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Wallpapering Tools & Consumables

Wallpapering Tools & Consumables
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  1. Polycell Maximum Strength Wallpaper Paste Range


    100 %

    Polycell Maximum Strength Wallpaper Adhesive can be used with any type of wallpaper and mixes quickly to a smooth paste that is very easy to apply. It contains fungicide to protect against mould growth.

    This extra strong formula allows easy slide to match the patterns perfectly, guaranteeing long lasting results. It has an optimum consistency, with no lumps.

    Ready to use in 2 minutes!


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  2. Solvite All Purpose Wallpaper Paste Range

    SKU: PTDGRPSLV1591219

    Solvite All Purpose Wallpaper Adhesive is extra strong for reliable, long lasting results. It has a fast mix formula for quick and easy preparation.

    Extra strong, smooth lump free formula, fast 20 second mix and ready to use in under 2 minutes.

    For hanging washables, vinyls, lining paper and embossed paper.


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  3. Earlex LMB Steammaster Wallpaper Stripper Range


    The Earlex LMB176 Steam Master Wallpaper Stripper is a professional wallpaper stripper with a patented design, protected by a tubular steel frame. Hardwearing and durable, it is an ideal solution to large stripping tasks. With its in-built step, there is no need for a ladder to access hard to reach areas.

    The Earlex Steam Master features a large capacity tank for up to 90 minutes of stripping. The on-board storage also makes it compact and portable, making it the perfect choice for a painter and decorator. It is ideal for multi-layered wallpapers, vinyls and painted wallpaper.

    For safety It has two thermal protection devices and a pressure release valve.


    Tank Size: 7.5 Litre.
    Hose Length : 5m run cool anti-kink.
    Plate Size : 253 x 305 mm.


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  4. Everbuild Overlap & Border Adhesive Range


    Everbuild Overlap and Border adhesive, is a high strength, ready mixed paste suitable for hanging all types of borders (including vinyl). Overlap and Border adhesive may also be used for adhering overlaps and carrying out repairs to damaged paper sections. Overlap and Border adhesive will stick to all common papers as well as gloss and emulsioned walls.

    -High initial tack for quick bonding.
    -Allows time for repositioning.
    -Contains a powerful fungicide to prevent mould growth whist the paste fully cures.

    -Use only as directed
    -Store in original container.
    -Dispose of product and packaging correctly.
    -It is users responsibility to determine suitability for use. If in doubt please contact technical services for advice.

    Ensure surfaces are clean and dry and free from loose or flaky material. Gloss or non porous surfaces should be rubbed down to improve adhesion.

    For borders - cut border to required length. Gently score vinyl wallpaper where border is to be positioned. If using on pre pasted borders moisten before applying adhesive. Spread adhesive over border ensuring even coverage. Position border and smooth down with a sponge or cloth. Take care to keep the printed side of the border free of adhesive. If contact occurs wipe off excess adhesive with a damp cloth.

    COVERAGE - 1kg will hang approx.40m of a 13 cm (5 inch) deep border.

    For overlap repairs - apply the adhesive to the fixed substrate and press the overlap piece into position. Press firmly into place using a brush and wipe off excess immediately with a damp cloth.


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  5. Zinsser Dif Concentrate Wallpaper Stripper Range


    80 %

    Zinsser DIF Wallpaper Stripper is a patented wallpaper stripper based on enzyme action for fast and easy removal of wall coverings.

    With DIF, wall coverings can be stripped quickly and reliably. It contains special enzymes - a unique, patented formulation with a superior more effective blend of wetting agents that speeds up penetration of the wallpaper and re-solubilisation of the paste.

    In contrast to DIF Wallpaper Stripper, ordinary wallpaper remover solutions merely wet the paper and the paste, and therefore require a lot of scraping and do not work well except on loose sections. Softened paste tends to build up on the scraper blades, blunting them and leading to wall gouging. DIF Wallpaper Stripper eliminates damage to walls caused by removal of uncoated, water-permeable wallpaper.

    Using DIF Wallpaper Stripper is better than attempting to remove wallpaper with hot water, vinegar and water, or any other home brew solutions. Furthermore, it does not require the use of a steamer.

    Supplied as a powerful concentrate - just add water.


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