About TIMco

TIMco is a renowned and well respected supplier of essential products for trade professionals in the UK. With a history spanning nearly half a century, the company has dedicated itself to serving independent retailers and trade professionals with a wide range of quality products.

Founded by Tim Midwood, the company began in a small unit at No.1 Love Street in Chester, the county town of Cheshire. Their journey reflects a deep commitment to growth, innovation, and customer service.

TIMco Fixings and Fasteners

Their extensive range of fixings and fasteners includes various types of wood screws, drywall screws and self-tapping screws. They are for specific materials and applications, featuring sharp points for easy insertion and deep threads for a secure grip. 

Wood Screws

The company presents an extensive range of screws, each crafted for specific purposes. TIMco Wood Screws, with their single-thread design, ensure reliable performance across different types of wood and man-made boards. They are equally effective in masonry when used with a plastic plug, making them a go-to choice for tradesmen dealing with low-density substrates.

Decking Screws

In the realm of outdoor timber projects, TIMco Decking Screws range is particularly noteworthy. This collection, including the C2 Deck-Fix and Stainless Steel Decking Screw, is formulated for high performance and elemental resistance, essential for decking, stairs, fencing, roofing, and landscaping.

Timber Screws

Additionally, the TIMco In-Dex Timber Screws, with their hex head design, offer a highly efficient alternative to traditional coach screws. They are primarily for timber-to-timber applications, with the added advantage of not requiring a pilot hole for most wood types.

Drywall and Concrete Screws

For securing plasterboard to metal or wood studs, TIMco Drywall Screws are the ideal choice, featuring sharp points and coarse threads to ensure a solid hold. Designed for embedding into concrete, brick, and blockwork, TIMco Concrete Screws offer a robust solution for heavy-duty tasks, effectively replacing older methods like nylon frame and hammer fixings.

Multi Fix Bolts

Their bolts range caters to the heavy-duty segment, with options including carriage bolts, hex bolts, and anchor bolts. Made from durable materials like stainless steel and galvanised steel, these bolts come in various sizes to accommodate different needs. The versatile TIMco Multi Fix Bolts stand out for their rapid installation process, making them perfect for anchoring into concrete, stone, brick and blockwork.

Nails and Pins Collection

Their extensive nails and pins collection ranges from standard wire nails to specialised annular ring shank nails, providing extra holding power in wood. With their collated clipped head design, TIMco FirmaHold Nails are particularly suitable for structural applications. They feature high-quality paper collation to minimise nail jams, and are ideal for indoor use.

Anchor Fixings

Their anchor fixings form a crucial part of their range, vital for securing items to materials like concrete and brick. This includes sleeve anchors, drop-in anchors, and chemical anchors, each designed for specific load-bearing needs. 

Washers and Spacers

Their washers and spacers also play a significant role, being essential components for distributing load and providing spacing in screw and bolt applications. They offer a broad selection in this category, including flat washers, spring washers, and plastic spacers.

Specialist Fixings

They have developed specialist fixings such as frame fixings, cavity wall fixings  and decking fixings for more specialised or challenging applications. These fixings enhance their comprehensive range to address a wide spectrum of construction requirements.

TIMco Building Supplies and Sealants

The company also caters to broader construction needs with a range of building supplies. This includes sealants, adhesives, and tapes for various applications, alongside electrical and plumbing essentials. 

A variety of TIMco sealants are available for different applications like weatherproofing and sealing in kitchens and bathrooms. These sealants, including silicone, acrylic, and polyurethane options, provide durable, waterproof seals and feature properties like mould resistance and paintability.

Their adhesive range covers diverse bonding needs, from general-purpose adhesives to specialised wood and construction adhesives. Formulated for strength and versatility, these adhesives ensure strong bonds on various materials like wood, metal and glass.

Selection of TIMco tape includes masking, duct, and electrical tapes, each designed for specific tasks such as secure bonding and electrical insulation. Known for their quality and durability, these tapes are weather-resistant and easy to tear.

TIMco Power Tool Accessories and Hand Tools

Understanding the importance of efficiency and precision in trade work, the company offers a wide range of power tool accessories. This includes drill bits, saw blades, and sanding products, all engineered for high performance and durability. Their accessories are compatible with a multitude of power tools, making them versatile for various projects.

Their hand tools are ergonomically designed for comfort and efficiency, encompassing everything from hammers and screwdrivers to measuring tapes and levels. Alongside these, they offer a range of durable workwear, ensuring safety and comfort for professionals on the job.

TIMco Safety and Security Equipment Range

Recognising the importance of safety on site, TIMco’s range includes a variety of site security and safety equipment. This encompasses items like padlocks, security chains, and site safes to protect tools and equipment. Additionally, they provide personal protective equipment (PPE), including helmets, gloves, and eye protection, ensuring the safety of workers at all times.

Each of their product is meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards of quality, reliability and functionality.

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What range of products does TIMco offer?

The company offer a wide selection of products that cater to every aspect of the job. From specialised fixings that really hold things together, to top-notch site security to keep your work safe. Need power tool accessories or hand tools? TIMco have an variety of options to choose from. When it comes to building supplies - here at Power Tools Direct we're stocked with everything you need to get your project off the ground. Whether you're a pro on the job site or tackling a DIY project at home, we're here to help you nail it!

What types of fixings and fasteners does TIMco offer?

TIMco's selection is like a treasure trove for anyone who loves a good DIY project or professional build. They've got everything from screws to bolts, nails and pins which we stock here at Power Tools Direct. Need anchor fixings? They've got those too, along with a collection of washers and spacers to keep everything snug. There's more! They also offer specialised fixings for sturdy frames, cavity wall fixings that are perfect for those tricky spots, and decking fixings to make your deck the envy of the neighbourhood. It's pretty much a one-stop shop for all your fixing needs!

What types of screws does TIMco provide?

They've got you covered on the screw front. Whether you're working with wood, hanging drywall, or need self-tapping screws for a quick fix, they have exactly what you need. Each type of screw is tailor-made for specific materials and applications, so you can be sure you're using the right tool for the job. It's like they've thought of everything – you’ll find just the right screw for your project, no matter how unique or challenging it may be.

What options are available in their bolt selection?

Looking for bolts? They’ve got an impressive lineup. You'll find carriage bolts for those sturdy connections, hex bolts for that perfect grip, and anchor bolts for when you really need to hold things down. And the best part? They come in all sorts of sizes and materials. Whether you're in need of the sleek durability of stainless steel or the robust protection of galvanised steel, they’ve got the bolts that fit your project to a T. It’s like a bolt bonanza over there!

What kind of building supplies does TIMco offer?

Need sealants to keep things watertight? How about adhesives that stick like they mean it? Tapes for every possible scenario? They offer all these building supplies as well as the essentials for electrical and plumbing work. They're all set up to make sure your wiring and pipes are in tip-top shape. It’s like they're the secret weapon in your toolbox for getting the job done right.

What types of sealants does TIMco provide?

They've got a sealant for just about everything. Facing some weatherproofing challenges? Their silicone sealants have got you covered, whether it's cold, raining or windy. Need something for the kitchen and bathroom, where water's always a party crasher? They offer acrylic sealants that'll keep those areas sealed tight. And for the tough jobs that demand some extra muscle, their polyurethane sealants are just what you need. Basically, if there’s a gap that needs sealing, they have the perfect solution waiting for you.

What is included in TIMco's adhesive range?

Need something sticky? They've got adhesives for every task under the sun. Whether you're after a general-purpose glue for those everyday fixes, a wood adhesive that understands the art of bonding timber, or a construction adhesive that's as tough as the jobsite, we stock them. It's like they've got a secret adhesive for every imaginable project, making sticking things together a whole lot easier (and more fun!).

What types of tapes does TIMco offer?

The company’s tape collection is impressive! They have masking tape that’s a painter's best friend, making sure those lines are sharp and clean. Then there’s the ever-reliable duct tape – perfect for just about anything you can think of, from quick fixes to creative projects. And for the electricians out there, their electrical tape is top-notch for ensuring everything is safely insulated. Each tape is designed for its own special task, ensuring you're always sticking, bonding, and insulating like a pro.

What power tool accessories are available at TIMco?

If you're in need of some serious tools, they've got your back. Drill bits that can handle the toughest materials? Yes. Saw blades that cut through like butter? Absolutely. And let's not forget about their sanding products - they're a dream for anyone looking to get that perfect finish. Each item in their collection is engineered not just to do the job, but to excel at it, combining high performance with durability. It's like they've thought of everything to help you tackle your projects with confidence.

What’s included in their hand tool range?

Their hammers feel just right in your hand, making those nails a bit less stubborn. The screwdrivers? They practically turn themselves. And when it comes to measuring tapes and levels, accuracy is their middle name. Plus, they haven’t forgotten about workwear – durable, comfortable, and ready to handle whatever your day throws at you. It's like they're outfitting you for success, one tool and piece of gear at a time.

Does TIMco offer site security and safety equipment?

Yes, their selection includes a variety of security and safety products. They have padlocks, security chains, and site safes to secure your valuables. Additionally, they provide personal protective equipment such as helmets, gloves, and eye protection, ensuring your safety while working.

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