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  1. Irwin FK150 Folding Utility Knife Range

    The Irwin FK150 Folding Utility Knife features patented Blade Lock Technology, which is designed to keep the utility blade securely locked in the knife handle, and provides the user with the ability to change blades only when the release button is engaged and the blade holder is in the 45 open position. It has a proprietary design that addresses the most frequently cited user frustration, that of preventing the blades accidentally pulling out of the handle during use.

    No other folding knife offers this level of blade security and user safety.

    Other features include: liner lock for quick one-handed operation, all metal body design for added durability, and a built in wire stripper for added convenience.

    The Irwin IRW1888438 FK150 Folding Utility Knife has blade storage that holds up to two additional blades and is supplied with 3 blades.


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  2. Irwin Bi-Metal Trapezoid Knife Blades Range

    Irwin Bi-Metal Trapezoid Knife Blades combine the best of two metals electro-welded together. The edge of the blade is made from high speed steel, which is much harder than standard carbon steel, and has been shown to last up to three times longer in user trials on plasterboard, drywalling, roofing, insulation, flooring and other heavy-duty materials.

    The bulk of the blade is made from spring steel, which can resist pressure applied from the side without snapping.The safest blade to use is generally a sharp one - as it takes less effort to cut, and therefore greater control can be maintained.

    This blade stays sharp up to 3 x longer than standard blades. The high-speed steel edge, and heat treated to greater hardness for longer life and edge sharpness.

    Fit all standard knives.


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  3. Irwin Carbon Hooked Knife Blades Range

    Irwin Carbon Hooked Blades with a high speed steel edge and heat treated to greater hardness for longer life and edge sharpness.


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  4. Irwin Bi-Metal Snub Nose Safety Knife Blades Range

    Irwin Snub Nose Bi-Metal Safety Knife Blades

    The snub nose blade design helps to reduce the risk of accidental puncture wounds. Shatterproof bi-metal blades combine the best of two metals, electro-welded together for superior performance and safety.

    Bi-metal blades stay sharp up to 3 x longer than carbon steel blades.


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  5. Irwin Bi-Metal Blue Snap-Off Blades 18mm Range

    The IRWIN Bi-Metal Blue Snap-Off Blades are shatterproof for ultimate safety, making them suitable for universal use in most applications.

    They also feature soft snap technology for safer segment breakage and stay sharper 3x longer than standard blades.


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  6. Stanley SM Snap-Off Blade Knife Range
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    The Stanley SM Snap-Off Blade Knife has an impact resistant, high-quality ABS plastic body. The rear body removes for access to blade carrier and snapping slot. Secure, multi-position slide button. Pocket clip.

    Available sizes: 9mm and 18mm.


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  7. Stanley Springback Safety Knives Range

    The Stanley 10-189 springback safety knife has a red high visibility body which is ribbed to provide a firm grip.

    The blade automatically springs back inside the knife body as soon as pressure on the shifter button is released. It is supplied with a special round nose and heavy-duty blade for ultimate safety.

    Ideal for use in warehouses for cutting straps or boxes open.


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  8. Stanley Safety Wrap Cutter Range
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    The Stanley Safety Wrap Cutter is made from lightweight but tough ABS plastic and is ideal for shrink wrap, banding and cartons.
    The blade is replaceable.


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  9. Stanley Throwaway Knives Range

    The Stanley 601 series are disposable craft knife, these are ideal for precision work on card, plastic, and for many craft applications.

    The tapered plastic body allows precision blade control, and the blades are protected by a plastic guard to ensure safety and a longer life.

    When the life of the knife has been reached you simply dispose of the knife in the correct re-cycling system, as the blades are moulded to the handle are not replaceable.


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  10. Stanley 5901 Straight Knife Blades Range

    Suitable for 10-590, 10-595 and 10-598 knives.

    Straight, general purpose, light-duty blade for modelling and craft work.


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