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  1. Fiskars SW75 Xtract Garden Pruning Saw Range
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    From: £17.33

    The Fiskars Xtract Garden Pruning Saw efficiently cuts fresh wood. It has a handy belt clip that retracts when in use, and a finger guard to protect the fingers from sliding onto the blade. The SoftGrip handle ensures a safe grip.

    Cuts on the pull stroke.


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  2. Bahco 396 LAP Laplander Folding Pruning Saw Range
    From: £19.59

    Bahco 396 Laplander Folding Pruning Saw has a thicker blade with a friction reducing coating and Bahco XT toothing.

    It is best suited to general cutting along or across the grain.

    Type. Folding.
    Size: 190mm.


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  3. Bahco PG Bypass Ergonomic Secateurs Range
    From: £20.28

    Bahco PG ERGO Secateurs for all pruning work in the home garden. The horizontal and vertical angles of the cutting head allow the natural alignment of hand and forearm, therefore preserving tendons and nerves from strain. Xylan coated blade for easy cutting and a soft grip on the upper handle for more comfort.

    Cutting capacity: 20mm.

    PG-M2-E: Medium Handle.
    PG-L2-E: Large Handle.


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  4. Bahco 51-JS Professional Pruning Saw Range
    From: £31.66

    Bahco 51-JS-H Professional Pruning Saw for fast, comfortable pruning work. Extremely sharp and aggressive toothing for cutting live green wood. A rounded narrow nose which makes it easy to reach the places you need to without damaging the bark.

    The unique concave blade surface which provides low friction so you dont need to use as much force as with other saws. Also has a researched blade position which allows for better and more power in your forearm, creating less fatigue.

    Has a comfortable, non-fatigue, two-component handle, with a knuckle protector which holds the hand securely in place.

    The 5128-JS-H is supplied with a scabbard.


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  5. Bahco P121 Bypass Secateurs Range
    From: £17.04

    Bahco P121 Bypass Secateurs are light, sturdy and practical secateurs and are suitable for all types of pruning work in the garden.

    Bypass secateurs are particularly suited for green wood.

    The razor sharp narrow pointed blades are non-stick coated and the locking mechanism has a wire clasp at the end of the handle.

    P121-20: Cutting Capacity: 20mm.
    P121-23: Cutting Capacity: 25mm.


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  6. Bahco P126 Bypass Secateurs Range
    From: £14.56

    Bahco P126 Bypass Secateurs are a robust general gardening secateurs and have bypass blades of professional quality to ensure a clean cut in live wood.

    Locking mechanism with wire clasp at the end of the handle.

    P126-19-E: Cutting Capacity: 15mm.
    P126-22-F: Cutting Capacity: 20mm.


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  7. Bahco PX ERGO Secateurs Range
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    From: £31.19

    These new Bahco secateurs are ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in the hand, with comfort and a good positive grip, as the shape and size of the handles are adapted to the size of the hand.

    The cutting head on the Bahco PXL2 adapts to the task to be performed, and gives a good clean cut, on twigs, branches or delicate flowers that need pruning. Bahco have used the most up to date materials in constructing these secateurs for comfort, cutting performance and to help reduce fatigue and pain, as the PX handles are made of composite material with soft rubber on the upper part.

    These are available in three sizes, and a rotating version for all types of garden maintenance from harsh pruning of large or overgrown shrubbery, to delicate stemmed flowers, for propagating to flower arrangements: S (small), M (medium) and L (large) with three sizes of cutting heads with different cutting capacities available: class 1 (15mm, 1/2-inch), class 2 (20mm, 3/4-inch) and class 3 (30mm, 1 1/4-inch) and a main feature is all cutting heads fit all handles.


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  8. Fiskars PowerGear Bypass Loppers Range
    From: £28.09

    These Fiskars loppers are suitable for heavy cutting of fresh wood. The unique PowerGear mechanism increases cutting power and distributes it evenly throughout the cutting action. The PowerStep technology allows gardeners to cut branches in 1 or multiple steps. This makes the workload easier, eliminating strain and pain, and increases the overall pleasure of gardening.

    Fiskars loppers are made of fibreglass reinforced polyamide, which makes them lightweight and strong. The cutting blades are PTFE coated for less friction.


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  9. Fiskars Quantum Bypass Loppers Range

    The Fiskars Quantum Bypass Loppers have aluminium cross section handles that are light and strong whilst remianing comfortable thanks to the TruGrip cork with SoftGrip inlays in the handles. Precision ground hardened steel blades cut cleanly and precisely through tree branches. The PowerGear mechanism makes cutting three and a half times easier than standard mechanisms.

    Suitable for cutting fresh wood.


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  10. Bahco Pruning Saw Range
    From: £18.87

    The Bahco 384-6T Pruning Saw has a curved blade pruning saw with precision sharpened and set reversed toothing, which cuts on both the push and pull stroke.

    The tubular steel handle is riveted to the blade and is designed to be used with a 25mm (1in) extension pole. (See BAHAP3M Extension Pole).

    Length: 360mm (14in).


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