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Road Wheels & Track Measure

Road Wheels & Track Measure
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  1. Stanley MW20M Counter Measuring Wheel

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    The Stanley Intelli Level MW20M Counter Measuring Wheel has a tough plastic gear housing with a 5-digit counter and reset button. It has an easy-to-use two piece retractable Aluminium handle and 85 durometer rubber wheels for durability and traction.


    Max. Distance: 9999.99 Metres.
    Wheel Diameter: 100mm.
    Working Accuracy: 2% Typically.
    Units of Measurement: M, Tenths of a M.
    Working Environment: Mainly indoor and smooth floor use.


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  2. Stanley DMW30 Digital Measuring Wheel

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    The Stanley 77-176 DWM30 digital measuring wheel allows for Bi-directional measurement (measures in either direction) and automatic conversion of units of measurement.

    It can store up to 8 measurements in memory, auto power off after 2 minutes of suspended use as well as a manual power off.

    It has a heavy-duty, metal folding handle and rubber grip, folding wheel mount, die cast aluminium wheel, wear resistant rubber tread and a folding kick stand.

    1-77-176 CONSISTS OF: Measuring Wheel, Manual and Carry Bag

    Technical Specification:
    Working Range - 9999.99 Metres or 9999.99 Feet .
    Wheel Diameter - 254mm
    Working Environment - Built for exterior use
    Working Accuracy - 1% Typically
    Units of Measurement - Metres, Centimetres, Feet & Inches
    Wheel Mount - Folding Wheel mount included
    Batteries - 3 x AAA Batteries
    Battery Life - Up to 50 hours of intermittent use
    Build Standard - Rugged construction for outside use
    Warranty - 12 Months


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  3. Fisco WH10 Road Measuring Wheel


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    The Fisco Road-Meter is a robust measuring wheel for professional surveying, highway and site work.

    The wheel frame is constructed from high quality polypropylene which is virtually unbreakable can withstand rigorous use.

    The spokes are sturdily designed to minimise wind resistance, which makes the Road-Meter easy to use in difficult weather conditions. The high visibility yellow offers added to safety for highway use.

    The tyre is made of an abrasion resistant material which is cast onto the wheel to ensure a close fit, and to maintain the highest level of accuracy. At any point on the tyre the thickness is exactly 22 mm so that the wheel will not tilt or generate variable readings. The cast forks incorporate a pointer for precise recordings.

    Balanced centrally over the wheel, the precision counter has large clear reading numbers which can measure up to 10 kilometres in one stretch. The simple zeroing lever enables instant resetting, and the counter can be run backwards to subtract accurately any over run.

    The Road-Meter comes equipped with a foot operated folding stand and a brake for start/stop measuring. The dirt remover maintains accuracy during use.

    Tough, metal gearing and working parts for longevity.
    Belt drive is easier to replace and more durable than other mechanisms.
    Clear reading counter mechanism, displays metres and centimetres, has an instant reset lever and is accurate to 0.1%.
    Extremely tough die-cast fork frame holds wheel bearings.
    Swivel link folds sideways for quick collapse and packing.
    Integral dirt scraper keeps wheel accurate.
    Easy to use foot operated brake locks the wheel at the required measurement.
    Clearly visible pointer for accurate start and end readings.
    Folding stand can be steadied by a foot to prevent wheel being blown over by wind or traffic movement.
    Supplied in strong nylon carrying bag. 55 x 17 x 53cm.


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  4. Stanley MW40M Counter Measuring Wheel

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    The Stanley Intelli Level MW40M Counter Measuring Wheel is gear driven with a tough plastic housing. It has a 5-digit counter with a manual reset button. The wheel is made from die-cast aluminium and fitted with a wear resistant rubber tread. Fitted with a heavy-duty, metal folding handle with rubber grip for easy handling. There is also a folding wheel mount.

    Supplied with: 1 x Manual and 1 x Carry Bag


    Max. Distance: 9999.99 Metres
    Wheel Diameter: 318mm (12.5in)
    Working Environment: Built for exterior use, larger wheel for rougher ground
    Working Accuracy: 1% Typically
    Units of Measurement: Metres and Tenths of a Metre


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  5. Crescent Lufkin MW16MEU Folding Measuring Wheel 160mm


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    Lufkin Folding Measuring Wheel has an accurate measurements up to 9999.9m. The wheel is calibrated to counter and is accurate for estimated measurements.

    Wheel brake and reset is located on the handle for convenient multiple measurements. Whilst the 160mm wheel diameter guarantees accurate measurements both indoors and out.

    Includes carry bag.


    Size: Extend: 1040mm, Folded: 430mm.
    Weight: 1.1kg.


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  6. Faithfull Digital Road Measuring Wheel


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    The Faithfull Road Measuring Wheel features a large easy-read illuminated digital counter display that offers the user the choice of either a metric or imperial readout and has a memory recall system that allows up to five measurements to be stored during any one use. The digital counter is accurate and easy to use, adding when the wheel is moved forward and subtracting when moved backwards, measurements are simple to store and recall and the counter may be reset at the press of a button. The durable ABS wheel is fitted with a hard wearing nylon tyre and steel axle for a long working life, with a kick stand and a soft hand grip. A telescopic handle allows the wheel to be collapsed for compact storage in the supplied weatherproof carry bag.

    Suitable for measuring long distances where a long tape becomes impractical. Widely used for road and ground measuring e.g. construction, garden, schools, large open areas. It is a high quality and durable measuring wheel with an accurate digital readout and an ergonomic handle design.


    Input Power: 3V 2 x AAA LR3 batteries (NOT Included)
    Size: Closed: 65cm, Expanded: 98cm
    Counter: Digital Metric or Imperial
    Max Measuring Range: 99999.9 (m/ft)
    Accuracy: 0.5%
    Measurement Resolution: 0.1m
    Wheel Diameter: 318mm (1m per wheel revolution)
    Temperature Range: -10 to 45C


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