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  1. Faithfull Voltage Detector Pen 50-1000V AC


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    This Faithfull Voltage Detector is a handy instrument that uses a safe, non-contact method to detect AC voltage in outlets, lighting fixtures, circuit breakers, wires and cables and can be used to find circuit breaks in a wire.
    A voltage test is easy to carry out by simply holding the detector by its body and placing the white end cap near or onto a cable or fitting believed to be carrying electricity. The detector tip will light up RED if a voltage is present. The tester can be used to detect voltage from 50 to 1,000 VAC. The tester is a convenient pen size with a fixing clip and easily fits into pockets ready for use.

    LED detects the presence of AC current.
    Locate breaks in power cables and wires.
    Non contact testing for complete safety.
    Convenient pen size with a pocket clip.
    2 x 1.5V AAA Alkaline Batteries included.

    Voltage Detection: 50V-1,000V AC
    Frequency: 50-500Hz
    Measurement: CAT II, 1000V
    Category: CAT III, 600V

    Always test on a known live circuit before use.
    This detector is not designed to carry out contact tests on live supplies.
    Any other form of test should be carried out by a qualified electrician.


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  2. Laserliner ActiveFinder- Contactless Voltage Tester

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    The Laserliner ActiveFinder is a contactless, handy voltage tester for working safely on electrical lines. It locates electrical voltages in cables, sockets, bulb sockets and fuses. In addition it determines the polarity of L/N conductors (e.g. on sockets or terminals) and finds breaks in wires and cables.

    The ActiveFinder has extremely high sensitivity for tracing lines at great depths. Its zoom function offers tracing of live cables at depths up to 4cm, depending on the material. It features an LED for signalling electrical voltages and an integrated flashlight with separate on/off button. Its rugged casing is impact-resistant.

    Supplied with 2 x AAA batteries.

    Voltage range: 24-1,000 Volt.
    Frequency range: 50-60Hz.
    Overvoltage Category: CAT III 1,000 Volt (non condensing).


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  3. Laserliner ActiveTester - Universal Voltage Tester

    SKU: PTDL/L083020A

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    The Laserliner ActiveTester is a universal voltage tester for the entire electrical system of buildings. It has twin probes which provide reliable and fast readings with the most commonly used nominal voltages.

    The ActiveTester provides automatic AC and DC voltage testing and automatic range and function changeover for direct testing and measurement. It has a rugged, practical enclosure in a space-saving mini format and operates without batteries.

    Voltage range (LED indicator): 6, 12, 24, 50, 120, 230, 400 V/AC and V/DC.
    Overvoltage Category: CATIII 600V.


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  4. Laserliner ActiveMaster - Voltage & Continuity Tester

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    The Laserliner ActiveMaster is a practical and reliable device for testing voltage and continuity. It provides automatic AC and DC voltage testing and automatic range and function changeover for direct testing and measurement. In addition, it can be used for single-phase and rotary field testing with phase sequence display and also single-pole phase testing. The automatic continuity tester has an acoustic signal.

    The ActiveMaster has a rugged case with lockable test prod spacing. It is supplied with 2 x AAA batteries and protective covers.

    Voltage range (LED indicator): 12, 24, 36, 50, 120, 230, 400, 690 V AC/DC.
    Overvoltage category: CATII/1,000V, CAT III/1,000V and CAT IV/600V.


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  5. Stanley FatMax LED Voltage Tester

    SKU: PTDINT082566

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    The Stanley Intelli Tools FatMax LED Voltage Tester uses an LED display to show the measured value immediately, polarity is also indicated. The durable body is IP54 rated, meaning it is resistant to debris/water.


    Voltage: AC/DC 400V


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  6. Stanley FatMax Non-Contact Voltage Detector

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    The Stanley Intelli Tools FatMax Non-Contact Voltage Detector can be used to detect voltage or non-contact metals up to 20mm. Allows you to check voltage in a circuit without contact. The integrated sensitivity adjustment allows you to narrow down the search area of live voltage.


    AC Voltage Range: 20-1000V
    Metal Detecting Distance: <20mm
    Safety Rating: CAT III 600V & CAT II 1000V


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  7. Stanley FatMax UK Wall Plug Tester

    SKU: PTDINT582568

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    The Stanley Intelli Tools FatMax Wall Plug Tester quickly checks the status of UK wall plugs. The LED lights clearly indicate a range of wiring conditions such as correct, missing earth and live earth reverse etc. This unit will not detect earth neutral reverse.

    Designed to Safety Standard EN 61010.


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  8. Faithfull Mini Clamp Meter


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    The Faithfull Mini Clamp Meter is an ideal instrument for use in many laboratory, factory, warehouse and home applications. This compact electrical test tool combines a basic digital multimeter with a current sensor. The clamp can be used to measure current, and the probes are used to measure voltage.

    Features include a 3.1/2 digit LCD display and a data hold function that allows the present reading to be held on screen.

    Suitable for measuring AC/DC voltage, AC current, resistance and diodes.

    Supplied with batteries, test leads and user manual.

    Voltage DC: 300V, Input Impedance: 9M
    Voltage AC: 300V, Frequency Response: 40~400Hz
    Current AC: 20/200/400A, Frequency Range: 50~60Hz
    Resistance: 2000/200k
    Diode Check: Resolution: 1mV, Open Circuit Voltage about 3V
    Continuity: Less than 30

    Clamp Capacity: 25mm
    Max. Measurable Conduction: 25mm
    Power: 3 x 3V CR2032 batteries (supplied)
    Dimensions: 151 x 65 x 34mm
    Weight: approx. 125g (excluding battery)


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  9. Faithfull Socket Polarity Tester


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    The Faithfull Socket Polarity Tester tests sockets quickly and easily. It can be used to determine whether socket wiring is correct or incorrect.

    Used in conjunction with the coding table provided, the 3 combined lamps indicate the state of the sockets wiring condition. The compact and durable design is easy to operate and read. Just plug into a socket for automatic detection.


    Socket Type: UK 240V 3-Pin
    Nominal Voltage: 240V
    Frequency Range: 50~60Hz
    Operating Temperature: 0C to 40C
    Dimensions: 71 x 62 x 62mm
    Weight: approx. 63g


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  10. Faithfull Socket Polarity Tester with RCD Test Function


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    The Faithfull Socket Tester is an essential mains safety tester designed for testing socket wiring and RCDs. It will determine whether a socket is wired correctly or incorrectly. Used in conjunction with the coding table provided, the 5 combined indicators show the true status of the sockets wiring condition. It provides a true ground error indication through the LCD if dangerous contact voltage is present at the protective earth (PE). The use of 3 neon indicators for L-N-PE provides rapid detection of correct/incorrect socket wiring. It is equipped with an additional RCD tester for testing the operation of RCDs with a rating of not more than 30mA.


    Socket Type: UK 240V 3-Pin
    Nominal Voltage: 220V 10%
    Frequency Range: 50~60Hz
    Measurement Category: CATIII, 300V
    RCD Test Time: 60~300ms
    Contact Voltage Threshold: <35 AC against ground depending on coupling to earth
    RCD Test Current: 30mA 15%
    Dimensions: 77 x 67 x 66mm
    Weight: approx. 70g


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  11. Faithfull Voltage Detector Stick


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    The Faithfull Voltage Detector Stick is a non-contact AC voltage detector for detecting 5-1000V AC voltage. It is ideal for testing sockets and wires, and for detecting break points in a live wire.

    When AC voltage is detected, the indicator LED will flash red and the built-in buzzer will sound short beeps. The rotary power switch can be used to adjust the units detection sensitivity and an illumination function is provided for use in dark places. The detectors LED will flash red periodically to indicate there is sufficient battery power left. The casing features a pocket clip to help keep the unit close to hand.

    Supplied with batteries and user manual.


    Voltage Detecting Range: 5-1000V AC
    Frequency Range: 50~400Hz
    Safety Category: CAT IV 1000V
    Power: 2 x 1.5V AAA batteries (supplied)
    Size: 154 x 32 x 28mm
    Weight: approx. 50g (including batteries)


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