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Plumbing & Heating Tools
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  1. Arctic Hayes Smoke-Sticks Range
    The Arctic Hayes Smoke-Sticks Kit is the first product on the market offering a pencil thin smoke pattern. The smoke is non-corrosive and not harmful.... Learn More

    Prices From £13.40 £11.17

  2. Irwin Record Chain Pipe Wrenches Range
    IRWIN Record Chain Wrenchs are robust and provide maximum grip on round or irregular shapes. Not for use on copper pipe or non-ferrous pipes. Easy to... Learn More

    Prices From £109.85 £91.54

  3. Monument Spare Tap Reseater Cutters Range
    Monument Flat Tap Reseater Cutter to fit models 450, 455, 454, 458 and 460 Tap Reseating Tools.... Learn More

    Prices From £2.34 £1.95

  4. Monument Copperkey Pipe Cleaning Tools Range
    Monument pipe cleaning tool is the very best and safest way to prepare copper pipe and copper fittings and comes in 15mm and 22mm cutting sizes.... Learn More

    Prices From £14.52 £12.10

  5. Monument Compression Fitting Spanner Range
    100% of 100
    Monument Compression Fitting Spanner double ended spanner for tightening and loosening most 15 and 22 mm compression fitting nuts. Size: 15/22 mm.... Learn More

    Prices From £2.34 £1.95

  6. Monument Olive Cutting Tools Range
    100% of 100
    The Monument olive cutting tool is designed to remove an olive from copper pipe without damaging the pipe and without producing swarf/debris. NOTE: DO... Learn More

    Prices From £30.48 £25.40

  7. Monument Varipitch One Piece Holesaws Range
    Monument high-quality holesaws have an integral shank with M42 Cobalt High Speed Steel cutting blades with variable pitch teeth. Supplied with a split... Learn More

    Prices From £6.01 £5.01

  8. Monument Socket Forming Tools Range
    Monument socket forming tools (copper pipe jointers) are ideal for joining 2 pieces of copper pipe of equal diameter together without using fittings.... Learn More

    Prices From £10.03 £8.36

  9. Kopex TPPS Pipe-Prep Range
    The Kopex Pipe-Prep is a combination tool that cleans and deburrs copper pipe ends. It works by flattening and smoothing, rather than grinding and... Learn More

    Prices From £11.06 £9.22

  10. Antex Pipemaster Pro Range
    The Antex Pipemaster Professional is designed for the professional plumbing contractor. It can be used to solder copper pipe joints with fittings up to... Learn More

    Prices From £117.06 £97.55

  11. Bailey Drain Tracing Dye Range
    The Baileys Drain Tracing Dyes are soluble in water and are used to locate the direction of water flow in pipes, drains etc. The best way to use the... Learn More

    Prices From £12.13 £10.11

  12. Antex Replacement Heads for Pipemaster Pro Range
    Interchangeable heads for Pipemasters irons.... Learn More

    Prices From £12.42 £10.35

  13. Arctic Hayes Flux Brushes Tub of 25
    Arctic Hayes Flux Brushes have been specially shaped for applying flux or glue to joints and threads. Supplied as a tub of 25 individual brushes.... Learn More
    List Price: £14.88 Special Price £12.08 £10.07
  14. Arctic Hayes Standard 13g Smoke Pellet (Tube of 6)
    The Arctic Hayes Standard 13g Smoke Pellets offer a 40 second burn time and produces 18m of smoke. Supplied in a tube of 6 pellets.... Learn More
    List Price: £7.74 Special Price £6.29 £5.24
  15. Monument 3034T Fitting Cleaning Brush 15/22mm
    The Monument 3034T Copper Fitting Cleaning Brush has stiff steel bristles for cleaning copper fittings and socket formed joints on copper pipe prior to... Learn More
    List Price: £18.16 Special Price £9.95 £8.29
  16. Monument 2116N Burrfect Square Deburrer
    The MON2116N cleans and deburrs 4 different sizes of plastic waste pipe, it is a high quality metal square with each side de-burring a different size... Learn More
    List Price: £13.18 Special Price £7.22 £6.02
  17. Ridgid C-12 Light-Duty Chain Wrench 300mm (12in) 31310
    The RIDGID Chain Wrenches has a sturdy, cast-iron housing with an I-beam handle and a double jaw that gives fast, ratchet-like action in either... Learn More
    List Price: £99.24 Special Price £82.58 £68.82
  18. Monument 2117Q Pro Deburring Tool
    The Monument 2117Q Pro Deburring Tool is ideal for deburring inside copper pipe. Its swivelling blade rotates freely to enable allsorts of deburring... Learn More
    List Price: £22.67 Special Price £12.42 £10.35
  19. Faithfull Compression Fitting Spanner 15/22mm
    The Faithfull Compression fitting spanner is a simple, pressed steel, double ended spanner for use on standard compression fitting nuts. 15mm pipe nut... Learn More
    List Price: £2.99 Special Price £1.55 £1.29
  20. Monument 3014J-1 Boiler Flue Brushes (Pack 3)
    Pack of 3 Monument Boiler Flue Brushes.Sizes: 16mm, 50mm and 50mmx16mm. Made in Great Britain.... Learn More
    List Price: £16.82 Special Price £9.23 £7.69
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Plumbing & Heating Tools
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