforms to EN 131 standards, 150 Kilo rating.


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  7. Zarges Probat Platform Steps Range

    SKU: PTDGRPZAR2376004



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    The Zarges Probat Platform Step is a very strong stepladder, ideal for tough environments.

    The ladder has large serrated treads, which are 100mm deep for more comfortable working. It has a patented, extra-large 390mm x 380mm folding platform and 50mm diameter non-slip safety feet.

    50mm diameter stile tubing on front and rear sections ensures excellent strength.

    Includes integral bucket hook and knee rail/ tool tray 700mm above the platform.

    Conforms to EN 131 standards, 150 Kilo rating.


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  8. Zarges Fibreglass Swingback Steps Range

    SKU: PTDGRPZAR300514



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    The Zarges Fibreglass Swingback Steps have non-conductive, glass reinforced stiles making them ideal for electrical contractors.

    The stepladder has strong, locking side arms and double riveted, non-slip feet. Its aluminium treads are also double riveted for extra durability.

    All sizes conform to EN 131 standards and have a 150kg rating.


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  9. Zarges Mobile Mastersteps Range

    SKU: PTDGRPZAR341632



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    The Zarges Mobile Masterstep is safe and comfortable for optimum freedom of movement. It has a large work platform (400mm x 400mm) with aluminium checker plate surface and 80mm deep steps with ZARGES Safer Step Technology for fatigue-free standing. Two handrails are supplied as standard for safe access.

    The ladder has an extra wide base which provides additional stability, and two high-strength Perlon straps for preventing splay. Its treads and stiles are made from extruded aluminium sections, and have high strength ZARGES quality flanged connections. In addition, two side locking bars prevent the step collapsing in use / during movement.

    Includes practical aluminium storage tray for small items and tools and spring loaded castors for ease of movement.

    They conform to EN 131 standards, and have a 150 Kilo rating.

    Comes with a 10 year guarantee.


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  10. Zarges Skymaster Trade Combination Ladder Range


    The Zarges Skymaster Trade Ladders are extremely rigid with strong connection between rungs and stiles. The top and middle section have a rung hook and positive operation locking tab, and a rigid aluminium locking bar prevents collapsing during use. Strong nylon restraint straps with a sewn-in fixing tab keep the ladder stable and prevent splaying.

    Quality stile guides encompass the whole stile; with plastic inserts for smooth handling. Rung locks are bolted in so that they can be replaced. The Skymaster ladders have high-strength ZARGES quality flanged connections between rung and stile. The replaceable 2-component plastic end caps ensure positioning without risk of slipping and at the same time provide firm seating in the stile.

    The rungs and stiles are made from extruded aluminium sections, which provide excellent strength. The ladders can be used on steps / stairs. They act as 6 ladders in one and can be used free-standing, as a trestle step, single, double or triple extension ladder or even a stairway ladder.

    Conforms to EN 131 standards, 150kg rating, and has a 10 year guarantee.


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Safety Equipment and Industrial Workwear

Health and safety is a permanent fixture of the 21st century. This means that you must protect yourself against all eventualities and accidents whether at home or at your place of work. Whats the best way to do that, though? The answer is that you can get yourself completely outfitted against any workplace dangers by simply taking a look through our vast range of workplace safety equipment and safety workwear.

What happens if theres a fire at your workplace, do you burn to death or suffer serious injury? Not if you are properly prepared. The Kidde Escape Ladder is the perfect item to have available in the unlikely event of a fire emergency. This product allows people to climb out of a building from up to three-storeys high. It can hold up to 800 pounds on one rung, and a massive 1,000 pounds over multiple rungs. Dont risk your life; take a look at our fire escape ladder today, as recommended by the National Fire Protection Association.

If you are going into a new job, or even if you are staying in an old one, you want to have the best safety workwear available. Thats why we are offering the DeWalt Mitre Waterproof Boots Steel Toe and Mid Sole. Not only will they keep you warm and toasty when needed, but they also have steel toecaps so you are not in danger of a nasty accident involving your toes. With this industrial workwear you are safe, comfortable, and acting in a professional manner. Power Tools Direct provides specialist safety equipment and more. Take a look at our vast range of items and kit yourself and your place of work out today. We provide all safety workwear and equipment at low trade prices, and if ordered before noon we will aim to get your items to you by the next working day.

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