Car Maintenance & Valeting Products

Car Maintenance & Valeting Products
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  1. Turtle Wax Zip Wax Car Wash & Wax Range
    Turtle Wax Zip Wax Car Wash and Wax is a super-concentrated formula that gently washes away dirt and road grime leaving cars sparkling clean. In just... Learn More

    Prices From £2.93 £2.44

  2. Turtle Wax Streak Free Wash & Wax Range
    Turtle Wax Streak Free Wash & Wax is one of Turtle Waxs most advanced car wash products. It contains added cationic rinse aid to actively repel water... Learn More

    Prices From £3.04 £2.53

  3. Turtle Wax Fresh Shine Range
    Turtle Wax Fresh Shine Cockpit Shine is an interior plastic protectant with a long-lasting premium fragrance and adjustable level of shine. Fresh Shine... Learn More

    Prices From £3.43 £2.86

  4. Silverhook Concentrated All Seasons Screen Wash Range
    Silverhook All Seasons Screen Wash has a no smear formula that keeps windscreens spotless and free from road grime and bugs. The concentrated formula... Learn More

    Prices From £1.60 £1.33

  5. CarPlan Mighty Oak Air Freshener Range
    CarPlan Mighty Oak is a carded air freshener, providing a fragrance that lasts for weeks. Available in singles or a mixed fragrance pack of 3. Singles:... Learn More

    Prices From £1.00 £0.83

  6. Silverhook Puncture Repair Kit Range
    These Puncture Repair Kits are suitable for pneumatic tyres with an inner tube such as cycles, wheelbarrows or sack trucks. Both kits come with 10cc of... Learn More

    Prices From £0.79 £0.66

  7. Plasti-kote Auto Paint Range
    The PlastiKote Auto Paint is fast drying and durable. Suitable for repairs to car bodies, scratches and general repairs. Use in conjunction with... Learn More

    Prices From £5.83 £4.86

  8. Plasti-kote Peelable Paint Range
    PlastiKote Peelable Paint has a fast drying formula that is suitable for car wheels and bodies. Perfect for changing the colour of your car wheels. The... Learn More

    Prices From £8.86 £7.38

  9. Faithfull Metal Jerry Can Range
    A heavy-duty all steel jerry can featuring a lockable filler cap fitted with a rubber seal to prevent leaks and evaporation. Cans are painted both... Learn More

    Prices From £15.02 £12.52

  10. Silverhook Concentrated Antifreeze O.A.T Red Range
    Silverhook Concentrated Red Antifreeze and Summer Coolant provides all year round protection for up to 5 years. It is suitable for all types of... Learn More

    Prices From £3.77 £3.14

  11. U-POL High Performance Tack Cloth Range
    U-Pol High performance synthetic cloths ensure a decontaminated surface prior to painting. Eliminates particle trappings and contaminants. Removes dust... Learn More

    Prices From £6.37 £5.31

  12. U-POL ISOPON Fastglas Laminating Resin Range
    U-POL ISOPON Fastglas Laminating Resin for use with Fastglas Hardener and Glass Fibre Mat or Tissue. Ideal for repairing holes, splits and cracks in... Learn More

    Prices From £5.70 £4.75

  13. U-POL Hardener For P38/P40 Range
    U-Pol Hardener For P38/P40 is an additional BPO hardener for polyester body fillers. Can be used with all the U-POL and ISOPON polyester fillers.... Learn More

    Prices From £2.76 £2.30

  14. U-POL ISOPON Fastglas Glass Fibre Kit Range
    97% of 100
    The U-Pol FASTGLAS is a polyester resin kit, containing resin, hardener, glass fibre, mixing cup, and plastic gloves. It has been developed for the... Learn More

    Prices From £9.98 £8.32

  15. U-POL P40 Body Filler Range
    U-Pol ISOPON P40 Body Filler for Holes is the ideal choice for repairing and priming rust holes up to 75mm wide in most types of metal ready for... Learn More

    Prices From £9.17 £7.64

  16. U-POL ISOPON P.38 Multi Purpose Body Filler Range
    ISOPON P.38 Multi Purpose Body Filler is a durable and easy to use filler which has been specifically formulated to repair minor dents and scrathes in... Learn More

    Prices From £6.37 £5.31

  17. U-POL Applicator Range
    U-Pol plastic applicators with a flat leading edge to give a superior finish.... Learn More

    Prices From £0.91 £0.76

  18. UCare Cotton Polishing Cloth Range
    Cotton stockinette is ideal for the application and removal of wax and polish. 100% pure ecru cotton for greater absorbency and softness.... Learn More

    Prices From £2.00 £1.67

  19. UCare Chamois Leather Range
    U-Care 100% Chamois Leather. Made from soft leather with an even surface and finished on both sides. A highly absorbent, medium weight, general purpose... Learn More

    Prices From £5.22 £4.35

  20. TUW De-ionised Water Range
    De-ionised water is generally used for car battery maintenance. It is also ideal for use with steam irons to prevent scaling.... Learn More

    Prices From £1.79 £1.49

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Car Maintenance & Valeting Products
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