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Crimped Wire Brushes for Bench Grinders

Crimped Wire Brushes for Bench Grinders
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  1. Lessmann Wheel Brushes Range

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    The Lessmann Wheel Brushes are filled with crimped wire and are used for obtaining different surface finishes. For the removal of rust, paint and dirt, for roughening, de-burring. Stripping or polishing.

    A decisive factor for choosing the most suitable brush is the wire and tube diameter. Brushes with a larger tube diameter are filled with more wire, are more aggressive and have a longer life. Some of the brushes are supplied with adaptor sets that allow easy mounting on all popular grinding machines.

    The adaptors have the following dimensions:

    Set 1: 30, 22.2, 20, 16 & 12mm, 1in & 1/2in.
    Set 2: 40, 32, 22.2, 20, & 16mm, 1in & 1/2in.
    Set 3: 50, 32, 22.2, 20, & 16mm, 1in & 1/2in.
    Set 4: Brushes With Metal Discs Bore 50.8 & Double Keyway 7x13; Plus Adaptor to Bore 30.


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  2. Faithfull Wire Wheels Range


    A crimped steel circular wire brush designed to be mounted on a bench grinder. The wire wheels are ideal for the removal of rust, corrosion, paint, weld spatter and general surface deburring. It is supplied complete with plastic inserts (bushes) to enable the wheel to be mounted on grinders with smaller drive spindles.


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Crimped Wire Brushes for Bench Grinders
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