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Router Bits
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  1. Trend Two Flute Cutters Extra Long Shank Range
    93% of 100
    Trend Trade range two flute router cutters have extra long shanks and are designed to meet the demanding needs of the professional trademen. They have... Learn More

    Prices From £22.14 £18.45

  2. Trend 1/4in Two Flute Cutters Solid Carbide Range
    The Trend Solid Tungsten Carbide two flute cutters are turned, milled and ground from a solid piece of Tungsten Carbide and provide the greatest... Learn More

    Prices From £37.40 £31.17

  3. Trend Biscuit Jointer Sets, Craft Pro Range
    This TCT two wing slotting cutter is ideal for biscuit jointing sizes The set is supplied with 3 ball bearing guides to suit the three sizes of... Learn More

    Prices From £34.03 £28.36

  4. Trend 90 Bearing Guided Trimmer Cutters Range
    Self-guided trimming bits. Used for trimming plastic or plywood overlays. Also for copy profiling with a template. Raise cutter in stages to spread... Learn More

    Prices From £16.09 £13.41

  5. Trend Two Flute Cutters Craft Pro Range
    Two fluted Tungsten Carbide Tipped straight cutters which are suitable for a wide range of applcations such a engraving, grooving, rebating and shallow... Learn More

    Prices From £8.56 £7.13

  6. Trend Replacement Bearings Range
    Replacement bearing to suit all Trend bearing guided router cutters. The Bearings are shielded to prevent penetration of dust and grease packed for... Learn More

    Prices From £3.78 £3.15

  7. Trend 9/7 Bearing Guided Corner Bead Cutters Range
    Bead Cutters are ideally suited to form straight or curved decorative edge mouldings on table tops, chair legs and frames. They can also be used to... Learn More

    Prices From £46.49 £38.74

  8. Trend Pin Guided Rounding Over Cutters Range
    Pin guided rounding over cutters are ideal for panel work and edge mounting, all can be used on natural timbers, man-made particles and fibre boards.... Learn More

    Prices From £39.26 £32.72

  9. Trend Helical Plunge Bits HSSE Range
    Tooling for use on webbed aluminium and UPVC extrusions by window and door fabricators. Cutters are produced in special high speed steel (HSSE) to... Learn More

    Prices From £15.88 £13.23

  10. Trend 46/8 90 Bearing Guided Triple Flute Cutter Range
    Self-guiding triple flute cutters provide a super fine finish and longer life. Suitable for laminate or plywood overlay.... Learn More

    Prices From £26.14 £21.78

  11. Trend 46/39 Bearing Guided Rebate Sets Range
    Popular rebate sets which include different size bearings for a choice of rebates. They provide easy setting up and accurate depth of cut. Ideal for... Learn More

    Prices From £57.72 £48.10

  12. Trend 45 Bearing Guided Chamfer Cutters Range
    These types of cutters are used for edging work and chamfer cutting on man made fibre boards, natural timbers and plastics. Tools are offered to... Learn More

    Prices From £50.99 £42.49

  13. Trend Bearing Guided Ovolo & Round Over Cutters Range
    Ovollo and rounding over bearing guided cutters are ideal for curved work, they can be used on natural timbers, man-made particles and fibre boards.... Learn More

    Prices From £35.21 £29.34

  14. Trend 90 Shank Mounted Template Profilers Range
    Profilers with shank mounted bearings for guidance, for use with router mounted above or below a table when following a template. Bearing guided... Learn More

    Prices From £27.97 £23.31

  15. Trend 90 Template Profilers Range
    Self guiding cutters with bearings mounted for trimming and bevelling timber, lippings and plastic laminate edges for cabinet making, countertop... Learn More

    Prices From £19.86 £16.55

  16. Trend TCT Rebaters Range
    These Cutters produce recesses with a lower rebate - double rebate. Designed to accept library/bookcase strip (Tonk Strip).... Learn More

    Prices From £44.81 £37.34

  17. Trend Bearing Guided Biscuit Jointers Range
    342 Biscuit jointer set enables biscuit jointing with timber, man-made fibre and particle board with the router. The set includes three sizes of... Learn More

    Prices From £52.69 £43.91

  18. Trend 1/4in Two Flute Cutters D-Namic Carbide Range
    Trend D-Namic two flute cutters with extra long shanks for deep grooving, rebating and morticing which are useful for template work when thickness of... Learn More

    Prices From £24.73 £20.61

  19. Trend 31/ Dovetail Cutters Range
    Trend dovetail cutters are designed for use with commercial dovetailing and stair housing jigs. Also cutters to produce sliding and lapped dovetails,... Learn More

    Prices From £25.60 £21.33

  20. Trend 1/2in Two Flute Cutters TCT Range
    Two flute straight cutters produce a cleaner finish than the single flute cutters and are suitable for grooving, rebating, morticing and drilling. Use... Learn More

    Prices From £22.67 £18.89

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Router Bits
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