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  1. SIP 5 Litre Valeting Detergent

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    The SIP Valeting Detergent is a heavy-duty, concentrated, and low foam cleaner specially designed for the cleaning and removal of soiling from carpets and upholstery. Available in 5 litre bottles.Heavy-duty and low foam concentrated cleanerSpecially formulated for the cleaning and removalof soiling from carpets, fabrics, and upholsteryLightly perfumed, economical and rapid in useSuitable for all SIP cleaning equipment andpressure washers with detergent facilitiesAvailable in 5 litre bottles


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  2. Hitachi CR13VBY Low Vibration Sabre Saw Range




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    Hitachi original low vibration design gives the CR13VBY the lowest vibration level in its class
    Full-load tri-axial vibration level only 9.0 m/s2; 65% lower than previous model
    Swing blade action for high cutting speed
    Tool free blade replacement
    Durable double moulded front grip for greater comfort
    Trigger and dial variable speed control

    Power Input: 1150 Watt
    No Load Speed: 0-3000
    Stroke Length: 32mm
    Capacity: -
    Pipe: 130mm
    Steel Plate 19mm
    Wood: 300mm
    Weight: 4.4kg


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  3. Hitachi C7SB2 Circular Saws Range


    The Hitachi C7SB2 Circular Saw has a powerful fan cooled motor and a heavy-duty aluminium base with scale. There is no riving knife, which means easier plunge cutting. It is fitted with a soft-grip handle, easy access bevel leveller, easy access cutting depth adjustment.

    The external brush caps provide ease of maintainance and the unique 90 angle setting system ensures accuracy of 90 cuts. The spindle lock provides easy blade replacement.

    Standard Accessories: 18 tooth TCT saw blade, Guide, Wrench, and Carrying case.


    Input Power: C7SB2: 1,710 Watt, C7SB2L: 1,670 Watt.
    No Load Speed: 5,800/min.
    Max. Cutting Depth: at 90: 60mm, at 45: 47mm.
    Blade: 185 x 30mm Bore.
    Weight: 4.6kg.


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  4. Hitachi RB40VA Blower Range


    The Hitachi RB40VA Blower is used for clearing dust from the work area and can be used in either blower or dust collection modes. The RB40VA has a high efficiency fan for increased output air volume, a variable speed 550 watt motor, external brush caps for rapid checking and replacement and soft-grip wrap around handle for comfort and ease of use. Supplied with a dust bag and nozzle.


    Input Power: 550 Watt.
    No Load Speed: 0-16,000/min.
    Air Pressure: 0-561mm.
    Weight: 1.7kg.


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  5. Hitachi DV18V Keyless Rotary Impact Drill Range


    The Hitachi DV18V Rotary Impact Drill with two speed gearbox and sturdy aluminium gear casing provides longer working life. Fitted with a 13mm keyless chuck, and a soft-grip handle.

    Supplied with a side handle, depth stop and carrying case.


    Chuck: 13mm Keyless.
    Input power: 690 Watt.
    No Load Speed: 0-1,000/0-3,000/min.
    Maximum impact rate: 0-13,000/39,000/min.
    Capacity: Concrete: 18mm, Steel: 13mm Wood: 40mm.
    Overall Length: 333mm.
    Weight: 2.0kg.


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  6. DeWalt D25899K SDS Max Demolition Hammer Range




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    The DEWALT D25899K SDS Max Demolition Hammer (10kg class) is a powerful yet lightweight Breaker with in-line design for better handling and quick-change chisel adjustment for fast orientation of the chisel through 12 preset positions.

    The large oversize hammer mechanism delivers extreme durability and excellent concrete breaking performance. Its ergonomic inline design ensures user comfort during any application. Whilst its compact, streamlined design allows access in confined areas. In line design for better handling and quick change chisel adjustment allows fast orientation of the chisel through 12 preset positions

    Modular design allows for quick access to key components allowing for faster and cheaper servicing. 1500 Watt, 95 mm motor delivers outstanding motor efficiency and durability, magnesium housings ensure maximum durability and minimum weight. Multi adjustable side handle can be located anywhere on the hammer barrel, maintaining user comfort in any application.

    Supplied with: 1 x Multi Position Side Handle and 1 x Heavy-Duty Carrying Case.


    Input Power: 1,500 Watt.
    Impact Rate: 1,020-2,040/bpm, 17.5 Joules.
    Chuck: SDS Max.
    Length: 650mm.
    Height 250mm.
    Weight 9.6kg.


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  7. DeWalt D28715 Metal Cut Off Saw 2200 Range




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    DeWalt D28715 Metal Cut Off Saw 355mm with a keyless blade clamp allows quick, hassle free blade change. The electronic soft start to limit start-up current and kick back reaction. Whilst the high power abrasion protected motor delivers high overload capabilities for greater durability.

    Keyless mitre adjustments allow for quick and simple operations and the cut-off brushes to prevent motor damage at end of brush life. Horizontal handle for superior ergonomics and less user fatigue. Has a large steel base for a large working area and greater stability.

    The integrated carrying handle allows for easy transportation. Other features include: a spindle lock for easy wheel changes, keyless vice allows quick material clamping / releasing, machined gears for increased durability, and an adjustable spark guard allow the use to adjust the spark direction.


    Input Power: 2,200 Watt.
    No Load Speed: 3,800/min.
    Max Profile Cutting:
    Square: at 90:120 x 120mm, at 45: 113 x 113mm.
    Rectangular: at 90:100 x 200mm, at 45: 100 x 140mm.
    L-Shape: at 90 140 x 140mm, at 45 120 x 120mm.
    Rounded: at 90 130mm.
    Weight: 18kg.


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  8. DeWalt DW682K Biscuit Jointer Range




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    The DEWALT DW682K Biscuit Jointer uses a rack and pinion control, that provides precise vertical adjustment and fence alignment. With pre-set cutting depths for 0, 10 and 20 biscuit sizes and additional fine adjustment for ultimate accuracy.

    The mitre fence remains attached in all applications for simple use and the spindle lock mechanism provides quick and easy blade changes with a single spanner. There is also anti slide grippers, eight guiding notches and a fence window to increase cutting accuracy.

    Supplied with: 1 x Tungsten Carbide Tipped Grooving Cutter, 1 x Shavings Bag, 1 x Spanner, 1 x 35mm Dust Extraction Spout and 1 x Heavy-Duty Carrying Case.


    Input Power: 600W
    No Load Speed: 10,000/min.
    Cutter Diameter: 100mm
    Max. Cutting Depth: 20mm
    Joint Groover Setting: 4mm
    Fence Adjustment: 0-90
    Weight: 3.0kg


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  9. DeWalt DW872 Metalica Chopsaw Range




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    DEWALT DW872 Metalica Chopsaw has a high power 2200 Watt motor with electronic soft start for metal cutting. The 25.4 mm arbor fitment takes a variety of metal saw blades, whilst the large tool-free pivoting fence for parallel and mitre cuts up to 45.

    Robust cool-running 355 mm, 70 tooth tungsten carbide tipped blade which also gives burr-free cuts at constant cutting depth throughout the life of the blade. The quick retracting guard that gives increased visibility. The ergonomically designed horizontal handle gives greater comfort and the vertical clamping system allows for greater safety.

    Extra wide steel base gives a larger working area and increased stability and features a easy-handling transport lock-mode.


    Input Power: 2,200 Watt.
    No Load Speed: 1,300/min.

    Max. Cutting Capacity at 90 Square Profile 100 x 100 mm.
    Max. Cutting Capacity at 90 Rectangular Profile 75 x 130 mm.
    Max. Cutting Capacity at 90 Rounded Profile 130 mm.
    Max. Cutting Capacity at 90 L Shape Profile92 x 92 mm.

    Max Cutting Capacity at 45 Square Profile79 x 79 mm.
    Max Cutting Capacity at 45 Rectangular Profile79 x 123 mm.
    Max Cutting Capacity at 45 L Shaped Profile56 x 56 mm.
    Max Cutting Capacity at 45 Rounded Profile 79 mm.

    Weight: 22.5kg.


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  10. DeWalt DW680K Planer Range




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    The DEWALT DW680K Planer has a large planer blade drum that rotates at high speed providing an excellent finish. With a low weight design and perfect balance making it ideal for single handed use in awkward applications. The front handle depth control is clearly marked in 0.1mm steps for accurate setting with a positive stop position. It also offers 3 different size chamfering grooves in the front shoe simplify precision fitting jobs. The rubber coated front handle eliminates slipping for greater comfort and control.

    Supplied with: 1 x Heavy-Duty Carrying Case, 1 x Parallel Fence & 1 x Dust Extraction Adaptor.


    Input Power: 600W
    No Load Speed: 15,000/min.
    Cutting Depth: 0-2.5mm, Rebate Depth: 12mm
    Planer Width: 82mm
    Weight: 3.2kg


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  11. DeWalt DW625EK 1/2in Plunge Router 2000 Watt Range




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    The DEWALT DW625EK 1/2in Plunge Router with electronic speed control ensures that the same fine finish is achieved in all grades of timber, aluminium and plastics since the full wave electronic control ensures the selected speed in maintained under any load.

    It has a two column precision guide with large phosphor bronze bushes for plunging accuracy in a high quality aluminium housing so that carefully controlled plunge cuts can be made. Soft start to eliminate that small initial movement that might misalign the cutter, especially important with such a powerful router.

    DEWALT Router Comes with three stage depth stop adjustment enables recesses of various depths upto 80mm to be machined in one operation without time consuming setting up.

    Supplied with: 1 x Parallel Fence With Fine Adjustment, 1 x Dust Extraction Adapter, 1 x 6.35mm Guide Brush, 1 x 12.7mm Guide Brush, 1 x Spanner and 1 x Heavy-Duty Case.


    Input Power: 2,000W
    No Load Speed: 8,000-20,000/min.
    Collet: 12.7mm (1/2in)
    Plunge Depth: 80mm
    Max. Cutter Diameter: 50mm
    Weight: 5.1kg


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  12. DeWalt DW615 Plunge Router Range




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    DEWALT professional plunge router has a lightweight and compact design, easy to handle as the cutter remains visible at all times. The electronic speed control ensures a fine finish on all grades of timber, aluminium and plastics.

    Features: soft start, three stages depth stop, spindle lock and two column guide for plunging accuracy.

    Supplied with: parallel fence and two guide rods, 17/13 mm and 8 mm spanner, 1/4in collet, 17 mm guide bush and dust extractor kit.


    Input Power: 900W
    Collet: 6/8mm (1/4in)
    No Load Speed: 8,000-24,000/min.
    Plunge Depth: 55mm
    Max. Cutter Diameter: 36mm
    Weight: 2.9kg


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  13. DeWalt DW717XPS XPS Sliding Compound Mitre Saw Range




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    DEWALT DW717XPS Sliding compound mitre saw with a cam action mitre lock function which makes mitre setting faster and easier allowing the user to quickly adjust angles between 0 - 60 left and 0 - 50 right. The innovative grooving stop allows the adjustment of the cutting depth for grooving and rebating applications and the large dual sliding fence gives maximum support in large material cuts at any angle or combination of angles. This provides maximum stability and accuracy.

    The linear horizontal rails utilise bronze guides to provide maximum precision when cutting materials up to 320 mm wide, the quick release bevel setting provides accurate and simple setting of bevel angles up to 48 left and right. Has compact and lightweight design characteristics which delivers a saw with enormous capacity which is easy to transport around the jobsite and the XPS Shadow line cut indicator provides fast accurate alignment of the blade while illuminating the work piece for increased productivity.

    Supplied with: 1 x 250mm 30 Tooth Blade, 1 x Blade Spanner and 1 x Dust Bag.


    Input Power: 1,675W
    No Load Speed: 4,000/min.
    Blade: 250 x 30mm Bore
    Capacity (mm): 90/90: 302x88, 90/45: 302x58, 45/90: 213x88, 45/45: 226x50
    Mitre Cut (Right/Left): 60/-50
    Bevel (Right/Left): 48/48
    Weight: 23kg


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  14. Hitachi DV20VB2 Rotary Impact Drill Range




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    The Hitachi DV20VB2 Rotary Impact Drill is a high powered, variable speed drill with two speed gearbox and reverse function. Fitted with a soft-grip handle.

    Standard Accessories: side handle, depth stop and carrying case.


    Chuck: 13mm Keyless.
    Input Power: 790 Watt.
    No Load Speed: 0-1,000 and 0-3,000/min.
    Impact Rate: 0-13,000 and 39,000/bpm.
    Capacity: Concrete: 20mm, Steel: 13mm, Wood: 40mm.
    Weight: 2.2kg.
    Cable Length: 2m


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  15. Hitachi CC14 SF Cut Off Saw Range


    The Hitachi CC14 SF Cut Off Saw has a powerful motor for heavy-duty applications with a sturdy aluminium housing for extended service life. It has externally accessible carbon brushes for easy service and maintenance.

    One touch vice system allows quick feeding and easy tightening and cutting. The saw is also fitted with a spindle lock, that makes mounding and dismounting wheels more convenient. The soft grip handle provides added user comfort and there is a spark diversion guard for user safety.

    Supplied wih: 1 x Cut-Off Wheel and 1 x Wrench.


    Input Power: 2,000 Watt.
    No Load Speed: 3,800/min.
    Mitre Facility Left/Right: 0-45.
    Capacity: Round Pipe: 115mm, Shaped Steel: 115 x 130mm.
    Wheel: 355mm x 25.4mm bore.
    Weight: 16.0kg.


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