Sealants & Silicone Tools

All you need for building, repair and maintenance jobs is available with Power Tools Direct's selection of silicone tools and sealants. The correct sealant and equipment can make all the difference in weatherproofing your house and guaranteeing fire safety. Search our selection to select the ideal sealant for your requirements.

Our extensive selection of silicone tools and sealants is categorised below.


A vital part of building and repair, sealants provide different structures with lifespan and protection. Every need can be met by our wide selection:

  • Sanitary & Bathroom Sealants: Designed for damp environments, these sealants guarantee a waterproof seal in bathrooms and fight mould.
  • Glazing & Frame Sealants: Specifically made for windows and frames, they guarantee weather resistance.
  • Roof & Gutter Sealants: Tough and weather-resistant, these sealants are ideal for preventing leaks in both structures.
  • Weatherproof Sealants: Offer a range of outdoor applications and all-weather protection.
  • Fire & Heat Resistant Sealants: Important for safety, they can withstand high temperatures and even slow down the spread of fire.
  • Specialist Sealants: Meet certain requirements for electrical insulation or soundproofing.
  • General Purpose Sealants: Widely used and appropriate for a variety of general sealing jobs.
  • Building & Construction Sealants: Strong and flexible, they are designed for structural joints.
  • Ducting Sealants: You can make sure that air conditioning, ventilation, and heating systems are air tight.
  • Pool & Aquarium Sealants: Safe for aquatic life, these sealants are used to stop leaks in these spaces.
  • Wood & Laminate Floor Sealants: Protect your wood and laminate floors from wear and dampness.

Hybrid Sealants & Adhesives

Power Tools Direct provides multifunctional bonding and sealing solutions that blend the qualities of adhesives and sealants.

Caulks & Acrylic Sealants

For both inside and outside use, these solutions provide a paintable and adaptable answer for filling in spaces and crevices.

Sealant & Caulking Guns

Professionals' indispensable equipment, these guns guarantee accurate and effective caulking and sealant application.

Sealant Tools & Removers

Our selection of specialist tools includes scrapers, spatulas, and solvent removers for the correct application and removal of sealants.

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