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Workbenches Workmates & Trestles
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  1. Faithfull Steel Trestles (Twin Pack)


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    The Faithfull trestle set with slip resistant worktops and securely locking legs for improved stability. Each trestle has a safe working load of 200kg (440lbs) and folds flat for easy storage. An integral handle allows easy transportation.

    Height: 78cm (31in)
    Length: 100cm (39in)
    Width: 10cm (4in)

    Sold as a pair.


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  2. Stanley Folding Sawhorses (Twin Pack)

    SKU: PTDSTA170713

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    The Stanley 70-713 Folding Sawhorses with a robust polypropylene structure and integrated grooves to hold and clamp materials and top rubber pads /points to prevent materials slipping. They also feature a tool tray to hold power tools and hand tools and side cable hangers. Supplied as a Twin Pack.

    Max Load: 450kg per pair.


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  3. Faithfull Plastic Trestles Height 82cm x Length 57cm (Twin Pack)


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    The Faithfull pair of plastic trestles that fold flat for easy storage and transportation. The top features flip-up safety pegs to secure the workpiece and rubber inserts to prevent the workpiece slipping. Non-slip rubber feet.

    Height: 82 cm (32.1/4in)

    Length: 57 cm (22.1/2in)

    Maximum recommended capacity 158kg per pair.


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  4. Roughneck Loggers Mate Saw Horse

    SKU: PTDROU65690

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    The Roughneck Loggers Mate Saw Horse is lightweight and easy to assemble sturdy saw bench that packs flat for easier storage and transportation. It can be erected and dismantled in seconds. It has a vice-like grip to hold logs and timber at the perfect height for cutting. Ideal for cutting logs, branches, timber, fence posts, beams etc.

    Holds logs and timber from 50mm to 240mm diameter and up to 4m long.

    Max Timber Weight: 150kg.


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  5. Black and Decker WM301 Workmate Bench

    SKU: PTDB/DWM301

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    The Black & Decker WM301 Workmate Bench has a durable steel frame construction and folds flat for compact storage and easy transport. The dual clamping cranks increase the clamping force and offers versatility with the adjustable swivel pegs and jaw retention grooves provide clamping versatility and reliable material hold.

    It has been designed for easy set-up and clean-up with rubber feet which are anti-slip.

    Ideal for: holds virtually anything, bench tool stand, vice for cutting, painting etc. workbench and as a sawhorse.


    Vice Jaw Material: Compressed Bamboo.
    Vice Jaw Opening: 0 - 115mm.
    Working Height: 760mm.
    Vice Jaw Length: 610mm.
    Table Width: 341mm.
    Max Load: 160kg.


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  6. Black and Decker WM626 Tough Dual Height Workmate

    SKU: PTDB/DWM626

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    The Black & Decker WM626 Tough Dual Height Workmate can be used as a workbench, bench tool stand, vice, or sawhorse. With a durable steel frame construction that folds flat for compact storage and easy transport. Dual clamping cranks increase clamping force and versatility.

    Designed for easy set-up and clean-up. Adjustable swivel pegs and jaw retention grooves provide clamping versatility and reliable material hold. Fitted with rubber feet that are anti-slip.


    Vice Jaw Opening: 0 - 136mm.
    Working Height: 775/595mm.
    Vice Jaw Length: 740mm.
    Table Width: 384mm.
    Folded Size (WxHxD): 742 x 740 x 200mm.
    Max Load: 250kg.


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  7. Makita P-71691 Smartholder Chainsaw Horse

    SKU: PTDMAKP71691

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    The Makita P-71691 Smartholder Chainsaw Horse has been designed for use with chainsaws. To hold logs steady, enabling safer cutting conditions.


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  8. Stanley Junior Sawhorses (Twin Pack)

    SKU: PTDSTA170355

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    The Stanley 170355 Junior Sawhorses have an all plastic construction with Non-slip rubber inserts in the top for added grip when working on the project in hand and non-slip rubber feet for added stability and safety. The saw horses will fold flat for easy transportation and storage.

    Supplied as a Twin Pack.

    Max Load: 362kg per pair.
    Length: 571mm.
    Width: 48mm.
    Height: 820mm.


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  9. Armorgard TuffBench Heavy-Duty Folding Work Bench 1080 x 750 x 820mm


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    The Armorgard TuffBench is a durable workbench, suitable for use on construction sites, by means of a temporary work platform. The surface is manufactured from sustainable pressed timber and designed to be long lasting, making it simple to attach working tools (e.g. vices and pipe threaders etc.).

    The legs can be folded up, which means it is a considerably smaller unit to store when not in use, and makes it easier to move around site. A chain and clip is used hold them back when in the folded position. There are no detachable parts, meaning there are no bits to lose during transportation. The frame has been powder coated, to maximise the product usability.


    External Dimensions: 1080 x 750 x 820mm.
    Folded Dimensions: 1080 x 750 x 130mm.
    Weight: 27kg.


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  10. Batavia Work Trestle with Telescopic Legs

    SKU: PTDBAT7062252

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    The Batavia Work Trestle is adjustable, foldable and portable. Ideal for any type of sawing job. The four legs provide a stable basis for safe and precise sawing. Each foot can be adjusted independently of the others for optimal support. The work surface is 99.5 x 13.5cm, with a non-slip rubber mat for increased safety. Comes with a handy carrying handle.


    Working Height: 63.5-90cm
    Capacity: 150kg
    Footprint (Standing): 99.5 x 60cm
    Folded Dimensions: 99.5 x 13.5 x 7cm
    Weight: 7.4kg


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  11. Batavia Multi-Function Work Bench/Support

    SKU: PTDBAT7061273

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    The Batavia Multi-Function Work Bench/Support is very practical and sturdy with a table top which offers 4 different functions. The solid table top lets you use it as a conventional work bench. It offers ball support for flexible movement of items, e.g. during milling. The roller support can be used as an extension for sawing tables and the V-support allows centring of round material.

    The height is easily adjusted up to 127.5cm and it can cope with a weight of up to 200kg (solid surport). The wide rubber feet provide extra stability.


    Max. Capacity: Solid Support 200kg; Ball or Roller Support 100kg; V-Support: 45kg
    Dimensions: 670 x 750 x 780-1270mm


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  12. ToughBuilt C700-2 Sawhorse/Jobsite Table Twin Pack

    SKU: PTDT/BC7002

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    The ToughBuilt C700 Sawhorse and Jobsite Table is durable, rugged and offers unparalleled value. Constructed of 100% high-grade steel, this sawhorse has a remarkable 590kg capacity alone and 1180kg per pair. 2 sawhorses can be transformed into a solid jobsite table.

    Telescopic legs allow the sawhorse to work in any terrain. It also features adjustable support arms for different sized wood. Easy-to-fold, steady feet allow use on all surfaces.

    With a fast-open mechanism, setup is straightforward and simple. This folding sawhorse includes an easy carry handle for effortless transport and rolled edges for safety and comfort. Its powder-coated and zinc-plated finish prevents corrosion and withstands rigorous environments.

    Supplied as a twin pack.


    Capacity: Per Pair: 1,180kg, Single: 590kg
    Closed Position: W 101.2 x D 13.0 x H 14.0cm
    Open, low position: W 101.2 x D 54.51 x H 63.5cm
    Open, high position: W 116.5 x D 69.5 x H 81.5cm
    Weight: 10.45kg


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  13. Batavia Transformer Multifunctional Workbench & Step Ladder

    SKU: PTDBAT7062245

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    The Batavia Transformer Multifunctional Workbench is a robust workbench and also a sturdy step ladder, with very large standing surface in one product. As a step ladder it comes with a retractable safety bar including a handy tool tray.

    You can also use it on its side as a stable support table for large sheet material, wood, pipes etc. It is made of strong aluminium and is easy to store. A typical Batavia tool with its multi purpose usability.

    Max Load: 150kg.


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  14. ToughBuilt Roller Stand

    SKU: PTDT/BS200

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    The ToughBuilt heavy-duty Roller Stand is ideal when guidance is needed to support and keep long workpieces, such as pipes or wood, steady and level.

    This Roller Stand features a box tube frame for strength and stability, a galvanised steel roller allowing materials to glide smoothly on top, legs that fold flat for compact storage, and a height adjustment lever that easily locks and unlocks so the height can be positioned to anywhere from 27.5in to 43in at full extension.


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  15. Batavia Croc Lock Clamping Station

    SKU: PTDBAT7059645

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    The Batavia Croc Lock Clamping Station is ideal for a wide variety of applications, such as: holding doors, fences, wood, ceiling boards, bikes, metal, automotive components, etc. This portable work/clamping Croc Lock system provides a powerful clamping system, with a strength of up to 1000kg, meaning that there is as much and as little clamping force needed for the used material.

    The foot operated clamping system keeps both hands free. A lock knob provides quick release. With 2 operating positions; by turning the clamp rail around (180) you can create a larger clamping position, holding items up to 95.6cm wide. Croc Locks tripod base features foot pads that provide added stability on uneven surfaces. Its quick and easy to assemble and quickly folded away for storage/transportation. With carry handles for easy transportation.


    Working Height: 875mm
    Size: Standing: 1010 x 1060 x 875mm, Folded: 797 x 302 x 325mm
    Jaw Size: 205 x 80mm
    Clamping Range: 0-956mm
    Clamping Force: 1000kg
    Max. Load: 150kg
    Weight: 19kg


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