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Insect Pest Control

Insect Pest Control
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  1. Vitax Nippon Wasp Nest Powder 300g



    The Nippon Wasp Nest Powder from Vitax provides rapid and effective control of wasp nests. Apply dust liberally into or around the nest in piles at the nest entrance. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

    Active ingredient: Permethrin.


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  2. Pest-Stop (Pelsis Group) Clothes Moth Trap Twin Pack


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    These Pest-Stop moth traps are designed to be hung in clothing storage areas. They are simple to assemble and installed in seconds. The trap is baited with a pheromone attractant specifically for clothes moths, which are lured onto the sticky pad inside the trap where they are caught.

    The traps are discreet and practical and last for around 3 months. Safe to use, with no chemicals or odours.

    Pack of 2.


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  3. Vitax Nippon Wasp Nest Destroyer Foam 300ml



    For the control of wasps in and around the home.

    Specifically designed powerful aerosol that will destroy a wasp nest from a distance of over 3m. The spray foams up instantly to thoroughly wet the treated nest. Fast acting with rapid effect on contact.

    Contains permethrin and tetramethrin.

    Apply at the first signs of wasp activity.

    How to Use:

    Spray in early morning or late evening when the wasps are in the nest. Hold the can upright 3m away from the nest and spray in 3 second bursts to thoroughly wet the nest.

    Pay particular attention to the nest entrance or where the wasps are seen entering and leaving.

    A repeat application may be required where the entrance is not readily accessible.

    Note: If using on painted surfaces, test before use for discolouration before carrying out overall application.

    Nippon Wasp Nest Destroyer produces a temporary foam coating on the target surface. This would normally disperse after a few minutes.


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  4. Vitax Nippon Fly & Wasp Killer 300ml



    An aerosol space spray to control flies, wasps, mosquitoes, midges and other flying insects in and around the home. Fast acting with immediate effect on contact.

    Can be used in the home in food preparation and storage areas.

    Contains Permethrin and Tetramethrin.

    Apply: At the first signs of fly activity.

    How to Use:

    - Spray the pest in short bursts from a distance of 90-150cm.
    - Can be sprayed into a room with all doors and windows closed where insects are present. Spray several short bursts, shut the door and leave the room for 10-15mins.


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  5. Vitax Nippon Ant & Insect Killer Aerosol 300ml



    For the control of common black ants and crawling insects in and around the home.

    300ml aerosol.

    Contains: Permethrin and Tetramethrin.


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  6. Vitax Nippon Ant Bait Station Twin Pack



    For the control of common black ants in and around the home.

    Pre-baited station which is clean and simple to use. Kills the ants in their nest without mess or trace.

    For indoor and outdoor use.

    Contain Spinosad.

    Apply at the first signs of ant activity.

    How to Use:

    Remove readily available foodstuffs.

    Remove bait station from pack and twist the base of the unit to open the access holes.

    Place the bait station on a flat surface as near to the entrance of the ants nest as possible (do not disturb feeding ants as it is essential that feeder ants take the bait back to the nest to the rest of the colony).

    An effective dose is usually built up within the colony over 7-10 days depending on the size of the ant colony and the frequency of ant feeding.

    Twin Pack.


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  7. Pest-Stop (Pelsis Group) Fly Papers Pack of 4


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    These Pest-Stop fly papers are a traditional method of trapping flies in the home. The sticky paper strips are hung from the ceiling and trap flies on contact. They are easy-to-use, by simply untwisting and hanging up for immediate use. Each tube can catch up to 100 flies and can be simply disposed of when full.

    Drawing pin and hanging loop provided.

    Pack of 4.


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  8. Vitax Nippon Woodlice Killer 150g



    For the control of woodlice, wasps, cockroaches, beetles, earwigs, silverfish and other crawling insects in and around the home. Long lasting - up to 6 months control.

    For indoor and outdoor use.

    Children and pets need not be excluded from treated areas.

    Contains Permethrin.

    Apply at the first signs of insect activity.

    How to Use:

    Remove cap. Hold container pointing slightly downwards and apply as a fine dust to surfaces. Replace cap after use.

    Crawling insects - woodlice, cockroaches, beetles, earwigs, silverfish and other crawling insects: apply around cracks and other entry points. Leave powder undisturbed and re-treat as necessary.

    Ants: where possible open up the nests, dust well and tread down. Dust along the ant runs, cracks, crevices and other places. Entrances to nests should be liberally dusted, particularly in cases where the access is limited. Where ants are invading premises apply to points of access such as doorsteps, window frames, air-bricks.

    Wasps: apply dust liberally into the nest or apply in piles at the nest entrance. Treatment is best carried out in the evening or on dull days when wasp activity is at a minimum. Take care not to disturb the colony and do not return to the nest until all wasp activity has ceased.


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  9. STV Zero In Moth Repeller Cedar Balls Pack of 20


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    Made from 100% natural Eastern Aromatic Red Cedar for effective control of clothes moths.
    Long-lasting fragrance can be refreshed by rubbing with a fine grain sandpaper. Refreshes clothes and also helps prevent build up of mustiness and mildew. Can either be placed in drawers and cupboards or placed over hangers in the wardrobe


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  10. Pest-Stop (Pelsis Group) Window Fly Stickers Pack of 4


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    These Pest-Stop window fly-catchers exploit the attraction flies have for windows and light. Simply remove the cover paper and apply to window. With a sunflower design, the stickers are attractive yet practical. Their powerful adhesive will hold even the largest house flies or bluebottles. They are safe, with no chemicals or odours.

    Effective for up to 3 months.

    Pack of 4.


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  11. Rentokil Insectrol - Insect Killer Spray Aerosol 250ml



    Insectrol - Insect Killer Spray for the control of household insects. This insecticidal spray kills fleas, ants, cockroaches, earwigs, bedbugs and most other insects. Contains Permethrin and D-Allethrin.

    Kills crawling insects in the home.
    Offers long lasting protection.

    Always read the label and product information before use. Use biocides safely.

    This product is intended for indoor use.

    Size: 250ml.


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  12. Rentokil Flypapers Pack of 4



    A safe, Non Toxic Method of killing flies and other flying insects. Useful in areas where food is present or prepared, such as kitchens and larders. Suitable for use in outbuildings, stables, barns and sheds. Not harmful to animals and pets. Useful in caravans and tents when camping.

    1 x Rentokil Flypapers (Pack of 4)


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  13. Rentokil Insectrol Moth Killer 250ml



    The Rentokil Insectrol Moth Killer acts fast to get rid of moths in your home. This insecticidal moth spray also kills flies and wasps.

    Ideal as a space/area spray around rooms with flies and flying insects. Not recommended for spraying of carpets or fabrics.

    Contains Tetramethrin and D-phenothrin.


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  14. STV Silver Aluminium Door Chain Screen

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    The STV340 high quality aluminium door chain screen has a silver metallic finish and provides a dense chain count 90 x 200cm walk through screen for doorways. The screen is effective for allowing fresh air in and keeping flying and biting insects out.

    The STV340 door chain screen is supplied in a handy carry case. The fixings and hang rails are included for easy installation and removal each day, or as required.


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  15. Vitax Nippon Ant Killer Soluble Sachet Blister Pack


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    Each sachet of Nippon Ant Killer from Vitrex contains a measured amount of insecticide to control crawling insects including ants, on external hard surfaces. Simply dissolve a sachet in a measured amount of water in a watering can and pour over the surface for fast and effective results.

    The treatment is particularly suitable for ant infestations outdoors, on patios, decking, paths and lawns.

    In addition to ants, the treatment is effective against cockroaches, beetles, ticks, woodlice and other crawling insects.

    Active ingredient: Cypermethrin.

    Contains 2 sachets. Each sachet dilutes into 5 litres of water.


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Insect Pest Control
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